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NWO army

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 12:16 PM
All you need to do is convince one person that his neighbor has H5N1 (bird flu)(avian influenza virus), he calls someone to do something about it in his panic, the whole area is quarantined , residents hauled off to camps , and all the other dummies agree with each other that it is for the good of the country , we are puppets , our strings are of fear , the powers that be need only to scare enough of us enough, and we will all be gone missing , if we are not useful to the rich folks.
So what'll it be today?-
-bird flu
-terrorist attack
-misbehaving airline passenger
-drunk drivers
-illegal aliens
-dogs off the leash
-white boys wth guns
-bad weather
-world wthout a pilot
It will probably be a media overload , many will be convinced something is happening , and call out for help , when it is nothing.
Don't be fooled , if all this happens , posse commitatis is dead anyway , and our own troops will think they are helping us.
If ya can't fool everyone,ya failed , gubmint guys.

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by XiNGYaNGFoo
All you need to do is convince one person that his neighbor has H5N1 (bird flu)(avian influenza virus), he calls someone to do something about it in his panic, the whole area is quarantined , residents hauled off to camps , and all the other dummies agree with each other that it is for the good of the country

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Thats actually rather plausible. Think of all the fuss thats been made in the last few years over SARS and Avian Flu. What if the next one that comes along is REALLY hyped up, and if they're as malicious as people say, selected groups are infected with it. Would make sense. They quarantee you, come in, interview you, if you don't like what they propose, they kill you, and just say to the neighbhours "I'm very sorry...the disease was fatal."

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 02:20 PM
I came to Florida to find out how Bush got elected the way he did , now that I am here , I understand completely how this could have happened.
The thing that scares me the most is that this may represent a cross section of the entire country , if it does , we are in pretty deep s__t.
Arrogance of the leaders and ignorance of the people , well why not do something such as fool them into calling the authorities about their neighbor having the sniffles,cough,cough....
I might be sick , I think I'll call FEMA to protect myself.....for the good of my country , to protect a legal fiction from a fictional epidemic.....
So many thoughts , so little time...

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 08:51 PM
Open your eyes and see things for what they really are because if we don't then how are we going to be able to defend ourselves and the ones we love? The NWO is everywhere. While our soldiers are overseas we are here left with what? I believe that it would be possible that right now in these underground bases there could possibly be some cloning going on. As much as our government lies and hides the truth from the public then (say for example) why wouldn't they try to cover something as sinister as this up, and here come the clones marching out of somewhere and into our towns and cities as far fetched as it may sound. What makes anybody think that the NWO is not at all capable of doing this? I hope everyone is ready for them to take over, because if you don't "fit in" then be prepared to end up in concentration camps. It sounds crazy, but so has all the other stuff that has been "classified" and is now "declassified". It is as far fetched as human experimentation--but it is true.

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 08:59 PM
I'm sure that everyone has seen The Stand by Steven KIng.
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Need I say more?

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by JackofBlades

Originally posted by DIABOLIC888
Plus armys could already be underground in the bases just waiting to arise...

Thats a good theory.
If the UN (or whoever) had taken people from a young age or off the streets (homeless children i mean) from all around the world and began training them in places like Dulce and A51 those soldiers will have grown up with each other and so experience less rapport with other humans.
Think, if a thousand homeless children went missing from America in one month, who'd now? or care?

These soldiers will also have probably been introduced to our 'benevolent alien saviours' from an earlier age and may consider them to be 'better' than us.

