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Iranian leadership totally under illuminati control

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posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 02:39 PM
Several ways to check it. First, using the same technique as the CIA psy-ops, Israel as scapegoat to distract from the US nextdoor.

The same CIA psy-ops that have been telling ever since the invasion of Iraq to "Prepare for war with Iran..."

As Matt Marriott explained in 2003.
This is an excerpt of the first result:

If you were not surprised at what happened in the first OPEC meeting with the participation of the NATO puppet government of Iraq (when all the islamic governments, from Nigeria to Iran accepted it, and the only opposing was Venezuela) ...
then you should be not surprised to see the silent consent of the moslem masses as the city of 1000 mosques is destroyed and the heroes of Falluja are slaughtered.

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