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What Do Church Steeples Represent?

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posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 08:06 PM
These days I think they often represent disguised cell phone towers.

But no, interesting question. My parents attened a "mega church" where the pastor has historically refused to put a steeple on the churches. He thought it represented mankind attempting to help the prayers get to god. This latest building they built has a huge one, though.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by St Udio

The bell on the rooftop does not need to be topped with a steeple. Look at the old school house that had a bell on the roof. They built a little "bell house" with a roof over it and they were patially open at the sides. They had no steeple or phallic symbol on the school house! Just on the church, and YES sometimes they would incorporate a bell tower and steeple together on the church.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 08:26 AM
If you take a map of Turkey or Little Asia as it was called, and mark in all the seven towns/congregations mentioned in the first part of Revelation. Draw a line between them. Voila! A church

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by siriuslyone
Been studying this a long time, and it is mentioned in a lot of esoteric reads I have done.
Many very intelligent, enlightened men have tried to keep this secret, but when you go to church next time, look at your churche's steeple.
This always seems to be important do church builders, but do you know why?

i've a couple ideas yeah. The Church steeple was created sometime after AD600, and was adapted from a military watchtower. Think about those times.

Also, the spire on top of a church is intended to inspire you to look upwards to God. Aside from my own personal knowing, that it's inside me i see God, and all around, nevertheless, for a human to look skyward, and think of God, on a Church building, the spire must be up high. Makes sense to place it at the highest point, thereby needing a steeple.

Because it is a milleniums old representation of a phallic symbol.

You look at a church steeple and see a giant penis. Hmm.

I look at a Church steeple and see a relic of ancient architecture, coupled with a slight, somewhat innocent manipulation to get folks for one moment be aware of God.

See this link and do your own research..
I think it will open some eyes and it is time this T-ruth is exposed..:wow

Reading material that is portrayed as factual of sorts, does not make them factual.

Take care

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by lostinspace
reply to post by siriuslyone

This is another example of pagan practices Rome kept after they made Christianity the state religion. Saturnalia became Christmas and Astoreth poles/steeples became architecture for God's house. The blending of sacred rituals made Christianity easier to digest by the populous.

Inacurrate correlation, by up to 300 years. The amalgamation you speak of, largely due to Constantine, was for political motives, and not anything to do with Christianity per se. As it was up to then. Although, him being emporer, it did obviously affect Christianity, in a bad way.

The Steeples came some 300 years after Constantine.

take care

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:47 AM
The church was and often is the center of a town. It has a belltower, which strike the hour, warn of fires and wars etc. In order for all of the people in a city to hear this bell, it must be up high with nothing blocking it's "way". It was cheaper to build a tower than to lay the roof as high as it would be needed.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by siriuslyone
Read David Icke's Global Conspiracy page 123 on obelisk.

page 243-253 on "symbols" This is where it gets real interesting.

It's not just Church Steeples, it's obeliks and various other symbols that one can find in strategic locations throughout the planet.

Read page 254 of David Icke's Global Conspiracy and see the diagram on in the upper left hand corner called, The Federal Triangle.

Washington Monument and White house is claimed to have been aligned with three stars, Arcurtus, Spica and Regulaus, which form a triangle that encompasses the constellation of Virgo researcher, David Ovason produces detailed background to this in his book, Capital. He writes that the Freemasonic laying of the cornerstones at the Capital Monument were all timed to coincide withthe appearance of this "Virgo" triangle. As the Sun sets over Pennsylvania Avenue from the 10th to the 15th of August the Virgo constellation appears in the sky above the White House and the Federal Triangle and the setting Sun appears precisely above the apex of a stone pyramid in the Old Post Office tower.

They are manipulating energy and the geometrical-mathematical Matrix in general and it is happening on a much wider scale than most can imagine. Charles L. Westbrook Jr, author of The Talisman of the United States, received some anonymous correspondence after his book was published. It consisted of a map of the USA and a piece of paper on which were written the words: "It's bigger than you think". Lines drawn on the map reveealed similar geometry to that uin Washington, but over a far larger area across the United States.

It certainly is "bigger than you think" in every sense.

Many of these "symbolic monuments" lay on lei lines and have connections or pull and direct our earths energy.

Now, the million dollar question to ask is by who?

Possibly not by humanity alone.

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