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Autumn On Cape Cod (HSSC)

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posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 09:21 PM
It was an ordinary day, one of those days when the air was crisp and Cape Cod was at last free of tourists. I decided to go for a walk to the ocean with a stop at the corner general store. The leaves were falling and their color was spectacular as ever. Just the way i liked it.
I approached Bill's corner store and entered. Such a nice place. Bill and his wife had owned this little piece of real estate since Bill's mother passed on. As usual the windchimes attached to the door chimed away and out came old Bill, duster in hand. "Hello Mrs. Dgtempe," bill said. "Nice day, isnt it?" I agreed, made a little small talk with him and proceeded to get the daily newspaper and looked around for a specific rug shampoo i always purchased there.
Now i love dogs, but i hate their little accidents. I guess you might say i am neurotic about scents and cleaning up after them. As i turned to ask Bill where he was hiding my favorite product, he had evidently dissapeared into the back room. "Oh well, i have all day" - I thought, and it was then an older woman appeared through the front door. I thought she looked pale and cold and i offered to make her some coffee..Bill was used to me helping myself to his coffee pot; he knew i appreciated a fresh pot of coffee.

As i prepared the brew, the woman reminded me of my mother. Kind but stern looking. I asked her "Milk"? she nodded and i handed her the cup.
"Bill must be in the back, tending to lord knows what", i said.
She looked at me and told me he wasnt. I saw something strange in her eyes but figured that she saw him outside prior to coming in.
Little John, my child's schoolmate ran into the store and made a dive right to the candy. Kids, i thought. His mother would send him with apples and broccolli to school, then he gets a hold of some change and goes right for the candy.
There were three of us at the store now, and no Bill. I decided that was quite unusual so i opened the storage area to let Bill know his customers were getting anxious. I looked around and did not see him so i decided to knock on the bathroom door. No answer. At that point i went out the back door to see if he was throwing away trash, and he wasnt there either.
I closed the back door and went into the store and as i made eye contact with the old woman, she said "He's gone".
"Gone"? "What do you mean he's gone"? "where"?
Before she had a chance to answer, little John dropped his candy and said "She's not real" "She's a ghost"!! and with that, took off running.

The old woman looked at me and said "Bill isnt here dear. He's with me now"
-"What do you mean, who are you"? I asked.
"I am his mother and he is with me now"
"Is he dead"? i said. "Yes, he passed away last night in his sleep" "See"? she said pointing to the very paper i had on the counter, and sure enough i hadn't noticed that his picture was on the front page.
With that, she smiled and left the store. I couldnt beleive it. He had been there to greet me.
I left my merchandise and made a dash for the front door, looked both ways and there was no little old lady to be seen amidst the falling autumn leaves.

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