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9000 year old runway/landing strip

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 05:32 PM
again, i'm not saying its probable, only that its possible. we still know very little about the ancient world. who's to say that there wasnt an advanced civilization capable of such feats? show me proof that there wasnt. you cant, nor can i show you proof that there was. its all conjecture.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 10:43 PM

Originally posted by snafu7700
again, i'm not saying its probable, only that its possible. we still know very little about the ancient world. who's to say that there wasnt an advanced civilization capable of such feats? show me proof that there wasnt. you cant, nor can i show you proof that there was. its all conjecture.

its not all conjecture. atleast what i am saying. There is no proof of a technological civilization. making batteries from clay pots is a far cray from generating billions of watts and distributing them across miles.
being able to cut huge pieces of rock and move them for miles is not the same thing as having the ability to fly into space.

it takes tremendous energy to power an industrial civilization that could build an airplane or a internal combustion engine. it would take millions of years for out buildings, our nuke plants to disintegrate.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 11:45 PM
I would think that the Annunaki/ Nephilum (Aliens) would have air crafts that would float down, not have to be on a run way, but...

They could be hyroglyphs or form of (millitary?) communication, possably a form of crop circles (rock desighn).

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 11:55 PM
The Annunaki Aliens could have created them for, slave routes. Or for landing positions (and engravings such as when you move a picture theres still a black outline, it could have been ships that were stationed.)

(It was said that we were there slaves.)

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 12:30 AM
Why in the world would aliens who can travel billions of miles need weak and stupid human to dig dirt and mine gold. how did the aliens feed the humans?

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 04:13 PM
I doubt it's a runway. Maybe landing markings for something, but if those were runways I think we'd have many many crashes. lol

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 09:02 PM
Who said that again : Keep It Simple, Stupid ! ???

Actually, these are kite launching paths, the locals a long time ago already, told me.
They used to get bored a bit, at times, since in those early times they were not so "lucky" to be in the posession of television, theaters, bikini's, sex-cinema's, pornographic video's, and other assorted pornographic enjoyable equipment,
and thus they invented : KIDDY-KITING.

The problem was, that Nazca is situated on a high plateau, with shifting winds, all the time.
And as we all know, to launch a small todler strapped under a huge kite, you need a crowd.
And a lot of ropes, connected to the main kite rope, or within a few meters, it becomes a terrible mess.
So they started low profile, with the smaller and not so wide carved out paths.

Ahh, you ask yourself, but why they needed to make those paths?

Well, simple, since in medieval times Nazca, those industrious little yellow men with their myriads of shoe factories hadn't yet reached the three America's, so they had to make shift with very flimsy footwear.
And that didn't accomodate too well together with the sharp and hard rocks, stones and pebbles which were present on the Nazca Plateau in abundant quantities.
So, they removed those nasty critters, and just shoveled them to both sides. And, since the plateau has a second layer of much softer, whitish soil, they now could embark their offspring on their journey to heaven, and find out if they really could touch the sun with their bare hands, which theological question was already for hundreds of years a hot debated subject between the more phylosophically tuned tribesmen.

And, without wear and tear on their precious footwear.
Precious, since there was no plentiful amount of wild cattle neglicent grazing around, to collect some cowhide from.
In fact Nazca was and is more like a mini Sahara, more with stones instead of sand.

On a sidenote, the added bonus of the soil being fairly whitish colored, were evening kiddy-kiting party's, especially attractive at full moons.
Thus, sadly, it took humanity another few hundred years, before electrical lighting was invented.
It however lead humanity on a racetrack regarding medically handy inventions, such as the first gypsum casts, and the first papyrus plasters.

They initially used that portion of the plateau on the right in above picture, the nearly totally whited out region, to explore as some sort of a prototype drawing board.
People were, just as now, somewhat lazy, always using the simpler ideas first.
This is how science evolves by the way exactly the same slow motional way nowadays.

Well, as you know by now, from visiting these ATS forums, if you manage to flock together a bunch of argumentative, pedantric and wiseacre researchers in a relatively small niche, they tend to wreck up the place.
Exactly what happend at Nazca, perfectly visible in that white region to the right in the aerial picture.

But, after a few years, some sort of organized effort grew out of the chaos, just as here in these forums, btw.
And the tribal elders decided, that instead of that whitish region, they would step up their evolution one notch, and use papyrus from that point in time on, to draw their prototypes of the paths they needed to launch the kites, and in the same proces of inventing scribling paper from papyrus reed, they found out it was perfectly usefull to make even bigger kites than the ones they used before, namely those from woven mats from cotton bulbs, which were much too heavy to reach the stars.
Yes, these people already had dreams about cosmological adventures, they just started a titbit less gigantic than we used to.
However, reading some of the forums here, this reaching the moon by us, seems somewhat questional, on second thoughts.

They got however a bit tired from waiting untill the wind had shifted to the right direction, and discovered that you just as easily could prepare a few more launching paths, in various directions, so the whole tribe could now amuse themselfs and their offspring every day of the year with throwing kids in the air, hanging under the kites, which not so much later evolved in sitting on a little swing, after the size of the kites got as to be expected, a tiny titbit out of hand.

That swing however, opened up the minds of the little todlers sitting there high in the sky, while their whole mature family stood watching down there, with quite a bit of jealousy in their eyes, caused by the fact that the years of copious meals had tilted them over the treshhold of the weight carying capacities of even the biggests kites they could construct. The boundaries of the strength of the fabricated papyrus had reach its final end.

