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Why the continued secrecy regarding UFOs and black projects?

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posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 06:24 AM
During the Cold War the line was given that complete secrecy had to be given in order to keep Russia from getting in on U.S. technology and other secrets.

Today the biggest threats to the United States comes from loosely associated bands of terrorists (and we're not too certain of that either).

So I ask. Why if there is no looming global crisis does anything regarding UFOs and black budget military projects need to be kept secret?

Regarding UFOs. Its been nearly 60 years since the Roswell incident. Humanity has been on the brink of destroying itself several times with rocket-based nuclear arms. So what indeed would be the reason for continued secrecy regarding UFO activity if they are simply an advanced form of aircraft and weapons delivery?

Regarding the U.S. black budget projects. Why sink trillions of dollars into continued advances in military equipment when the world has no apparent global threat? The B-2 and F-117 came into severe scrutiny because they came in at the end of the Cold War and their usefulness seemed superfluous. So indeed, why does there need to be continued trillions of dollars sunk into a field of technological warfare which seemingly has no basis for existence?

There is always the (very weak) threat of the very unstable North Korean government. China to a degree as well. But to consider any other country a threat large enough to sink trillions of dollars into new weapons and secrecy is ridiiculous. China is hardly a nation that wants to war with one of their biggest, if not the biggest, honey pots. So I do not currently see any reason for what is going on to this very day.

Do you need a multi trillion dollar secret plan to stop a small band of guys with conventional weaponry? Do you even need it to stop tiny countries with conventional weaponry and big mouths?

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posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 06:31 AM
I'd guess that iT's because the US gov't is like an adolescent child with a book of matches. It's fun now, but we'd better make sure noone tells mom what we're playing with.
The cold war was like there was a tattle-tale kid in the neighborhood.
It's kinda funny, but scary how accurate it is. Laugh it up. Peace.

posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 06:43 AM
The government realizes the economic crunch the U.S. is in. Surely they don't want to risk the life of this country for the sole purpose of keeping secret technology a continued and costly secret, right?

Donald Rumsfeld has admitted to the defense department losing trillions of dollars. That money is going somewhere. I only ask where and why at this point in time?

posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 06:49 AM
The thing you're failing to realize is that the people in charge of this country care very little for it's overall welfare. They live for the HERE and NOW. That means that they'll go to any means to push their ideas to fruition. That being said, I don't think that it matters to them how much of a national debt their children and grandchildren will have to deal with, as long as they get whatever piece of land they're squabbling over at this very moment. That's it. Peace.

posted on Sep, 17 2003 @ 09:31 PM
Communist Russia basically died from economic disaster, right? The people starved and there was just no money to be put into any resources like space or miiltary functions, so they disbanded it. Thats how I saw it.

Yes, our federal government doesn't care either about the welfare of the country, but it is their lifeline. The economy grows worse daily, the black budget and secrecy budgets remain. Its like leaving a person with brain death on life support. You can leave them on it perhaps indefinitely, but the reality is once the support goes away, the patient dies immediately. The national life support system for the federal government is about to have its plug pulled much like Russia got around 14 years ago.

posted on Sep, 18 2003 @ 10:16 AM
Simple. Three words:


posted on Sep, 18 2003 @ 11:43 AM
Yeah.....Exactly what MrMulder said.

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 03:52 PM
The government cant afford to expose those facts. They would not only lose face, there would be a outcry for an internal investigation to see what else they have hidden. I mean look how long they waited to declassify the Venoa transmissions.

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 05:49 PM
For the ones who have been illegally hiding all the info from the people to come clean now would be suicide. Think about how long it has been going on. Now there's a secret society

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 06:27 PM
I think that the security which was maintained for all of those years was so severe that the government is too paranoid now to change its ways. Another consideration is the compartmentilization of the R&D aspects of the black world. Many times the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing, and many discoveries are made repeatedly, at extreme cost, over and over again, all in the name of national security.

And do not be so quick to poo poo China. I firmly believe that they got their hands on some of our most highly classified data concerning nuclear weapons, and as a result of that we bombed their embassy in (former) Yugoslavia.

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 06:32 PM
I have a feeling that the truth about a lot of black projects will never be known for a multitude of reasons... however, in the event that any of them are ever released in plain view of the population, it will only be in the event of a massive national emergency, on the scale of a nuclear holocaust or worse.

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 06:43 PM
If a black project became public I do not think it would be a black project any more.

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by ilovepizza
If a black project became public I do not think it would be a black project any more.

I don't think that was ever in question in this thread. It would certainly cost the tax paying public a hell of a lot less if they were revealed.

posted on Sep, 22 2003 @ 08:09 PM
1. Today civilization is based on the equilibrium of doctrine based religions keeping the world order under control.
2. Any serious damage (like ETs being existence) of the doctrines can and will destroy equilibrium.
3. And it going to happen soon.

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