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In the times of the Union

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 03:26 PM
It was May 1862 when the family learned that the War had finally made it to them.
As to the stories that had filtered down to them of the massacres, pillaging had been of real concern to the Father of this sugar plantation owner and his small family. He was outside the city of new Orleans, but there was very little communication from the attacked city.
He decided that if the Yankees made it to their home, he would hide his only child, a daughter and to offer the use of his palatial home for the Yankees use if they would leave his home and property unburned and he hid all his slave but for 3 whom were the home servants.
Surprisedly, the soldiers agreed to his terms and they were only there for 3 days as they were on a strict schedule and most of it was to keep the Mississippi River under their control.
Glory was very happy to be back with her family as she was just 16 and had her life all planned.
She enrolled in a private school as soon as most of the war was behind her.
She was a very attractive and her father had decided she would marry up if she was to be married, but as she had been at school and had met a man to whom she was overwhelmingly attracted to, but he had been a Captain on the Union side..but he had decided to live in NO because he loved it at once.He was from Boston and had no family left.
As far as the family went, they could either attend her wedding to Justin or not, as she felt he was her fated mate.
He relented and gave her an elaborate wedding and they had decided to buy a lovely gated home in the French quarter.
Theirs was a marriage of the gods as they were insepararable as he had taken on the duties of overseer and accountant for the plantation.
They had three children is the space of 6 years, but Glory had not been a very robust person even as a child.
She contracted a fever of which none of the doctors could determine what it was, she had become bed bound and she prayed so hard to not to have to leave her family..
The doctor had been summoned as she continued to get worse, and the doctor called for Justin to gather her family as it would not be long.
Her family of two sons and a daughter and Mamma who was her personal servant since her birth and her Mother and Father.
As she lay dying, she motioned for Justin to take good care of the children and to never forget her and the way their union had thrived in spite of the killings of all American men who had massacred each other and how they had been an inspiration to all that knew them that where one is born has no way to keep eternal soul-mates to find each other
With tears in his eyes, he promised to meet her again as they knew in both their souls, they had been together for many lifetimes.
He told her that love is more than any war or hate, and that their love would be inparted to their she breathed her last breath, she blew him a kiss and she was gone.
Since they were such a prominent family in NO, she was buried on the plantations with an ornate angel tombstone with the lettering
' nothing's so sacred as honor and nothing's so loyal as love'.

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