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Research Forum POD-Casting Guideline

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posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 10:41 PM
Attention all Scholars of the ATS community! The PODcast system is now alive for the scholars of the Research Forum. However, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed before submitting a “Research PODcast” Now before I get into this, let me give you a few links for the software that you need to create your very own genuine Research Cast. First, you need to download a program called “Audacity”, which can be found here: Audacity . Then you need to download a group of files called “Lame”, which is here: Lame , in order to create your genuine Research Casts. Now on to the actual research guidelines itself. If you need anymore help, please refer to mrwupys “Idiots guide to Podcasting” located here: Idiots Guide .

First, I must say that I am very excited to see this system come alive and will hope that everyone gets a chance to contribute to the Research Forum to help boost up the current strategy and mobility.

Requirements of your Research Cast:

The first thing that you need to do is go over the basic rules of ATS (if you already haven’t done so): Rules . Second, you should already have an idea of your topic for research. Please review the Research Forum Information and Guidelines (Guidelines) if you already haven’t, to have a better understanding of how to put a project together. After going over this, please head over to the NEED TO KNOW section of the Research Forum (NEED TO KNOW) and briefly go over this with yourself. I know this is a lot to do but we would love to see a great quality Research PODcast. Last but not least, please review the Research Forum Levels of Research (Levels) too find a general Idea of how in depth you are going to be with your project.

Guidelines for a Research PODcast:

The goals for your project applies to any normal project, except these projects are all in voice. You must still provide your research with sources, and give credit to the original source, just like you would in a normal written post. From top to bottom, I will give an explanation as to how the body of your speech should be put together as you prepare for your Research Cast. After reviewing over the guidelines, I will put together a brief simulation on how the Research Cast should sound like. Oh, one more thing, please do not sound monotone as people will get really bored with your Research Project. And another thing, please express your opinions on what you have discussed! Moving on:

1. Since you are the Team Leader (obviously if you are the first to submit about a project), the first step into your recording is to state your name, that you are the team leader, and the current project you are working on.

2. After you state the project name, you should follow with what Level of Research your project is going to be.

3. After this, you must state the members in your group, their roles, and what they are going to be responsible for.

4. The only real difference in the POD cast and the regular written research, is the way the sources are arranged in order. The sources, must be arranged in small APA format, and should be said, BEFORE the source that you are going to read. An example of small APA would be: “Author: so and so, retrieved on date: so and so, from: URL”. You do not have to state the entire URL, just the root URL. For example, you would not have to say (This is not a working link). You would just simply say: “Retrieved from

5. The closing: After going through the whole body of your introduction and research information, close out with your name, your project, and the current goals that your project has met so far. Depending on the level of your project, please state when your team members are going to respond, and also, make sure that they respond to your Research Cast under your thread, and not to accidentally start a new thread.

6. Please take the opportunity to enjoy this, but please do not abuse copyright material. We encourage you to give your sources credit.

Example of a short Research Cast:

“Good afternoon/evening/morning ladies and gentlemen, this is brodband with “The Philadelphia Experiment Research Project”. My team members are (blank), (blank), and (blank). This is a Level One research project for the group to come up with the goals of (goals). The first thing I am going to talk about are the goals of my project, the deadline for meeting these goals, and the personal guidelines that I would like for my team members to follow during this project. The first source comes from (here comes the small APA): Robert Todd, on October 27, 2005, from: The Philadelphia experiment is an alleged United States Navy experiment (Project Rainbow) done on October 28, 1943. According to legend…… crew members from both ships had parties together on shore and "there was never any mention of anything unusual." Though they did witness some spectacular electric storms, he says. Goals completed under this Research Cast are (goal) and (goal). The next goal will be set by (blank) with a reply to this current Project under this thread. The goals to accomplish are (goal) by (name). Closing the current goal of this project, brodband signing off.

Please no cussing, or racial comments, all of the same rules apply.

Feel free to ask brodband or ADVISOR for any questions.

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