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about Indigos

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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 10:04 PM
i am kinda upset after viewing some of the forums about indigos

one of the problems i feel why indigos or me are antisocial is not because we want to , its just tat sometimes it is the social tat is being unaccepted to our ' abilities' or 'behavior' , put it simply if i were to go tell someone not to do this just because he may lost his life wat do u think he may say? "get lost u crazy kid" imagine in school after talking wif some friends for some time we or i start saying hey u know i saw an angel this morning , and wat would the others say " omg hes mad" , or "hey stop crapping around", all this cause us indigos to instead have to avoid conversations other than among ourselves or hide the 'real us' .

another thingy is about being systerm busters , if u humans realise we dont just not want to do a certain thing just becasue we dont want to, ever wonder if the education systerm have been more on the flawed side for many years , this is wat i told many ppl i know , for many years u humans have been following this educational systerm but it doesnt mean tat it is the best way of bringing the full potential out of a child , and since watever we say most adults just never listern why? cause we are kids ? i feel tat sometimes its is u humans that have to realise and accept tat the systerm is wrong . i always told my mom before the plane was created everyone was "omg look at tat nutcase!" , "he thinks he can 'fly' " and wat happens later on? look whos flying a plane , and wat do u humans do , nothing but get suprised .

the third thing is about feelings , if u know indigos do 'feel' more than usual sometimes we or i being zero empathy or feelings is not because i am cold hearted its just tat sometimes i become so sad tat my feelings become numb , we have to feel like tat sometimes or we will not be able to take it , imagine having the feeling people dying every day , 'seeing' the love ones crying in grief . its make my soul cry.

another thing about indigos tat i saw on one of the forums ,about indigos being evil , i am not sure bout the rest , but for me i feel tat to all things comes a dark and a white side , yes i feel tat since i or we indigos have a differnt form or a new form of thinking maybe we can make the world a better world , but do remember we can be 'good' we can can also be 'bad' i hate to admit sometimes its like i have this weird thinking of killing humans , yes its sound contradicting , but it is for me , i told some of my firends or my mom tat i know tat i always have a path to choose either the light or the dark and it is my choice , also u used to tell my mom tat when i grow up i would either be a teacher/psychologist or a assassin. i know is contradicting but humanity is a paradox of contradiction isnt it?

it doesnt matter whether if anyone believes in indigos as long as there are people who believes like me there will be , its the same as god u see u humans have so many religion and of course the god tat u think is the greatest is the god tat u believe in . we dont have to prove tat we are here as long as we ourselves believe spiritually . it doesnt make us speical , i have to tell u this we humans all in earth , and not because one is a white or black shows tat one is more supieror than another , it doesnt mean tat we are from a differnt country shows tat we are differnt or better than one another because we all live together on earth , and humans will have to help one another to survive , all shall not be perfect no body is, but when we unite we shall become perfect.

[edit on 25-10-2005 by wein]

posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 07:42 AM
i do hope someone can give commands or replies for my post , ty

posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 10:05 AM
I dont know, maybe Indigos have a greater capacity for emotions for a lack of better word. Maybe it can hit either way, to the greatest love or extreme hatred..

I read a book sometime ago The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.. i found it pretty interesting, a kind of spiritual book, about starting to realize the natural coincidenses that occur have a meaning and to see that meaning.. maybe you should read it if you have not

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