Without a doubt Jackofblades...people go missing all the time....especially in the west...Without a doubt I bet many have been taking underground...lets just face the facts know they've Cloned humans.....How about how scientists say a cow is harder to clone then a human....because of DNA structure or such....and some people say what armys would they need? well in a nuclear holocaust or staged or real alien invasion you'll need people, you'll need to sweep across america mass legions to round up people, while most of are real military will be fighting the Apocalyspe over in the middle east...their cloned demonic soldiers will come out, they have to prepare the throne for the anti-christ....but yea this year is going to be most interesting, I get the inside notion that the U.S. knows Iran is going to do something insane, and does not want to stop them, they don't want to stop them, because they know this is the way....

posted on Apr, 11 2007 @ 03:21 AM
When Chavez stood infront of the United Nation's Assembly and called Bush the 'Devil'. They laughed. Why would they laugh? Wouldn't they rather show an emotion of disbelief, or say nothing. The UN backwards = NU
the NU world order The United Nations World order

posted on Apr, 11 2007 @ 07:07 AM
The worst thing gonna happen is they'll thin out the population.

posted on Apr, 11 2007 @ 12:17 PM

Originally posted by SpartanLeonidas
Okay, if you've seen Star Wars, then you've seen the NWO in planning & action. All of the Star Wars movies are the book of the Bible, from beginning to end.

Anakin Skywalker represents Lucifer, because Lucifer was originally supposed to the Savior of mankind, but he got a jealous streak along with a streak of rebeliousness.

That means Luke Skywalker was representative of Jesus Christ (remember, Luke & Leia were born of a Virgin Birth). The whole scene of Darth Vader trying to seduce Luke to the dark side of the force was the Last Temptation of Christ & cutting off Luke's right hand is representative of him dieing on the cross, through the symbology of cutting off the right hand of God (it was Luke's right hand that was cut off, & the right hand is a big thing in the Middle East, they won't shake your left hand, because of in the Middle East, you wipe your butt with your left hand).

Anyway, back to where I was getting to with the movie, they made clones of Jango Fett & thus were born the Stormtroopers, so I believe that they will clone a certain Cop or Soldier, or multiple ones, to make up for the shortage or Cops & Soldiers after the up & coming Second Civil War.

Remember, cloning has come out to the public in the last 20 years, maybe they've been doing this behind the scenes & we don't know about it.

The whole movie series of Star Wars, is the Bible, from beginning to end, with it all mixed up, with different people representing multiple people, like Obi Wan Kenobi representing Joseph, Jesus's father, John the Baptist, & I'm sure a few other people like Moses & whoever else.

The whole Sci-Fi aspect of it, is representing the modern era of society as it is now, & how the New World Order will take over the World. The reason George Lucas started from the middle, is because first off, the first 3 movies & stories are quite boring, secondly, the religions of the World would've seen it as what it was, & thrown a huge hissy fit.

Star Wars is definately not the Bible. Star Wars is make believe.

Luke and Leia were not born of a virgin birth. Anakin was their father. Anakin was supposedly born of a virgin birth. Anakin was supposed to bring balance to the force. In a way, he did. It just took him 30 years to finish it. The Jedi and Sith were both not in balance with the force.

Lucifer was never supposed to be the Savior of mankind. Jesus was always to be the Messiah. Satan is the father of lies and tricked mankind into sin in the first place.

Star Wars is not parallel to the Bible.

posted on Apr, 11 2007 @ 01:39 PM

Originally posted by SpartanLeonidas
Okay, if you've seen Star Wars, then you've seen the NWO in planning & action. All of the Star Wars movies are the book of the Bible, from beginning to end.

Actually Star Wars is the oldest story in the book... The story of knights, and wizards, and a prince and an evil king who becomes good and then dies...

Anakin Skywalker represents Lucifer, because Lucifer was originally supposed to the Savior of mankind, but he got a jealous streak along with a streak of rebeliousness.

Actually Anakin represents the Messiah. Born of a virgin and destined to destroy evil forever.

That means Luke Skywalker was representative of Jesus Christ (remember, Luke & Leia were born of a Virgin Birth). The whole scene of Darth Vader trying to seduce Luke to the dark side of the force was the Last Temptation of Christ

Luke and Leia were born of natural, human sex... Intercourse, whatever you want to call it. His mother and father engaged in reproduction and created twins. Nothing virgin there.

