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Not for the faint of heart. Scarry, Nightmarish Halloween nightmare

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posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 04:27 PM
I just need to tell someone. My spouse said I was getting weird, and cut me off. I haven't had one of these type of dreams for quite some time. I'm going to try to recall as much as I can.

The opening is at a nice house. The house is white with a nice poarch not quite wrap around. It has bay windows, all new furniture, and the outside is beautiful with the foliage, brushes, and etc. It is what I would love to live in someday. It is a nice sunny day with the sky a nice solid sky blue. My realitives were there.

Then everyone starts to get scared for some reason. Things start to change in my dream. Somehow I'm fitter, I have these claws like Wolverine, but mine extend only about an inch past my knuckles. I knew I had to fight this monster coming this way and soon. I think what good are these going to do me. Then a mysterious man with a bland face almost featureless says it is enough to defeat it.

Next thing I remember is that I'm yelling at everyone to run and get out of there. I will try to stall this thing. I didn't know if I could defeat it or not. My parents take my two younger kids. My oldest is somehow left behind. I start to panic. It is almost here. I don't know if I can protect her or not. Then a lady that looks like she was librarian in the 50's shows up. She had a red beehive hairdoo and the wide pointy glasses. The type that Ross wears in Monsters Inc. She starts to take my oldest daughter. I yell at her to hurry up. Then I saw social services in blue writing on the side of the white van. I quickly ask when I could get her back after this is over. She just gives me a look.

Then I see a rusteling in the large hedges. I yell at them to get out of here fast. As they are leaving, I turn around and see this large green monster that looks half like he was made of plant material. He had sometype of protective cape that sourrended him. He was deadly, and could extend his arms past their normal length, and was extremely strong. I had to fight close combat withit. I found out that the blood was a type of acid. If I used the claws, I would automatically get sprayed. I really started panicking. Then I started to think I needed to get near his feet under his cape in order to defeat it. I panic and start to run. I a type of cat and dog chase. I was trying to take it in circles around the house.

Then the last thing I remember is that I'm near its' feet, trying to do some serious damage knowing I'm going to get it with the acid. The scene changes before the battle is complete.

Next I'm in a room with my girls, who were playing computer games. The color I remember in this room was white. I sense something outside of the room, and go to investigate. I walk into this off peach colored hall. I really couldn't tell the color. It was somewhere between peach and beige. I knew something was wrong. I turned around and go back into the room where my girls where. They are fine, but somehow the room starts to move like the whole thing was a seat in a scary ride. I don't remember what happened afterwards, but I just remember I had to protect the girls somehow.

The next thing I remember is that I'm in sometype of halloween world. The girls are not with me. There is danger around practically every corner. I remember trying to escape trying to stick to the main dirt road. There seemed to be nothing on this road. I remember avery dark and scary town. Think of the classic haunted houses and bear trees in the entire place. It ends in a river.

In the river I notice women that have claws at the end of their fingers like the ones I had in the previous segment. They went lower and lower in the water until the claws stuck out at the top of the water. There were apples on the tip of the claws. They were like statues in the water. The claws would disappear as the water would rise.

The scene jumps that I'm on this raft type thing. I'm afraid of getting suck on the claws. I start to make small waves in the water with the raft. The claws disappear as I'm doing this, but I'm also getting wet with this very dark and cloudy water. I don't even want to think what else might be in it.

Then I notice this wooden spiral structure ahead. This doesn't make sense, but here is what happened. I'm somehow in the structure going down the spiral like a slide. I don't know what is at the bottom, but just know I don't want to find out. I'm still of the raft, and the water is still there. I never go underwater. I noticed an escape hatch, grab a bar and swing the raft until I'm outside the structure. I look at it trying to see the bottom, but I can only see the slide part, which looks totally dry.

Then I remember having to make some decisions on which path to take, since the river split. I noticed a smaller path actually a small hole. I direct the raft there, and go down a steep short slope. It was like an underground train station. The raft lands on ralis, and I have to move quickly, since a train is fast approaching. The ralis are flush with the station platform. Somehow I knew to get to the next platform I had to travel the rails. There were two rails side by side. If I actually got on a train, it would take me somewhere I definitly wouldn't want to be. The rails were dangerous, since one could be caught on them, and there is no warning of when a train is coming until actually you see it. The posters in the station platform are all of various nasty monsters.

I chance it and make it to the next platform. There was a poster there with a word on it. I remember it started with a d, but I forget the word itself. It might have been something like diver. Then somehow I knew it was different from all the other trains. If I could get on this train, it would be able to take me out of this world. My only other option was to try to follow the tracks not knowing what was on or in the other platforms.

That is where I woke up.

If you read this far, and have any inkling of what it could mean or represent I would like to know. It is one thing to get ideas about dreams others have had, but totally different when it is your own dream. I wrote everything I could remember. I know there are some parts missing, but I can't recall them. I believe the parts I could recall were the important ones, or the ones I can't were too terrible to recall.


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