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Brent East Shock!!

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posted on Sep, 18 2003 @ 09:11 PM
Labour has lost the once safe seat of Brent East to the Liberal Democrats.

Commentators estimate a 29% swing!

This is the biggest bloody nose this government or any government I can remember has received.

The Cause?

Blairs unflinching support for Bush's war against Iraq.

Domestic issues were put in the background as the people of London came out to vote.

When 2 million came out on the eve of war this government ignored them but this morning the people have spoken and no government can ignore them now.
They are saying Blair get out!

This all on the eve of the conference season.

Labour had a majority of 13,047,the Lib Dems now have a majority 1,018.

I'll post a link when mainstream sites catch up.

posted on Sep, 18 2003 @ 09:22 PM

The Liberal Democrats have won the Brent East by-election with a majority of just over 1,100 votes.
Islington councillor Sarah Teather gained 8,158 votes to beat London MEP Robert Evans (7,040) in the tightly fought battle.

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 12:06 PM

i was very pleased as you can tell

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 03:02 PM
I've had a smile like the Cheshire Cat all day.

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 04:18 PM
At last,we the UK seem to have gained a bit of sense! Best news in ages

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 09:33 PM
Glad to hear you're excited JB. I don't follow UK politics all that much but I take it the liberal dems are gaining momentum. Which is unlike the US where the GOP controls the house, senate, and of course the Whitehouse and as long as you don't listen to the other armchair political commentators here on ATS, the GOP stands to gain more seats and Bush will hang on to the Whitehouse.
I am however excited for you JB.

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 04:35 PM
Yeah it's always interesting that, bob.

Labour are supposed to be a left of center party and the Lib Dems consider themselves moderates though it would be fair to say they are probably also left of center.

Our conservatives ran the country for 18 years before this government and took it the brink of social and economic destruction. Thankfully now they are nothing more than a small laughing stock. It's a shame thats what the political climate is in the U.S. I'm just glad the British have more sense and take a bit more interest in politics than their U.S counterparts.

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