Anyway, back to where I was getting to with the movie, they made clones of Jango Fett & thus were born the Stormtroopers,

Actually there are several hundred clone templates that make up the Stormtrooper ranks. Whenever Vader found an excellent soldier who performed better than the current clones, he took that soldiers DNA and cloned him.

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by The Lone Gunman
Now just suppose, for arguements sake, those installations are real, and suppose further, that the NWO has cloning technology?. I know i know, thats a bit far fetched, but think about it. If the complexes are undergroudn they could house thousands of cloned troops down there, like on the second star wars movie, and they could all be preprogrammed and engineered to not feel pity, or remorse, or fear. Just my two cents,
The Lone Gunman

Its funny you mention the stormtroopers, Becuase from what I've seen, the uniforms these troops wear look alot like the star wars stormtrooper gear, all white with the white helmet and the black eyes holes. these uniforms also help with their cloaking and invisiblity. Oh, your not far off at all. who needs to clone when you can be kidnapping kids for many many years and subject them to the mind control. then hey , just a thought, but you can create types of people that you can then put into place of influence, or people like paris hilton or brittney spears or anna nicole, for those times when you need a big distraction in the media to take the attention of whats really happening. By the way we wont see them as armed troops, they be cloaking and projecting themselves as an Alien Reptile race here to conquer earth, and who they'll really be is ARMIES OF DEFENCE CONTRACTORS!!! like Blackwater USA. who hold no alliegence to any nation. Just my 99 cents

posted on Apr, 21 2007 @ 11:50 AM
after mapping the human genome what you say is not so far fethched.

posted on Apr, 22 2007 @ 10:32 AM
Here's something that you can read up on. Things are going on under our noses. Its about secret corvert military or police groups.


United Nations Battle Groups

FINCEN- Us Treasury goon squad. Use foreign police and military brought into the US for deployment against the US citizens.

MJTF- Police-Military- and gangs being converted to police units- Velvet Glove on the Iron Fist. In other words another goon squad.

Their missions is to house to house search and seizure of property and arms.

Seperating families and transporting to detention camps

Plans that are aready under way.
Look at this link and read up. The sources are in this book.;read=7228

This is strange I typed in Cheque Mate 2 and found this. See if you can make sense out of it.

Proof that UN troops is already on American soil. Just look at the photo and video links.

This is not a laughing matter. They have centers or bases set up in several states or maybe more by now.

It seems like it or not the NAU will be formed one way or another. I believe the NAU will be formed by 2010. Nafta was the first step and that was signed back in 1994. I think its time to throw that activist policy away ATS has and speak up as Americans. If I'm banned ok. Thats up to you. At least I tried to warn you.

For the links that didn't work just paste them in the window.

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posted on Apr, 22 2007 @ 11:13 AM
To answer the OPs question... The NWO military will be comprised of private security contractors (mercenaries) just like we are seeing right now in Iraq. The New World Order is corporations becoming more powerful than nations. The US government gives these security firms diplomatic immunity overseas and at home and the security firms aren't terribly selective about whom they hire. So when the NWO comes to your door to take your guns, it might be a mercenary from Chile.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 10:44 PM
It's simple. They go nuclear. Strategically placed nukes and takeover before the dust settles. I'm sure they have bunkers to wait out the nuclear winter with technological equipment to clean up after we finished killing each other for the canned goods that remain. Case closed. Brace yourself.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 11:35 PM
all the propoganda in the world doesn't get at but 1/3 of the slowest most fearful people... which is a good place to start, but not enough.

Troops will always be needed and the war would have to be a world war.

To fight a world war, you need not 1 but 2 super powers for each side of the world, to trump it you need a 3rd... that's what germany and Japan lacked... the 3rd strong Ally

Right now the current Axis Powers of the NWO already exist... one Just hasn't revealed itself...

