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A Child's View of The KKK

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posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 06:24 PM
Visiting my relatives in Alabama, one night we were sitting on the porch, and a big flat bed truck full of masked KKK members, and it had a white cross on it, and the men were standing on the truck.
Being 6 years old, I had never seen such as this..
I begged my Uncle who was a local minister if we could follow them as the siren had stopped up the street from where we were..
He said ok, and we drove to what we know was a white family's house.
The clan unloaded the cross and set fire to it, and ordered the dad to come outside.He came outside and they gave him a beating right in front of his family..They said 'this is what we do to wife and children beaters, if we ever have to come back here, you will be beaten so bad, nobody will recognize you'.
I had played with the kids and noticed their mom always had marks on her.
When I hear of how the KKK JUST abused Blacks and Jews..NADA
Not so, as long as I live, I shall never forget that.
Later when I was a victim of battering, it was before shelters and cops would do nothing for me..
IF I could have found the members, then I would have paid them to give my ex a sample of his own medicine..True story for posterity..

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posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 08:08 PM
You know in prisons they beat other inmates they deem unsavoury. A favourite trick is to construct the weapon with twin blades so that the injury cannot be sown back up so easily, if at all, and go slash their chosen victim. This is considered justice.

Peter Sutcliffe (Britains famous Yorkshire ripper) gave a female co-worker a lift home after she expressed concern over the killings. He did have redeeming features.

Oh, and look:

    Everything in Nazi Germany was clean and orderly; there were no slums; the trains ran on time. By 1938, the crime rate was at an all-time low because repeat offenders were being sent to a concentration camp after they had completed their second sentence. Anyone who did not have a permanent address and some visible means of support was hauled off the Dachau and put to work.

They did have a good side.

I also remember hearing of a particularly unpleasent IRA beating of a youth found to be selling drugs. I believe they broke the boys knees.

Their concern for society is admirable.

Justice? No, I don't think so.

Originally posted by siriuslyone

When I hear of how the KKK JUST abused Blacks and Jews..NADA

So you are pointing out that not only do these people attack 'Blacks and Jews' through the twin crowns of fear and ignorance but also consider themselves entitled to assault anyone else they deem ripe for punishment should the whim arise. I bet it did the children a power of good to see their father get called out from the family home and be violently assaulted by a gang of strangers late one night.

Your suggestion is then that the KKK and their ilk really can be considered the trash of society, have no redeeming features and are not just a threat to those who they target most openly but all right minded individuals in modern society, an opinion only reinforced by viewing their perverted attempts at 'justice'. Yes, you have a valid point.


posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 08:15 PM
Excellent points Jak.

This is how terrorism takes hold.

In the malleable mind's of children.

And there's typically a "local minister" (or mullah) involved in the "lesson" and public execution of "justice" as well.

The cross is a nice touch.

I'm sorry for what happened to you siriuslyone, whether you realize it was child abuse or not.

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 08:43 PM

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 08:48 PM
>>>I'm sorry for what happened to you siriuslyone, whether you realize it was child abuse or not.

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by siriuslyone
Do not be sorry, My uncle was the finest human I will ever know, it was his brother my Dad who was the abuser.

Understood. Relatively speaking. And relatively speaking, I guess you could say the Klan aint all bad.

But again, relatively speaking, yes I can.

This topic just befuddles me. Relatively speaking.

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 10:09 PM

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 01:21 AM
im, sorry, i know where youre coming from, but i have personally seen the klans bad sides.

have you ever seen two or three of them beat up an unarmed man simply because he is the wrong color and he is on the wrong side of a county line after dark? you're from georgia, read some of the reports from forsyth county.

when i was 13, i got to sit on a bus that slowed to a stop at the county court building so the klan who had a permit from the county to be there could pass out flyers to the kids on the buses. the flyers said all kinds of nasty things about people of all races. those poor black kids had to sit there and take it, and they were all scared stiff having grown up with stories about what the clan does to uppity ....well, you know the rest of that.

just because the people in question beat up a child and wife beater doesnt make them good men. now, if they had gone up there without any masks to hide themselves behind, that would have been another story entirely.

only a spineless coward hides behind a mask.

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 12:26 PM
[[[[only a spineless coward hides behind a mask. ]]]

Thses spineless cowards are the leaders of the community, church goers, and members of various groups..

I ONLY wish I could dare tell who/what these are, I dare not..
And who is to say the klan these days are nothing but black ops killers?
Mercernaries, as I am a lifetime NRA member and we get a lot of inside info.
All I posted this for is to let folks know that if a man is a pychotic batterer, all they understand is violence..The ex i shot, his Dad told me that it would come down to me or him and I best get ready..
Have you ever crawled across a case of broken Pepsi bottles on your knees?
judge not, let ye be judged...

posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by siriuslyone
IF I could have found the members, then I would have paid them to give my ex a sample of his own medicine..

Wow thats great, the KKK will help long as their white, otherwise they beat the snot outta them.


I wish my Dad had been the ones they visited..

Unless he was black, in which case they'd kill him and beat the snot outta you for being half and half. Or both of you. Or everyone in your family. Or maybe they'd just be real nice and run you out of town or buy you a ticket to go 'back to africa'.

posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 03:54 PM

Have you ever seen the klan do anything?
As far as that goes, let us not forget it has not been that long ago that white men were killing white men, by the thousands in CW, and before that whites were genociding the original people..
Can or does testosterone have anything to do with massacre even if you are a WASP?
So, if a woman is battered by a good ol boy, to h**l with her?

PS" All of us are suffering the karma from the blacks that were brutalized. and the klan were just a few in numbers..
The crime rate here is number one in the country..
give me peace....

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