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Interesting Findings 2005

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posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 02:28 AM
Another year, another harvest for our family. Sadly we have never gotten a crop circle in one of our fields.

I just wanted to point out a few things this year. Hopefully I can make believers and skeptics happy at the same time !

Now all credit goes out to the CCCRN

First off, something not very common. A crop circle, found after harvest.

Really, what is the point of hoaxing something like this. First off, it wasn't found for 2 - 3 weeks, and 2nd its in the middle of nowhere and received no media coverage whatsoever. Its St. Gregor, Saskatchewan for Gods sake...

One thing that is interesting though, is the nodes.

Lengthened barley stalk nodes from inside circle (right) compared with normal control stalk nodes from outside formation (left).

Anyone have a logical explanation for that?


Another intersting find this year was a circle in a field of peas. A first ever in Canada.

I know people are going to laugh at that one

"What? Wheres the circle Dulcimer ! You suck !" But you see the formation is old and there really isnt much stubble left behind from a crop of peas.

But the interesting things reported from that one is that its:

approximately 29 kilometres (18 miles) from the site of an aberdeen angus bull calf mutilation (late June, 2005);

There is an excellent article about this.

Read this. Believe it or not.

Another such case was reported to me this week by rancher Douglas Davidson who has lived in the Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, region since he was born 56 years ago. He has several pastures and crop fields. One pasture was only a half mile from his house and he had placed there 41 mothers and their three to four month old calves. On Thursday, August 18, Mr. Davidson's brother was shocked to find their best 4-month-old bull calf dead. The left ear had been completely removed, leaving a hole in the skull. The lower jaw was stripped of all flesh to clean, white bone ­ something that natural predators cannot do. All of the lower lip had been excised along with a large section of hide back to the base of the jaw and the neck. The tongue had been cut out deep in the throat.

Further, from the bull calf's ribs back to the scrotum, all the hide had been removed in a big oval that revealed the internal organs, including the heart, which appeared untouched. The testicles and penis had been removed along with a deep hole of flesh from the rectum. All of this without blood anywhere, on the animal or on the ground.

Adding to the high strangeness, only four days before on August 14, another of the Davidson herds and a neighbor's herd across the road had been spooked by something at night and broke out of their pasture fences. The night before that on August 13, Mr. Davidson's brother watched two dark helicopters fly over their ranch, one large and the other smaller. He had never seen that before.

Now after these events, the circles in the peas appeared.

That is the link complete with short interview with the rancher.

There have been very few crop circles this year.

Doesn't it seem strange that you would find crop mutilations and crop circles in aneroid saskatchewan.

You know how many people live there?

I highly doubt there are too many cult leaders and hoaxers in aneroid saskatchewan. There are only 1 million in the entire province !

I can testify for the black helicopters as well. Living in ultra rural saskatchewan, its not common to see helicopters. Especially black ones. Aneroid would not even be close to medical helicopter flight paths as they would go to Saskatoon or Regina.

A helicopter is a rare and wonderful sight here ! (yes we are lame).
And no we don't go around mutilating each others cattle herds and pranking other farmers fields. You DON'T do that here.

But here's something for the skeptics. You know why I think there are fewer crop circles this year?

excess moisture

If these things are being hoaxed, they are not going to go drudge around in the muck with boards and boots, it will ruin the bit. In many cases this year it was just too wet to get into the fields to harvest this year.

Interesting anyways.

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 04:19 AM
Has anyone managed to get a picture of these black helicopters in this area ?

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 01:09 PM
I doubt there are pictures of the aircraft, but I believe there are photos of the cattle mutilation. I havnt been able to find them though.

Im going to do a cross reference with a Canadian UFO sightings database and see if anything comes up for these dates and areas.

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 03:53 PM
Very interesting report you have put together Dulcimer, there seems to be something strange going on in that area. Just what I do not know ? These mutilations have always amazed me. So many of them being reported and no logical explaination. All we can do is keep everyone informed and hope the answer someday comes. Good work on your part and please keep it up. I hope someone on here can give you a helping hand.

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 04:02 PM
Another thing to note, if you go to the crop circle site I listed, you will notice a trend that the circles tend to appear near the same places year after year. Why I do not know.

I would imagine hoaxers would move about. Although perhaps reoccurring circles would get them more fame.

Just a question to all reading. Do you think a crop circle hoaxer would also mutilate an animal?

Just a thought.

I like my water theory though. If they are hoaxes, they wont go on wet fields. Like I said, that would explain why there are few circles this year.

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 05:23 PM
Dulcimer - You keep your feet on the ground and post some very good researched links. They are generaly some of the more credible links I see posted here on ATS. This is yet another of your interesting finds. Keep up the great work.

Unless I am overlooking something, 18 miles is a pretty good distance to go for a cow mutilation. Is it a chance occurance here or are crop circles and mutilations happening at the same time. Being that the crop circle was already harvested, what was the time frame between the time the crop circle was mafe and the day the cow was mutilated. That would appear a hard time correlating the events.

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 05:59 PM
Its a good question but hard to answer. The interview says:

Around the same time, the Davidsons were harvesting their pea fields, about eighteen miles from their ranch house and the pasture where the bull calf was found mutilated. In the pea fields were two circles of flattened plants. One circle was in a pea field three-eighths of a mile from the second pea field circle. Mr. Davidson estimated the diameter of each circle was 39 feet. He had never seen crop formations or a mutilated cow before this August of 2005.

I talked with him this week and he explained in more detail what happened on the night of August 14, when both his cattle and the neighbor's broke out of their pasture fences.

What I find interesting is that not only are they the first ever recorded crop circles in a pea field in Canada (that I know of), they ALSO have a weird mutilation around the same time frame.

Happening to the same people.

What is also interesting is that the cattle have been spooked many times around this. And neighbouring herds.

Was the spooking a result of a botched attempt to kill the animal?

This is where I have reason to believe that it may be a human doing it. Trying to catch one of these animals after you startle it would be tough.

I was wondering if perhaps they are faked that they perhaps drug the animal and kill it with an overdose?... and then do the mutilations so that the animal does not bleed....

I think the mutilation photos in question may have been shown at this conference:

Source (no photos)

[edit on 31-10-2005 by Dulcimer]

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