The first is of course The USA

The Second, which no one belives yet is our Ally


The third is in preperation and it is the EU who's main role right now is Financial support plus Nato

But the main Axis powers are US and China

Don't be at all suprised if Muslim separatists in China cause the rise of our Ally into the fray...

The middle east will be the main battle ground as well as eastern Europe south east asia and other hot spots...

Expect the Chinese to fortify us in the middle easts as the russians even right now are in georgia preping the supply route into Iran against us.

Bin Laden will be found hiding on the Afghan border inside China as the Chinese clense the Western provinces of Islamic Terrorists... this will promt China into moving troops into Afghanastan where the Us can us theirs against Iran without being under occupied in Afghanastan...

This will happen somewhere during the Invasion of Iran... Russian forces will be backing up the Iranians before all is said and done...

With China in Place in Afghanasatn... (but still not towing the line just yet for the US) and the US engaged in Iran, small nukes will be used and as fighting heats up between Us and Russian backed forces The Russians will attempt a Nuclear retalitory strike either against isreal or maybe even at the USA's forces in the region.

This is where the NWO Axis will spring it's attack

Russia goaded into launching Nukes will find the vast majority of them rendered obsolete

Both American "starwars" based defense systems of which there are many will coincide with the use of Haarp and similar systems to take out the Russians as they lauch... we will launch in return provoking a complete full volley of soviet ICBMs

By themselves the USA missile defense systems will be adequate, a great many ICBMs will have their computer systems fried in the orbital and sub orbital stages by electromagnetics and Microwave based systems already in place around the world... the lesser systems and publicly aware ones... anti missile systems and lazers etc,.. will target the Russian Shielded systems...

BUT this will not be enough... and is where China comes into play... Project 863 technology will be employed to deal with any Nuclear systems and a first strike attack on the Russians who also via microwave and EM knock out alot of our ICBMs... by ourselves we couldn't either completely knock out soviet Missiles or assure a first strike...

But when China turns suddenly and without warning on Russia with Project 863 (7 post Nuclear superweapons development program) the majority of the rest will be done...

The attacks will include Chinese Scalar weapons systems designed to stop Icbms, Biological attacks on the ground, and Nano Tech systems

The Russian ICBM volley will 99% fail and we will achieve limited nuclear strikes in Russian territory as well as Chinese limited nuclear strikes into Russian territory

Russian Submarines will be turned on by the Chinese navy which will have greater access to their position as nukes start to fly, we will be relayed positions and US and Chinese Subs will move in... the Chinese subs will be using already well developed project 863 Nano tech systems which have been developed for anti submarine warfare... Russian subs will be assaulted by miniature robots undetected poking holes in the outer hull, hopeful as the plan would call prior to them ever being able to launch missiles...

If any nukes hit the USA... it wil be from these submarines, but the Chinese diesels and 863 nano tech will be such a suprise it is likely few will ever launch ship...

Russia will be devestated by Chinese Bio weapons in the West and in the East 30 Million plus Chinese nationalists that have moved to Siberia over the last 40 years will rise against Eastern Russia backed up by incoming troops in small numbers USA from Alaska and Mostly from mainland China

India at around this time will go into Civil War just as China employs Project 863 tech against Pakistan as well who will oust Mushareff for good as Chinese tropops from China and Afghanastan invide from two sides...

Indi will be a bloody civil war that lasts along time incapacitating the country from effective use in the war...

At this point...

The whole thing becomes a long drawn out conventional war... with European forces fighting whats left of Russia in Eastern Europe and China advancing in Russia and the middle east from the east...

This is where the non developed nations of the world will come into play... the NWO will attempt to simultaneously control places in Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, venezuela etc... and by now this is a mano y mano fight... resources even for China and the USA together will be stretched thin as we fight to oppose opposition from developing nations around the globe...

The final out come after Russia nd the Mideast are devestated will come down as always to the ability to occupy..the stregnth of remaining rebels in the mideast and russia hiding in the wilderness and the convictions of the myriad of Third world nations in mustering ground forces and man power to oppose the NWO

The Hard war of ww3 ... will be like Iraq...but on a much larger scale...

a "mission acomplished" in a very small time from from things heating up...

