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History's Mysteries

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 12:07 PM
I'm watching it right now on the History Channel. Got this one guy on there that must have been reading ATS and calling people "conspiracy theory crazies/nuts."

"You've got people who think Area 51 is the HQ for the NWO," he says, "or they think the milk carton kids are there for medical experiments...." (Not exact words--just the idea here.)

He and Baghdad Bob might have been separated at birth or something....

Note to guy on History Channel--I think some of the "conspiracies" that are being discussed might have something to do with Dulce Base....

Note--The subject of the History Channel episode that's on right now is Area 51, thought I'd clarify so the mods don't think I plunked this in the wrong section.

[edit on 10/30/2005 by Amethyst]

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