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as-assalamu 'alaykum

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posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 03:57 AM
As to your answer, yes there is couscous (or humus) in Saudi Arabia (actually, throughout the middle east). And, yes, there are lamb kabobs. Lamb is our favorite type of meat, second in place is fish.

As for typical courses in Saudi Arabia, we usually have 5 course meals, so I will give you a basic 5 meal course.

First and foremost, we must have qahwah 'Arabiya (Arab coffee flavored with cardamom). This is a must! Without this, you are not invited to sit down. But if you accept this invitation, then good...but be sure to take off your shoes (it's custom). After a good shake of the hands, we sit down to eat.

Around the table you will find a full basket of khubz 'Arabi (bread). After a little talk about coucous and lamb kabobs, the first course is served.

Appetizer: utrunj (fruit marinated in sugar and water, usually lemony)

Next, soup: shaybah (soup with wheat-meat stock like large chunks of lamb, tomato, leaf of wormwood, and cinnamon).

As I watch you ponder, is this stuff really good? You look me in the eye, you realize, eat it, it's great!

Next, saliq (salad with parsley, onion, hot green pepper)

And as if you weren't tired of all this good and interesting foods, what comes next:

Main course: kharuf mahshi (lamb stuffed with rice, nuts and raisins, roasted in goat butter); qar' (squash) and kusah (zucchini); and makbus (rice with tomato paste).

Stuffed? Better not be.

After more qahwah 'Arabiyah, the best part of the meal:

Dessert: a choice of a light or a heavy'mul (sugar cookies) or mutabbaq (pastry with banana filling)...but did I really hear you say, you'll take both? Well, absolutely wonderful!

And of course, this time you ask me, may I have some more qahwah 'Arabiyah.

I excuse myself from this here table because, dilwa'ti gowaan ana.

You ask what does this mean...I whisper across the table:

I am hungry now.

wa (and)

ana raayitt dilwa'ti (I am going now)

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 04:19 AM

Originally posted by al tawbah 9 123

[...]As for the zionist Jewish issue, I support the Hamas. I support all my brothers and sisters in their crusade to oust the zionist Jews in Palestine. the zionist Jews, the secular political zionists must leave. Now for the sensitive issue, if suicide bombing is our only tool to end the oppression of the Palestinian-Arabs in Palestine, then I say, so be it.[...]

Originally posted by Riwka

[...]On this board you are open supporting HAMAS.

Both the U.S. and the EU list Hamas as a terrorist group not only because of their Charter – one of one of most terrible documents that exists and their agenda not only to kill jews and to destroy Israel

You are open claiming that you support suicid bombings against innocent civilians[...]

Originally posted by al tawbah 9 123

[...]As for Hamas, yes I 100% support it[...].

al tawbah 9 123

Just to make some thing very clear here:

You ,user al tawbah 9123, have not only read the HAMAS - Charter which includes passages like

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (Preamble)

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).(Article 7)

and do not condemn the suizid bombings on innocent civilian as listed above in strongest terms, but

You, user al tawbah 9 123, open claim on this ATS-boards that you support 100% THOSE WHO WANT TO MURDER ME - you support the murder of my family members, my friends, my neighbors?

[edit on 6-11-2005 by Riwka]

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 02:40 PM
Like I said, this is a most sensitive issue, and I am unsure if the ATS admin will permit this subject to go into depth.

So I will not go further into this matter, only to say, I do support Hamas 100%.

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 02:45 PM
May I ask the reason as to why you have not taken each point I made in the Zionist Arab Conlict piece and give your critical judgement of each point?

I find your silence on this Zionist Arab Conflict quite interesting. Silence usually means, a person agrees with whatever is given forth. Is this the case? If not, could you please post something that is contrary to what I posted. And when you do post, could you post your comments in the section where the Zionist Arab Conflict is.

Allaahu Akbar

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by al tawbah 9 123
May I ask the reason as to why you have not taken each point I made in the Zionist Arab Conlict piece and give your critical judgement of each point?

I find your silence on this Zionist Arab Conflict quite interesting. Silence usually means, a person agrees with whatever is given forth. Is this the case? If not, could you please post something that is contrary to what I posted. And when you do post, could you post your comments in the section where the Zionist Arab Conflict is.

