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Big 3 US carmakers lose up to 30% sales

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 01:10 AM
Looks like people are voting with their wallets, the big US vehicles are all down in sales, but the Japanese cars are up in sales...

The Big Three US carmakers, General Motors, Ford Motor and DaimlerChrysler, announced huge falls in domestic sales in October after a year of giving heavy subsidies to keep buyers in showrooms.

While Japanese rivals nearly all produced sales rises in the US market, General Motors posted a 23 percent decline from a year ago to 257,623 vehicles. Ford said its October sales were down 26 percent to 199,847. DaimlerChrysler sales were not as bad, but still fell three percent to 183,163 cars and trucks.

General Motors, the world's biggest automaker, said car sales fell 12 percent and truck sales 30 percent.

Big sports utility vehicles felt a particular backlash from rising gasoline prices, analysts said.

Ford said its car sales fell 11 percent to 67,958 units, while the truck side fell 31 percent to 131,889.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 01:30 AM
Cool! Maybe people won't buy anymore cars that burns up to 13-14 liters of gas by 100km!

They just deserve it. Surconsommation is bad.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 02:33 AM
This ties in, Brazilian mini cars so popular in America that they stopped taking orders...

In September ZAP purchased 20 percent of Obvio! and placed an order for 50,000 minicars. Obvio! currently has two vehicles designed, the 828 and the 012. This Reuters article states the 828 will go for $14,000 and include a 170-hp 1.6L engine that propels the minicar to 60 mph in a mere 5.2 seconds.

The 012 (shown) will be a high performance version with more power and a price twice as high. ZAP claims that demand for the two Brazilian born cars are so high it’s already stopped taking orders.

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