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Hockomock Swamp

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 11:31 AM

For hundreds of years, the Hockomock and surrounding areas have been a hotbed of reported supernatural events and strange sightings and experiences. Loren Coleman, something of a celebrity in the field of cryptozoology, or the study of ''hidden animals" like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Mothman, discussed the area in his 1983 book, ''Mysterious America."

The Wampanoag people gave the swamp its name, with Hockomock meaning ''place where spirits dwell."

''Devil's Swamp" is what English settlers of Colonial times named it.

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Anyone from SE Mass? I'd like to learn more about this place.

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posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 02:31 AM
I live relatively close to it, never been there but heard about it. I never knew it had such a past...great article, thanks!

I don't know much about the paranormal and wouldn't know exactly what to try to find if I went there, but I think it'd be worth a shot, maybe find a place to take a legal hike through part of the area on a nice day.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 08:45 PM
Heheh, I actually live right inside the Hockomock triangle, off Rt. 24. I can't say that i've seen any abnormal animals, but I have definately seen wierd lights, and strange aircraft. I've also heard some pretty wierd noises. The first time I saw a strange light was when I was 12 (I'm 22 now.) I was in my room trying to get to sleep, and I saw a hovering, glowing green orb. The orb seemed to be about the size of a basketball, but it was kind of difficult to know for sure. The orb came up over some trees, and proceded to hover into a small field that is beyond my back yard, before the small (probably 1 acre) wooded area. So now it was probably about 150-200 feet away. It then flew in a kind of loop-de-loop pattern and then began to move kind of erratically. I was in my room, on the second floor of my parents house. My brother was in his room, also on the second floor. I probably would have thought I was going crazy or something but my brother had seen it as well. (He was 8 years old at the time.) I know he saw it because he screamed and ran downstairs to tell our parents. We were both pretty much frightened and hysterical and when we told our parents, they didn't really know what to say or how to react. The only realistic explination I can come up with is that it was possibly ball lightning.
The second light I saw was very similar to the first one in a lot of ways, but also different. It was a few years later, but it was seen in the same place as the first one. I was in my back yard. This time I was the only one who saw it, to my knowledge. This orb was blue and white, and looked like a sphere of lightning. It hovered into the middle of the same field as where I had seen the first orb, hovered motionlessly for a moment, and then exploded with a loud bang.
My brother and I, and some of his friends have all seen strange triangle shaped aircraft. We've seen them flying at low altitude and they are completely silent. They have white lights at each point of the triangle, and a pulsating red light in the center. It's kind of funny, because I had never really believed in UFO's untill I had seen these, and then went online and did a search and came up with pictures of the exact things I've been seeing. I'm going to try to get some pictures of these things, if i see them again.
I have some other things to talk about, but I don't really feal like writing any more right now. I'm sure you people probably think i'm a complete whack-job already, but whatever.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 08:54 PM
Warp that is most interesting what you have seen! The closest thing I have seen to what you explained was a ball of fire about the size of a beachball hovering over a house about 20 feet above the roof. Then it started to move across the road, I was in a car. 3 other people in the car saw what I saw.

- Nazgarn

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