Allaahu Akbar

so, you refuse to answer her questions because of some kind of "fear" that ATS will ban you for your comments, which you have to know is ridiculous if you've read some of the other threads here, but then you slam her for not fully answering yours? kind of hypocritical, dont you think?

posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 05:11 AM
The zionist Jew, Riwka refuses to answer the thread of Zionist Arab Conflict because she knows I spoke the truth.

As for the proxy issue, I answered the question to the admin, Nygdan.

Yes, it's me, al tawbah 9 123. All I ask is, try to understand it from a Muslim perspective and not from an American media propaganda riddled bias point of view.

I said, I support Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah (Hamas) because it is like the Haganah, Stern and Irgun organizations before Israel became a State. We have a right to defend ourselves, and we do it via Hamas.

If it means some people die, then so be it (I guess I was banned because Riwka could not answer the Zionist Arab Conflict rather than my being specific about this issue, so I will answer it). If it means Israeli zionist Jews are killed, so be it. If it means, Israel will never have peace until we have justice, then yes, zionist Jews will lose their life each and every day until we have Palestine as a statehood. When I said, I supported Hamas 100%, I meant it. If it means, to be more specific for you snafu7700, and others, then so be it. Each and every zionist Jew in Israel will die unless Palestinian-Arabs receive justice.

Okay, you have your truth. Now Riwka can answer the Zionist Arab Conflict while it is still posted on ATS. But I know she will not be able to answer it, why? Because it is the truth (in other words, there is no reason for her to answer it, because the truth speaks for itself). But still, it would be generous of her, if she has it in her, to at least, at the very least, to say, I agree with the overall post or I do not. But again, I doubt if she does this because she knows the post is the truth.

While I am still here on ATS, and before I will need to change my IP again (unless ATS realizes this game is futile, and it is best to just allow al tawbah 9 123 to stay so I may speak the truth about my way of life instead of how Americans and the like receive a distorted picture of the way I live, I ask the community here, do you want to continue to kid yourself and play games, or do you want to hear the truth from an Arab Muslim.

Your choice.

Allaahu Akbar

posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 06:40 AM
al tawbah wrote:

As a Sunni Muslim (or Salafi-Wahabbi), I keep to the literal meaning of the qur'aan.

You see, you say this, but its not true really, is it?
If you DID keep to the literal meaning of the Quran, then you wouldnt agree with, for example, stoning to death of adulterers or apostates. You wouldnt agree with lots of things that Wahabbis agree with actually.

You then say:

As a Wahabbi-Arab, I am taking the qur'aan as a strict way of life (or we'd say, Deen-ul-Fitrah which means, the natural religion of man is Islaam)

As already pointed out, you DONT follow Quran as a strict way of life, and this is confirmed by your next statement:

But also, as a Sunni Muslim, I follow all the Imaams of each Hadeeth (that is, the sunnah or the guidelines of Islaamic life based on Muhammad (PBUH) own life. There were many Imaams, for instance, to name just a few, Imaam An-Nasai, Imaam Abu Dawood, Imaam At-Tirmizi, Imaam Majah, and the one most usually hear about is, Imaam Al-Bukhari.

How can you say, in one breath, that you follow the Quran strictly, and in the next, admit that you in fact follow these Imams?
Imams, who, for the most part, have laid down laws and rules that are either downright ridiculous, contradictory to the Quran itself or have no significance in Islam at all?

The Quran tells us that if we follow the majority of people on earth, we will be led astray.

It also tells us that on the Day of Judgement, that Muhammad will cry out to God, that HIS PEOPLE have abandoned the Quran, have taken it for nonsense.

Please, tell me, how this description does not fit in with you Wahhabis, Sunnis, Shias....etc.....who so love to quote and follow your Imams, rather than the peaceful words of God Himself?

This is a subject so close to me right now, as i face hostility from Sunni muslims.....that muslims (majority) follow the hadith more than the Quran, and THIS is where all the problems begin.

Until Muslims re-evaluate their religion, and stop being in denial as to what they are following, Islam (as a nation across the world) will continue to suffer.


posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 01:11 AM

leaf of wormwood

I grow wormwood as a herb. I don't use it in cooking though, isn't it bitter?.... I have to fight the kids to get their annual cup of wormwood tea but I will say this..I bet you guys don't get parasites or worms.

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