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MainStream Political Forums---Arhhhhh

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 08:45 PM
I am so tired of posting what is really going on in this world on Political forums. NO ONE believes a thing about the 9-11 farce, or the Iraq fraud, or Globeilzation, or New world Order or anything that has to do with TRUTH. Arhhh. It gets me so frustrated. All they do is argue between partys. They will talk about how those in goverment are thieves and crooks , but when it comes to the BIG issues confronting our FREEDOM's. they are fools. They think freedom is having millions of cameras everywhere. They think goverment is concerned with THEM. They think the New Orleans fiasco was just a ligitimate shortcomming of the feds. They are not worried about POSSE COMITATUS.
They insist a jet airliner flew into the pentagon, even though you can SEE with your eyes their was nothing there. I sent a link with 150 mainstream news stories that weave together the 9-11 fraud, they think I'm a nut. The Gov has to be sitting back laughing. Mainstream Americans are Fools. Arhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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