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Most Americans lack confidence in leaders - poll

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posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 11:43 AM

Originally posted by ANOK
No I'm not but gangs and loners per say are not the problem are they?
The problem is crime and drugs. Capitilism perpetuates crime. Society based on competition creates crime.

Crime and drugs are just part of the "problem", gangs and loners WILL be the problem. Who controls how much food we can get or dont get?
Who controls the drugs?
Who controls where the clothing, etc comes from?

No argument there, see above answer. But in a non consumer, competitve capital based society then gangs would be called cllective cooperative groups.


Yes a FEW, nothing is ever perfect or 100%. There will always be exceptions to the rule.

I dunno, some things are getting very near 100%..

You don't think so eh? Read some real history and not holyweird Amerika won the war single handed BS.

No I was reffering to the UK, hollywood changes everything.
U571 I took as an insult..

Well the idea is not to disolve into Anarchy (at least not in the sence you're using the word) or better put disolve into chaos.
Again look at Spain, they did not disolve into chaos but worked very well collectively and cooperatvely.
Do you really think that government keeps scoiety from becoming chaotic?

Government helps it, its called order.

Just look at the TV or read a paper, the World is full of chaos, war, death, suffering, exploitation of the weak and vunerable by the very powers that are suposedly keeping us from killing each other.

Yes the world is chaotic but not on the same scale with out govenrmnets.

If you really look at Human nature and the way things are controlled, it's the control of government that keeps us all in a constant state of chaos and disorder in order to justify their existance. When people tire of government what do they do? They start wars, artificialy create crime, create artificial economic slumps etc...All to justify their existance.

I dont think so.
The above is done in some cases but is far too risky in many cases.

And no I'm not so naive as to believe we could just do away with government overnight. I also don't believe revolution would work either. Situations like that usualy just replace one master with another.
No it takes education, de-conditioning, the realisation that we do have the power to control and govern our own lives.

Yes we can do that , thast not the problem. Its interacting and how society will change and adapt once we "do away" with the govenrment.

What's the biggest hurdle to that goal? People not having any faith in the power of thyself! Go around saying it can't be done and it won't.

No I'd say the biggest problem is this; we will soon turn to the older system.
The strongest will rule, the one with most weapons or the one with the most land will rule.

posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 04:01 PM
You're kind of missing the point. I know we can't just do away with government because we have been molded to expect everything to be controled for us by government.

If resourses are not turned into consumer products and people can'r make profit from those products at the expense of others than there would be no reason for someone to have more.

At the last count there is enough food to feed the World 10 times over but 2/3 are starving. Why? Cause gangs and criminals have taken it?
No cause capitilists take it, make it artificialy scarse so they can charge you and me a huge amount to purchase it. You see we have gangs now, they are called government and corporations. Trouble is they the police and the military and the power on their side to keep us in line. Without government those that chose to try to gang up would not be allowed to by you and me.
Yes we have that power to do that ourselvs.
Without capital gain where would the motivation for theft and grabing more than you need come form? In a society free of the restainsts of government control, racism, unemployment, poverty, the use of drugs would change. If oyu're happy fed and really free you don't those drugs. And without government there would be very little drug trade to start with.
We CAN police and control our selves without government forcing us into wars we don't want, creating artificial World problems we need them to fix for us.
The concept of us Humans falling into chaos without thier help is a falicy perpetuated by those it benefits, the ruling elites. Government is a tool used by them to keep the system working to their benefit, not ours.
The Bible says the wise man will see. You'd be amazed how much warning there is in the Bible about governments and the ruling elites.

Look at past history before governments were around. If we were so blood thirsty and chaotic we would not still be here, we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. But as it is, it IS government that is going to destroy us in the end.

How many ppl did you kill this week? How many has the government killed this week? Think about that.

Ppl think it's the fear of authority that keeps people form comiting crime.
History proves that's not true.
Do you think the fear of what the community would do would not instill fear?
You CAN control crime without a government doing it for you. It HAS been done in practice and it does work. "Tribes" do it all the time.

But like I said it can't happen overnight and prob not even in our lifetimes, but that isn't going to make me support government.
I mean if you saw your best friend being beaten up by a gang would you join in cause you can't do anything about it?

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