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Will Capitalism ever fade out?

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posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 03:00 PM
Our planet has seen many different societies. All of which at one point were probably thought to last forever, but have obviosly fallen. The capitalist state we live in today seems to be forever; but I think of the peasants in a Caste based system who thought the same thing. It is almost like a post i seen on here one day, about is their an invention we have not invented yet. Apoligies to the author of that thread, I wish i could quote you on it. My question here though is, is it possible or even logical to think that capitalism could ever fall and we could be introduced to a system of the past, or something we have never seen before. Any thoughts.. ?

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 09:23 PM
The system that we live in isn't truly capitalistic. It's mercantilism heading toward fascism.

True capitalism grants exclusive power to the people-- the producers and the consumers, the sellers and the buyers, the owners and the customers. In a truly capitalistic system, people manufacture or produce or offer a product or a service, and other people choose to buy that product or service, or not, entirely on their own. They can weigh the various choices and make a decision based on whatever qualities are of value to them. It's an entirely free exchange, controlled only by what is offered and what is desired.

The problem is that such a system provides no advantage to those who can't or won't compete straightforwardly, and instead desire to use force or the threat of force to compel people to buy their product or pay for their service even if it's inferior to others that are offered. The power-drunk executive who's making a cushy living off of a particular business is often unwilling to cut back on his own wealth in order to invest in the business in order to make it genuinely competitive with newer businesses with better or less expensive products, and finds it easier to spend a fraction of what would be necessary to compete to buy the influence of politicians who will then pass laws that either favor his company or penalize his potential competition. And of course, the politicians are more than willing to sell their power to him-- that, after all, is why they're politicians in the first place. The real point of their business is that simple process of accumulating power and selling it, so when a buyer comes along and offers them money for their power, they readily accept it.

It's for this reason that "capitalism" almost immediately stopped being what it was meant to be. The existence of business people who are willing to pay for advantage, and politicians who are willing to sell it, means that true capitalism cannot exist.

The only way that true capitalism can ever exist in the first place is in a society that doesn't have a dominant class of politicians and power brokers, and suich a society has never existed for long on this earth.

So, the question becomes, will this quasi-capitalist system-- this neo-fascist system-- ever fade? Certainly it will. People are dissatisfied, as they should be. The problem is that it will almost certainly be replaced by something inferior to actual capitalism, simply because we can no more rid ourselves of power-mongers than we can rid ourselves of cockroaches. They cannot allow true capitalism, since that negates their power, so they will continue to indoctrinate people into believing that the problems in our current system are a result of it nominally being capitalistic, and will continue to hide the fact that the problems are actually a result of it NOT being so, and are entirely and directly THEIR fault. And they will continue to stand ready to step in and "rescue" the ever more dissatisfied people from the problems of this system that they falsely call capitalism, content in the knowledge that the "rescue" will provide them with even more power, and that the people are too distracted and too ignorant to know any better.

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 09:38 PM
It took a month but I finally got a reply to this one, Thank you and your thoughts were a learning experience to how i view the situation. Well done!

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:06 PM
Sorry that I spun off into my own rant, rather than directly addressing your question, but it's something that I just had to get out.

I would imagine that it's certain that whatever system our descendants find themselves under will be as unimaginable to us as our current system would've been to a feudal serf, but that's in the long term. In the short term, we're going to move more and more toward a system that will be more, and not less, similar to that under which the feudal serf lived.

Power is going to continue to be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, and as more people become more dissatisfied, that power is going to grow. It will have to, simply in order to maintain the positions of power that some among us have struggled so hard to attain. It's no coincidence that the US government, as but one example, has passed more and more laws providing more and more powers to the government and further limiting our civil rights. They know that the time is approaching when unrest is going to begin to take hold in this country, and they have to be ready to meet it.

The immediate future holds no surprises-- the people will continue to lose freedoms and the power-mongers will continue to gain power. Our lives will move more and more toward that of the feudal serfs' as choices are eliminated and as power is concentrated. Sooner or later, however, that situation will bring about the collapse of this civilization. No matter how much the powers-that-be seek to protect their primacy by oppressing the people, the people will always rise up eventually. It's actually an accelerating process, since each move that the powers-that-be make to solidify their positions alienates a few more people and drives them to oppose the government.

Damn-- spun off into my own rant again...

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:06 AM
People today and in the past like Lenin, Karl Marx, Ingles, and Hitler, took advantage of the human disease which is never being satisfied, and promised the masses their hearts desires, utopia.

Unfortunately utopia comes with a hefty price, you have to turn yourself over to the state, and the state with millions of babies to take care of becomes like and angry mother.

The left will always tell you that they will take care of your, and they will, just look at all the countries that are leftwing, mostly Third World, rampant poverty and zero freedom.

The left is the mother trying to raise a family without the father (Capitalism).

The left promises everything and delivers nothing but sorrow,

Capitalism promises nothing, but allows you to become whatever you work hard at becoming, no guarantees, no promises, only opportunity.

If you want the easy road to nowhere where someone else will take care of you, then follow the left

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