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Chem-Trails, Alternative theories.

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 09:13 PM
I'm not a big believer of the Chem-Trail phenonema, but after reading some stuff about I am not so sure anymore.

Possible uses for chem-trails:

-UV shielding in attempt at preventing global warming
-Vaccinating the general public, not sure how the medicines will reach the surface within 2 hours, naussea and shortness of breath could be the side effect of this vaccine?
-Weather control??

I got inspired by Jim Marrs' 'view of Marrs' on his site, he was musing about the possibilities and even put his own experience with chem-trails.

Maybe there is more to chem-trails then we think?

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 07:21 AM
Chem-trails or persistent Con-Trails?

Either way, something isn't quite right about it.

If it's Chem-trails I would have to assume that it has multiple purposes. There are a plethora of theories on what these purposes are. Some deal with HAARP. Some with weather control. Some with heavy metals used to break down the immune system in order to gain a better handle of control over the population.

Some say it's just to add more filler to allow better propagation of radio waves. Which actually could also be used as some sort of generic population control.

I would have to go with a multiple-array reasoning if they are in fact Chem-trails.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 07:36 AM
What I want to know is how come chemtrails are only ever seen by believers in chemtrails? And are, seemingly, invisible to trained meteorlogical observers?

It couldn't be because those with little knowledge of meteorological phenomena, and of gullible mind, are mistaking natural phenomena could it?

Nah, that'd be too obvious......

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by Essan
What I want to know is how come chemtrails are only ever seen by believers in chemtrails? And are, seemingly, invisible to trained meteorlogical observers?

Obviously, we aren't going to see the daily "Chem-Trail" report on the 6 o'clock evening news. Besides that, what information do you have to back up your assumption that meteorological observers don't see any weirdness? I know one recent case where a weather man stepped down from his job to study weather modification.

Blanket statements like your's don't lend much credibility to an argument against chem-trails. Do you have a link to a recent poll taken from meteorologists stating that they never seen such things? Has the AMA openly condemned the notion?

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 08:32 AM

Possible uses for chem-trails:

-UV shielding in attempt at preventing global warming

I recently came across a patent for aerosol dispersement of melanin (sunblock) into the atmosphere.

U.S. patent 5,286,979

I think I saw it mentioned in regards to global dimming somewhere(but not in the article's I've linked to below).

The Guardian - Goodbye Sunshine
BBC Science and Nature- Global Dimming

So, yes, IMO, that could possibly be happening, whether it's probable (or happening) I'd like to know.

Mass vaccination is an interesting one, I haven't heard that one before. I wonder how effective it would be. De-vaccination (if there's such a thing) on the other hand, would probably be better if it had a random effect.

from Essan
It couldn't be because those with little knowledge of meteorological phenomena, and of gullible mind, are mistaking natural phenomena could it?

Nah, that'd be too obvious......

Welcome to the Skunk Works. From the "rules":

We certainly do not want to discourage the involvement of helpful critical analysis and skeptical thought, this will always be a very important part of collaboration on ATS. However, we will be strict in managing the tone and style of such exchanges. Please keep your critical involvement to helpful focus on issues, facts, and analysis of possibilities, and do not engage in disruptive character attacks, snipes, and insults in any way. Any such activity will result in a warning and removal of your post.


Who knows, it's possible. And maybe getting more probable.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 12:01 PM
Ive seen chem trials on all sorts of days. Worm days, cool days and foggy days. I saw some this morning here in Toronto, now it is over cast. Ive seen some pretty spectacular chem-trials in the past .What boggles me is why so many people don’t see what is happening just above their heads. .

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 09:25 PM
There is this guy named Paul Winter who has a website dedicated to alternative cancer research. You would have to check out his entire website to lend any credibility to his story it seems so fantastic at first, but after reading his site I have come to the conclusion he had seen something quite remarkable. Here is the web Page for the sighting. Link and here is a link to his mainpage if you would like to read about him first. Linky link

He may be onto something

At Noon We Entered the Woods

On 20 Dec 2000, my friend Larry and I hiked to a ridge in the Santa Cruz mountains between San Francisco and San Jose, California. Even as I drove to the trail head, I could see that the chemtrail spraying was very heavy. These are not contrails, I have seen them painted at an angle that transverses at least 10,000 feet. Contrail conditions only set up at certain fairly limited levels.

