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Are we being poisoned by our dental work?

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 11:56 AM
beep beep beep beep freeze. Restart.

I've got to learn to save my replies before my computer savotages them.. it was quite brilliant as well. Really. Apologies in advance if this sounds a bit muddled.. I have to rush it just in case my PC cuts out [again].
I'll get back to the rest of it.. but this got my attention.

HOWEVER, MMR doesn't contain *any* thiomersal:

However it used to.

And I was specifically having a 'pop' at Andrew Wakefield, whose MMR 'work' has led to a big upsurge in measles mumps and rubella in the UK on pretty poor science.

I wouldn't call it 'poor science' however it is incomplete. The issues have not been resolved yet [not that I subscribe to what he says specifically].

METHODS: A retrospective study based on linkage of individual MMR vaccination data with a hospital discharge register was conducted among 535 544 1- to 7-year-old children who were vaccinated between November 1982 and June 1986 in Finland.

I must say I have a big problem with this study being twenty years old. At that stage they knew very little about autism so diagnosing it would not have been very accurate.. at the time they even thought that autistics had no feelings whatsoever and were empty shells. Austism is now at epidemic proportions.. of course that in itself makes the study obsolete because the data has changed. The data has changed yet again of course.. if it were the preservative responsible.. now that it is no longer in use comparisons will be able to be made as it should decline. They stopped using it in Aus three years ago.. the last batch of children to be injected with it should be at the right age to diagnose withing the next year so we'll see if rates decrease.
Another problem with this.. [the preservative still would've been in use] is that under 1yo were not studied. Babies are the group that are at greatest risk of 'aquiring' autism as their brains are at a more crucial stage of development.. unfortuantly there is not much to go by to know if they'll develop autism.. and of course it would take alot longer than three months [as in that study] before they are diagnosed [when they are due to start talking] aside from reduced eye contact etc. Studying any children who have already reached school age is also pointless.. autism is usually diagnosed between the ages of two [if you're lucky] and four.

For encephalitis and aseptic meningitis, the numbers of events observed within a 3-month risk interval after vaccination

Autism can take years to manifest and months to diagnose.

were compared with the expected numbers estimated on the basis of occurrence of encephalitis and aseptic meningitis during the subsequent 3-month intervals.

No mention of comparison to unvaccinated children? Where is the control/'placibo' group?

Changes in the overall number of hospitalizations for autism after vaccination throughout the study period were searched for.

Children usually do not get hospitalised for autism. They get sent to a shrink via their GP.. usually for delayed speech. Takes months if not years depending on when it is suspected.

In addition, hospitalizations because of inflammatory bowel diseases were checked for the children with autism. RESULTS: Of the 535 544 children who were vaccinated, 199 were hospitalized for encephalitis, 161 for aseptic meningitis, and 352 for autistic disorders. In 9 children with encephalitis and 10 with meningitis, the disease developed within 3 months of vaccination, revealing no increased occurrence within this designated risk period. We detected no clustering of hospitalizations for autism after vaccination. None of the autistic children made hospital visits for inflammatory bowel diseases.

Bowel problems would have to be very severe to require hospitalisation. Though I do not know much about bowel disease [apart from lesions in the small intestines].. a common symptom autistic children have is being constipated and/or adamently refusing to go to the toliet. They have alot of trouble being toilet trained. This used to be put down to the behavioural problems of autism itself and not a medical problem with the digestive tract. Some autistics get diagnosed with bowel disease [more so now] but not all.. some may just get the seizures.. and there are some that may have no warning symptoms and have 'genetic' autism.

I'll get back to this at a later stage.. I'm going to either hurt my brain or my computer if I keep going.
BTW thanks for the links.

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 12:34 PM
I went to the dentist today.
My nose and lips are STILL knumb as I am typing ack ack...............I asked the dentist about mercury being in the silver and he showed me his silver fillings he has no plans at all to replace...........

..........................he told me, QUOTE:

"There are really bad chemicals in the mix for gold fillings just as in the silver, I think there is murcury in the gold mix in the same amounts as in the silver, and maybe even WORSE things mixed in with the white, if you don't want the chemicals in your teeth don't ever get a cavity, and if you do get a cavity you can choose to have the tooth pulled out to avoid the bad chemicals...." end of my Salt Lake City Utah dentist

He filled 2 of my teeth with the white gunk today........and after him giving me his take on the fillings, I am not as worried as I was about the one silver one I have in the back......

I guess we are just doomed to some kind of chemical mix if we accept fillings, but I would rather fill them then just not have teeth.

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 07:20 PM
Hah Hah Riley! Like I said, I'm not going *anywhere* near the autism argument, I was mainly moaning about people moaning about amalgams!
Sorry I brought it up!

I had my son vaccinated on the basis of what I read - I leave it to others to decide the ins and outs. He's fine and won't get MM or indeed R. Others can make their own decisions, I don't feel qualified enough to comment.

RiverGoddess - haha!
Yes, the day it 'all comes out' about composites is the day I take an extended vacation! If you're interested.

Give it 20 years and we'll be back to putting gold foil in teeth again, no doubt!


posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 03:50 PM
The first link noted has moved here:

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