The world wide man in the street part of ww3 will be a long slow process... and in the end the biggest threat to it is...the people within China and the USA, because America is already moving for the abolition of religion like China which is part of the NWO global security agreements and...civil unrest will also follow from within...

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 11:42 PM
and yeah... both Project 863 and the USA Black budget... includes cloning and super soldier projects and we have been sharing our advances in these field with the Chinese back and forth since the Clinton Administration...

Our alliance with China came about in talks over the 2 central issues of Taiwain and Australia... we agreed to allow China to return to the height of the Middle kingdom and Mongollion Empires respectively, in exchange for leaveing alone australia and cooperating in dealing with Russia which is after all... territory the Chinese can occupy and hold just as the middle east is...

all we are doing in the middle east is tearing it up in preperation for the Chinese land invasion

The Chinese territories will Include... The Mideast to Iran, the south pacific including trade and cultural influence all the way to South America and control of Siberia all the way to Russia...

Erurope will get Ukraine and Russia and the US/Isreal will hold the western mediteranean region and keep the North American continent including North pole territories currently claimed by Russia

Come on they back up our debt...we let them into South America, they hold the Panama canal for us, we backed of Taiwan and NK and the whole area of the mideast we are fighting is to provide China a Pipeline for the crude...

These Olympics are HISTORIC, we are showcasing the 2nd axis power of the NWO this week...

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 11:49 PM
You can all see this is true right? What did you think? The Army of Armageddon wouldn't be the most impossibly scary and powerful scenario the world has ever faced before?

You know it isn't the US and Nato by itself... You know it's not the Middle east who...can't even get along with eachother... and you know Russia can't extend power outside of nukes and just fell... 15 years behind Us and China in the post Nuclear superweapons race after the end of the cold war...

You know have a chance it has to be a Western and Asian power working together just like ww2

Why is Bush so cocky through this all? Who is the Other secret mighty ally he has refered to so many times? Why do we keep giving china our tech, let them spy with immunity and they back up our debt... while we build two North American super highways to import Chinese goods via mexica across North America?

Sure China has some treaties with Russia and Pakistan... but come on compare it to the sheer levels of our trade and infra structure and the way we capitulated on so many issues and vice versa

it's all obvious really... move over Japan and germany China and The USA are taking their turn soon...

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 11:57 PM
all you have to do is forget what your told and really look at things to see what I am saying is the frightening reality...

The Chinese are very smart... the end of the cold war allowed us both to jump...light years ahead of the Russians in post Nuclear super weapons...

The choice when we came fact to face in the 90's was... go it as a cold war like we did with Russia... or become allies that could dominate the world.

We all know how the Neo cons think and we all know Chinese leaders are cold, calculating, anti religion and share... the same Islamic problem we do and value Chinese cultural identy above all else...

The choices for both sets of leaders were probably very easy to make... China had been putting men on the Russian ground for decades anyway

Russia is a genuine threat to China in terms of occupation and likewise a genuine conquerable territory... the Chinese and American reality is that niether could ever hope to occupy the other and reap the rewards for the war even if it was fought...

China gets control of it's sphere and agrees to leave japan and australia alone... America gets control of it's sphere as well...

It was a simple matter of math and capacity to wage war and the benefits... China is going to reveal itself our ally very soon.

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by JBurns
Perhaps certain officers and soldiers are allready part of the NWO? Or maybe they have some method of mind control to use against them? All I know is that they would HAVE to have some way to control the population. Even with them in political control, that doesn't guarentee that the amount of civil unrest that would arise wouldn't drive them out very quickly. Personally, I think the chances of it happening are very slim, but of course possible.
i agree with you completely could you amagine 700million americans really pissed know thats what i call an uprising i don't think all the NWO armies they could conjure up would be able to do anything.

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