Since they still were curious how things looked from so far above there, they persuaded their offspring to bring some sheets of papyrus up with them and some chips of charcoal, so the somewhat more creative ones could produce the first known to man, aerial "photographs" of the Nazca Plateau.

This lead ofcourse to a thriving industry of earthbouned road surveyors, who started to draw the most idiotic megalomanic drawings in the soil of the plateau, just as in modern times the most chaotic painters get the best attention from the willing virgins in their vicinity.
It was more a case of trial and error, everytime some kid came back down and uttered just a tiny bit of critique on the creative value of one of the artists, they eradicated the lines, and started all over again. Kept them quite busy during the last, most inventive period.

And that's how all those monkeys, turtles and snakes and whatever more turned up on the Nazca Plateau.

Oh yeah, those missing fingers!
In the aftermath of their kite-kidding civilization period, the Nazcazians developed a kind of psychologically inclined tick, often ascribed to some funny clothed dark skinned visitors, weilding long thin razor sharp swords, and somewhat comical headdresses. These visitors explained to have been consuming too much of their local drink, they named sake, while on their way from their homeland which was an island, to the mainland. Their only helmsman ate too much raw tough meat, and in his drunken stupor, he tried to clean up his teeth with the compass needle, which he dropped out of his drunken grip and it fell overboard. And that's how they ended up at the shores near Nazca. These guys had a funny ritual, when one of them made a grave mistake, and lost face in front of his shipmates, he cut off one finger with that funny sword, embalmed it in a roll of papyrus, and offered it to their hosts.
This bizar and bloody ritual made such a grave impression on their hosts, that for decades to come, the Nazcazian artists tried to express their feelings about this alien to them ritual in their artform. Thus resulting in these extravagant looking animes, with 3 or 4 fingers. And ofcourse to warn their ancestors not to consume alcohol on sunny days, which meant in that region, as much as never.

Ahh, you ask yourself why we don't see them pulling up kites in the Nazca air in present times?

Easy to explain.
Just as on Easter Island, where the natives used up all their biomass, the Nazca locals savaged the papyrus population on the borders of the nearby Titicaca Lake, and by means of an inevitable ecologic catastrophe, and the logical following supply and demand concussion, they slowly wrecked their only form of amusement, the kiddy-kiting games.

That was the end of an intrinsic sad story, told to me by the last surviving eldests of the tribe, who still were daydreaming of their grandfathers breathtaking stories, vividly depicting the utter fun of tribal kiddy-kiting.

Btw, clearly to see by the occasional observer, we are embarking on the same downward spiral with our main toy of interest, the TV.
When the last drops of oil will have been squeezed from the dried up breasts of Mother Earth, we will have to stop producing them, and a few years later (since by then they all come from China, and we all know how long these things last), the last spot of light will slowly smolder to its end in the last TV set.

And obviously, nobody is willing to stare at a wooden TV.

[edit on 8/12/05 by LaBTop]

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by scienceguy94
Why in the world would aliens who can travel billions of miles need weak and stupid human to dig dirt and mine gold. how did the aliens feed the humans?


Particluarly when gold is plentiful elsewhere and they could have just created robots and machines and strip-mined the planet in no time at all.

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 10:02 PM
well, thats a very interesting story lab. i've actually heard bits of it before, but i have two questions:

1. why hasnt this story hit mainstream archeology?

2. are you really suggesting that japanese ships made it to the nazca area before europeans? its perfectly plausible, as there have been indications of other cultures accidentally ending up here even before the vikings, but i have never heard of japanese sailors in the americas.

posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 02:53 AM
Why would anybody suggest a runway? What exactly is a runway but a relatively short flat strip?
I'm sure a runway is a lot more fun to imagine than a road, or a parkinglot, or a drag strip- all of which don't even necessarily imply internal combustion, much less flight, but what motivation is there for calling it an airstrip?

How are the lines oriented in relation to the most common wind direction? How wide are they? Do they have ruts or any other kind of marking? Have any kind of artifacts been discovered there? Is there anything suspicious in the soil (like large pockets of rust, concentrations of tar, uniformly sized rocks that would imply paving, etc)? These are the kinds of questions that I would ask before I assumed it was a landing strip.

My guess (guess is not even a conservative enough word really- let's call it, the random unauthoritative words which are about to flow from my keyboard)... anyway I would say that you're looking at the work of some fairly respectable primitive engineers who saw constellations as some kind of story or message and wanted to respond.

As for the nine fingers- that baffles the heck out of me.
My guess is incredibly thin and most likely incorrect, but I'm gonna toss it out there just for the sake of imagination (I mean why not, if somebody is gonna look at these lines and see runways, I may as well see something too right?).

Suppose that maybe some hero, king, or god in their mythology for some reason was missing a finger... i know that's really arbitrary... but would it stand to reason that if that were the case, perhaps they would represent that image in something so important?
It wouldn't be the first instance of a dismembered God (I think it was a Hindu God who broke off one of his tusks to be used as a pen for the dictation of scripture, wasn't it?), although I can't figure out why they'd transfer that characteristic to various characters such as a monkey and a man and that blob-like whatever it is thing, unless they were all supposed to be representations of the same figure in different forms.

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