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Will we live in Happy Meal? What about the NOW? What about the satanism and the antilaws of Zion?

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 04:02 AM
Hi friends, it's been a long time...

My question is : are we going to live in a Happy Meal, a kid's menu of fast food restaurant?

The world, thanks to the Iraq war, the AZF terrorism of Sarkozy (french minister) that might have able the Madrid attaks (process to be), the evils of Katrina or the tsunami, the hate of Israel that is controled by non jews, and much more "satanist" events and ways to act (war, hate, violence, military abuses, use of satanist signs by skull and bones or 33 degre of free Massonery (very closed)), well the world looks to me like a big happy meal that only childy people can accept because they didn't know anything else and that they thought that Ossama was acting just for fun and without real reson of anger about the way his people was bomb and control till 1980. Do we have to understand what Iran is saying about the Zionists, wich are realy not anyway (Zion= 10 commandements, the only religious laws that the holly books (Thora, Bible and Coran) put in the test with many histories to think about).

So, where is going the world? Are we to forget our lives and share that paper world? Were is the true life that was before NOW (New Order of the World)?

The protocole of Zion (satanist protocol translated in 1984 and in the yellow books, writen in 1900 with the aim of putting the world in world wars and recover it) is visibly apply. In the end, the world will be under control of the antechrist church whose member were ignoring they were some agent. What can we tell about that?

The satanist way of acting (war, abuse, use of relgious feeling to kill or covet, we all know the ten commandements... but george and friends) is still making the world more agressiv and troubling. What can we do to stop that terrific work?


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