After a long climb, Larry and I sat on a ridge and looked out at the clouds caused by the chemtrails. It seemed that there were three sprayers in operation. At least two thirds of the sky was obscured by what we know is the result of chemtrails. We have watched enough chemtrails expand into clouds to know what chemclouds look like. Today there was so much "chem" in the skies that there were chembows. As opposed to rainbows, chembows are mostly brown and have a pot of God knows what at their end.

We Look Up. Do You?

Perhaps Larry and I know the sky in our area better than most people because we windsurf so much and the sky dictates how the wind blows. It is obvious to us that our sky has changed radically over the last two years. Nevertheless, the amount of ignorance about what is going on right over people’s head is amazing. Do people really believe that media news accurately informs them? Here is proof that media news is distorted beyond recognition. Can't people just use their eyes and see that something very significant is happening right over their heads?

Chemtrails not Contrails

Nearly everyday I see planes blasting out thick white vapor that appears a little like contrails from high flying jets. When I was a field engineer for Hughes Aircraft, I worked on air bases all over the world; I never saw contrails that behave like these. They can expand and create a complete unnaturally smooth overcast. They are reported from England, Amsterdam, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Mexico so it is not the US government doing this. Sometimes the chemtrails touch down and leave strange substances on everything.

The Sighting

Around 4:00, Larry spotted a sprayer coming in our direction at 10,000 ft. It was approaching Foothill College from the east. Suddenly, it stopped spraying and slowed down. The sun was at our backs and just ready to set. Sunlight was bouncing very strongly off what appeared to be a metallic, dumbbell-looking object. Perhaps the reflected sunlight had washed out the light transmissions that the craft uses to cloak itself to appear like an airplane. Perhaps it was having power difficulties. That would explain why it stopped spraying and slowed down. The power problem may have effected the output of its cloaking equipment because as it approached, I could see the real ship. An artist friend help me recreate what I saw.

Go to his site and read the whole thing...

I really should edit before posting....

[edit on 5-11-2005 by LoneGunMan]

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 11:53 PM
Thank you for the responses!

That site was very interesting, it does add to the theory, however their theories might be a little far fetched...

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 10:39 AM
Weather modification...

There is no illusion, it is plain fact that airplanes fly quite frequently which purposely emit substances which are clearly seen by the public eye, and are NOT con-trails.

Are they chem-trails, for all intents and purposes why not. The point is that you can do a search and find plenty of information on weather modification with actual pics of substances being blown out the airplane.
(Try cloud seeding when you do your search.)

This goes beyond the whole fight of if there are chem-trails, and at least gets one started on the path of it is truly something proveable besides con-trails.

Weather modification however, goes into even some more serious issues then perhaps chem-trails itself.
(Think of all the hurricanes...which could have been done on purpose..add on your chem-trails and you have a conspiracy.)

As for the spraying, all one has to do is watch. When I worked in Atlanta, I could watch in the morning when the sky was clear, and as the day passed watch the planes which emmitted the long trails in question, clouds would form.
I watched on a couple of occassions, and on those occasions every cloud in the sky that day formed from a "chem-trail" or "cloud seeding/making" operation. (i say cloud making, as seeding potentially takes in the notion that there were clouds there already.) Yes the rain came from these same clouds.

Now, go watch for yourself. I see it here in Europe. Maybe not as constant as Atlanta, but its here.
So there is no debate really, just watch and see what is available already and you will know.

(You will find companies on the net who advertise for cloud seeding.)

Gods Peace


posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 01:55 AM
ESSAN is the biggest skeptic of anything wonder if he is disinfo agent

because there is a MAJOR disinfo campain on chemtrails

people are waking up to this because of the internet and thus a large disinfo campaign is waged

chemtrails are used to cripple the immune and endocrine systems of people but more than that to make the process of ascension more difficult

this is spiritual warfare here check out the book of life michael sharp

let your heart be your guide in these manipulating times

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