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Aldous Huxley Quotes

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posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 07:05 AM
Well, i dont know how many people read the most famous book Huxley has, its called "Brave New World", he also wrote books about the psychological effects of drugs in subconscious, and some studies about how the mind works.

I am amazed about the work of Huxley because he seems to be a part of "them" he just shows a little knowledge from the total they have, i really recommend to read as much as possible of this person.

Here we have some quotes from him:

Quotes: Aldous Huxley

A bad book is as much of a labor to write as a good one, it comes as sincerely from the author's soul.

A competent portraitist knows how to imply the profile in the full face.

A man may be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer in the will's freedom after it.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours.

An intellectual is a person who's found one thing that's more interesting than sex.

An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie

Beauty is worse than wine, it intoxicates both the holder and beholder

Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardor, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, the clarity and ruthlessness of their vision

Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead

Dream in a pragmatic way.

Every man's memory is his private literature

Every person who knows how to read has it in their power to magnify themselves, to multiply the ways in which they exist, to make life full, significant, and interesting

Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

I have discovered the most exciting, the most arduous literary form of all, the most difficult to master, the most pregnant in curious possibilities. I mean the advertisement. It is far easier to write ten passably effective Sonnets, good enough to take in the not too inquiring critic, than one effective advertisement that will take in a few thousand of the uncritical buying public.

Idealism is the noble toga that political gentlemen drape over their will to power.

Man is an intelligence in servitude to his organs.

Maybe this world is another planet's hell

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted

Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't know because we don't want to know

Most of one's life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself thinking

My fate cannot be mastered; it can only be collaborated with and thereby, to some extent, directed. Nor am I the captain of my soul; I am only its noisiest passenger

No man ever dared to manifest his boredom so insolently as does a Siamese tomcat when he yawns in the face of his amorously importunate wife.

One of the great attractions of patriotism - it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what's more, with a feeling that we are profoundly virtuous

Several excuses are always less convincing than one.

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly arise and make them miserable

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history

That we are not much sicker and much madder than we are is due exclusively to that most blessed and blessing of all natural graces, sleep.

The author of the Iliad is either Homer or, if not Homer, somebody else of the same name.

The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different

The course of every intellectual, if he pursues his journey long and unflinchingly enough, ends in the obvious, from which the non-intellectuals have never stirred

The most distressing thing that can happen to a prophet is to be proved wrong. The next most distressing thing is to be proved right

The proper study of mankind is books

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm

The traveller's-eye view of men and women is not satisfying. A man might spend his life in trains and restaurants and know nothing of humanity at the end. To know, one must be an actor as well as a spectator

The vast majority of human beings dislike and even actually dread all notions with which they are not familiar... Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have generally been persecuted, and always derided as fools and madmen.

There is no substitute for talent. Industry and all its virtues are of no avail

There isn't any formula or method. You learn to love by loving - by paying attention and doing what one thereby discovers has to be done

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

We participate in a tragedy; at a comedy we only look

What we feel and think and are is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad

Your true traveller finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty - his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure

posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 07:11 AM
Aldous huxley is grand. brave new world was Strong. I liked it. I like the quotes too.

posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 09:21 AM
i loved the doors of perception, mescaline
the oneness of that table leg is the same as the oneness of the whicker chair haha, i want some of that #
and thus i'm growing a buncha san pedro

posted on Sep, 18 2003 @ 03:46 PM
Brave new world is an excellent book, If you havent read it i strongly urge you to do so.

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