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KGB Blue Folder

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posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 02:42 PM
I was watching a show last night called "Russia's Roswell" which detailed various UFO events in the former USSR. It was a interesting show with many amazing claims. One thing of real interest though was the mention of released KGB files on UFOs called the "Blue Files" or "Blue Folder". I guess you could compare it to the USAF "Project Blue Book" or one of the earlier US ones like Project "Sign"

Im looking for the entire released files but have yet to find them so I wanted to ask around ATS and see if anybody knew more about them. I have come across some mention of them.

USSR had been collecting documents concerning UFOs in the so-called "Blue Folder"-KGB documents that were taken off the security list in October 1991 upon the inquiry of Russian cosmonaut Pavel Popovitch. Many copies of such documents are kept in the archival depository of the Russian Geographical Society's Ufological Committee

A example of one event in the documents

One of the documents from the "Blue Folder" describes a UFO encounter that happened in 1984 in Turkestan Military District. Anti-aircraft defense system near the city of Astrakhan "notched up" the object that flew along the Caspian Sea coast at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and was heading to the frontier. It did not respond to the interrogations. Its shape resembled a sphere. Two fighters were scrambled, but all the attempts to shoot the UFO down failed.

Moreover, when the object was fired at, it descended down to one hundred meters above the ground to an altitude that made further firing by the fighters impossible. It is necessary to mention that despite the firing, the speed of the UFO did not change. During the flight the object passed above several military unit locations, and this made it possible to take photographs.

When the UFO approached the town of Krasnovodsk, a helicopter was scrambled to make an attempt to shoot the intruder down, but the UFO quickly climbed and hovered at the altitude that was inaccessible for the helicopter. After the pilots had spent all their ammunition the helicopter descended for landing, whereas the UFO sharply changed its course and headed toward the open sea. Soon after, the object disappeared from sight and was lost by radars.

I think these KGB Blue files are well worth looking into here on ATS. There are some amazing claims in them. But I think we need to look at copies of the orginal released documents and not the second hand accounts on other websites. We might have to brush up on our Russian though to read them.

posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 05:30 PM
I saw that show as well last night. I was pretty dissapointed in the History Channel for that one.
Someone over there is not minding the content of those documentaries. The supposed 1st time airing of footage purporting to show a fiery wreck of a UFO was the same footage used about 9 months ago showing disaster in the Soviet Space Race. The footage in in its initial airing was actually longer. Watching other poor guys running while on fire was probably why it was shortened. That particular accident was said to cost the lives of key engineers working their at that time. Not unlike the tragic accident that occured in Brazil
Brazilian Rocket Program Disaster Leaves 21 Dead

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 11:02 AM
Yeah I have seen better shows alot of the claims had now real evidence. Some of the Soviet pilots testimonies on UFOs where very interesting though and they seemed to be very high profile Soviet Pilots. One was even called the Russian Chuck Yeager. They had some fantastc claims like dog fights between Migs and UFOs. Or the one pilot that claimed to get hit by a beam from a UFO that made his planes wing glow for a week after the event

But what Im really interested in is these KGB files its like the CIA putting out in public a report on UFOs. It can have some very valuable information for this whole sibject.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by ShadowXIX

That is a fantastic quote by Conan. Really great.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by nullster

Here is the real event that is shown in that film.

The Nedelin catastrophe or Nedelin disaster (so-called because Marshal Mitrofan Nedelin was killed) was a launch pad accident that occurred on 24 October 1960, at Baikonur Cosmodrome during the development of the Soviet R-16 ICBM. As a prototype of the missile was being prepared for a test flight, it exploded on the launch pad when its second stage motors ignited prematurely, killing many military personnel, engineers, and technicians working on the project. The official death toll was 78, but estimates are as high as 150, with 120 being the generally accepted figure. Despite the magnitude of the disaster, news of it was covered up for many years and the Soviet government did not acknowledge the event until 1989. Strategic Rocket Forces Marshal Mitrofan Nedelin, the commander of the R-16 development program, was among those killed in the explosion and fire.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:47 PM
One of the problems in dealing with much of the Russian data, particularly from the KGB is that there is a double standard that is accepted as if it is a truth.

