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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 03:05 PM
Okay I was in science today and we were doing biology and for some reason I was thinking about all of the threads about the war between the grays, nordics, reptilians etc and our creation.
So, after class I asked my teacher what she thought about it and she said it wouldn't be that unbelievable. When I asked why she pointed to a timeline of terran life.

She told me that some animals, such as turtles and crocodiles, have been on this planet since the dinosaurs, but primates are (realtively) young. Then she said 'I find it funny that our race is so young but have reached the pinnacle of our evolution when older animals haven't. Some...thing must have interfered.'

Any thoughts?

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 08:57 PM
i was thinking about it

gorillas are jst like us and have just as much power to is so much harder to learn, when u are a baby and trying to learn things that look different from you because u will never be able to minic it perfectly.are harless arms may interfeer with there learning.humans only learnt because everything but us had spikes and we didnt have anything.i think once we learned to master that they soon let us be for a while, huge meteor hit earth, soon after ice age, now there jst letting us flow out to see what happens with their ultimate race. we are the ultimate race. are hieght is now growing(not too long ago the average was 5-5", soon we will be a big as dinosaurs are,when less of us will be around because we will be so huge, we will have to fight for territory. we will spread around are bacteria becuase we have to many deseases stopped from are medicins, that when we walk around they spread the whole earth alot quiker. a new race will emerge.(millions of years)(happend millions of years ago too)

Maby we are in compitition with companies to see what race will give them new technology first. ect. like the appretentise donald trump with the contestents. they are scientists that are in it for a # load of money if they win. they are so advanced that there is nothing new to learn for scientists and internet wont be needed because we know...maby they have chips in their brain to help it to learn faster to advance the race quiker.i wouldnt want it though...most possibly with i dont think the whole galaxy is focused on us. i can only imagine what the moon would look like if it was polulated by ppl.

gorillas have a hard time learning from us because it is harder to relate to us but if a show monkey ever went to the wild with skills of because we taught them...they would have to be in a huge natuaral forest. we find a way to teach them things in the woods. and they will get smarter...eventually as smart as us, once they learn to speak if they have the abbility or to learn to read.

once they can read or speak they will quikly learned to think like us and have jst as much or more potential to learn things because they grow up in a state of mind to always learn more things. so once they get basic chemistry they could help us learn and probly end up creating a still it would work. any creature can learn but itd harder to learn when u look different from everyobody else...imagine an animal living in the forest...they have to idea whats so ever whats beyond the woods. they are all trapped...they dont have enough room anymore to live like we did back in the day. unless we help them or they somehow gain power over us again because they got intelligent without us knowing.

they very well could be under the sea where humans have not exlpored.

if we ever do, we could learn so much...i jst wonder what other aliens first inventions were.(on diff planets when they jst began to think.)

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 10:38 PM
that many of these creatures have gone through a very big mutaiton era? Just grown to a size that could be pretty unbelievable? I remember hearing on Art Bell something about little people and a tiny little elephant skeletos they found. Interesting subject for sure.


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