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Sooooo... Scooter Gets Fired Today, Right?

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 06:08 AM
"You're telling us we need to go to conspiracy sites to find out the full story"


you might want to wait 5 years or so.....
if plame was indeed covert, would they ever reveal the "proof" necessary to convinve the public of this fact, or would this just reveal too much about how the CIA worked?

if Bush and company did indeed deliberate out her, to discredit wilson because he felt the need to tell the truth, would they be willing to present enough evidence to prove this, or would they be worried about this evidence ending up in a future international court used against the US?

as far as the idea that plame got wilson the assignment with the intention of bringing down the Bush administration. I'm sorry, but the republicans have used this angle so much they are sounding more paranoid than clinton did with her "it's all a right wing conspiracy!" bit. I have a hard time believing this one, and well, if evidence was found to prove this one, it would only serve to reinforce in the public's eye just how non-functional and juvenile the people in our government have become.

What I am saying is that I don't see our government willingly giving out the facts, regardless of what these facts are, for a very long time. Better just to follow the standard proceedure that has been practiced when they get caught with their pants down and nail a few of the wrongdoers with crimes like this and get the mess swept under the rug as quickly as possible.

to me, the dems and the republicans are just the left and right hand of satan. they are both working to get us to the same destination, albiet by different routes. and between the two of them, well, they manage to create enough chaos so that the general public won't see that destination until it's too late.

time for housecleaning in washington, out with the old, in with the new. new faces belonging to new parties. good luck on that one though.

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 08:14 AM
This is not just an "accusation" by any stretch of the imagaination.

A jury gave up 2 years of their life to sift through evidence and hear testimony.

The contradictions (obstruction) and refuted testimony (lies) by Libby not only were glaring, but spelled out in the indictment.

I've posted this elsewhere, but if anyone would truly like to learn what's going on (which includes an ongoing investigation to see if they can prove 'state of mind' for Karl Rove who did leak Plame's covert status to Libby before anyone made any public comments about her to indict Rove with a new grand jury while they further consider Libby for treason), I'll be hapy to spend some time on it for you.

But if the partisans are just saying "he could be innoncent" and this is just like someone on the Internet claiming something about another person without proof, no. Not even close.

A grand jury indictment for obstruction of justice while under investigation for treason isn't "guilty" (though that will come) but it's not someone you let in the White House and hand sensitive files either.

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 02:50 PM
Rant, while you're correct in saying there must be credible evidence supporting the perjury claim, that doesn't make someone guilty, according to US law. It's Russia where you're guilty until proven innocent, not the US. So time was spent gathering information for this accusation? Fantastic...But...The investigation was into who leaked Plame's identity, and the resultant indictment is for perjury...You mean to tell me that after a week, they stopped looking into the leak and started investigating Scooter for perjury?Or could it be that Fitz thinks Scooter's guilty, but can't nail him on that so is going to try to get him some other way?

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