That is, anything emanating from the KGB is "propaganda" and simply can;t be taken at face value. However, if you take Blue Book to task for exactly the same reasons you are a conspiracy nut. The truth is, both sides were as dishonest as each other and to some extent, at least you knew the Russians were being economical with the truth. As America wrapped itself in the banner of "freedom" people make, often wholly unwarranted assumptions, about the veracity of the words that tumble out of the military and CIA's mouths, pens and typewriters.

Ignore the window dressing of whatever system the military and intelligence services pay lip service to, in the final analysis, everything is "need to know" and we the plebs, don;t need to know a button past what they have to release to be able to operate.

In the end, whether it's Russian, American or the Grand Duchy of Fenwick, files emanating from the military and intelligence corps should be treated with a weather eye.

Having said that, there was, for a brief period post the Berlin wall coming down where many Russians thought freedom actually meant you could go around discussing stuff, even "delicate stuff", freely. it din't take long for them to learn the lesson, however, there was undoubtedly a good trade in old KGB files going on in Moscow. Many of the files that found their way into the public gaze had all the proper tags, signatures, typefaces, language, code words. As for the content, well that's for individuals to make their own minds up on. If you think Blue Book was genuine then you really have no reason to dismiss the KGB files on UFOs.

Take that film of the *crashed disc in the forest" that is knocking around on-line and feature din the documentary Roger Moore narrates. Aside from the disc and what it actually is, everything checks out. From the film cannisters, the labels, the film stock, the daters to the uniforms, badges, insignia, a couple of specific weapons only in use for a short period in the 60s, to the transport. Now that doesn't make it an alien craft, it does however tell you the Russians were spending no little time and expending some considerable effort, on the subject.

Now, it could well be that it was merely for use as some kind of propaganda film or maybe even a training film, we don;' know. I personally, suspect the latter, If we accept it was a training film it would therefore, logically suggest the following. That the Russians were making serious preparations should they manage to down/find one of these UFOs that, according to the American authorities didn't and still don't exist.

What there is, are parallel cases from Russia that seem to almost mirror the American contemporaneous experiences. The chief difference being that, the Russians took them a lot more seriously from top to bottom of the military and intelligence services. it is known that, their were orders, in the early 80s, to collate and report any UFO incidents from certain * hot spots* , The Devil's Triangle in the pacific being one area.

No-one doubts, when it suited either's purposes UFOs were used to cover secret testing of rockets, planes etc. That much both sides have admitted to. However, the Russians are far more forthcoming about those incidents that were not their own cover stories. I doubt you will find any true smoking guns in the KGB's files, That said, those I have read that seem to be legit, are far more forthright in their admittance to those cases where they simply didn't have a clue what the explanation was and it might possibly have been a the classic alien intelligence sense.

What we do know is this. That, as in World War 2, both sides personnel were often wrongly convinced that, the phenomenon was probably the other side's secret technology.

posted on Nov, 1 2017 @ 09:16 AM
Thread started 2005,today 2017 and still those files are to be seen anywhere on the internet.

Unless my google fu is weak,has anyone seen said files?blue book and all that?

posted on Nov, 1 2017 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

found this via duckduckgo

just scanned them!

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 12:29 AM
a reply to: SaturnsSon

Thanks buddy these look damn interesting,hope the whole file comes out at some point.After all this time not even a book or movie has come out about it,one starts to wonder

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 04:33 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

Sure is strange bud, i believe that all governments are in this together, they may never release though....

its like "they" want to keep us divided and unsure of each other, learning that there is an abundance of life out there would only bring us all together, but maybe the division is a conditioning tool for what to expect if we are finally told that life is out there. Maybe the universe(s) is as divided as we are...... who knows!

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