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posted on Sep, 16 2003 @ 09:36 AM
the actual, present day mutation of SOYLENT GREEN, >what once was apocalyptic fiction- is on our plates<

here's a topic for one of youse to pursue, in the research forums (moot court exercise).
the real evil-> focused on, ->is:
considering this is in its infancy...about where
the Sierra Club was decades ago
or where Earth First was before 'it' became violence oriented

i choose to learn more by clicking this:

i really don't know anything bout them, yet---i just
linked to the info this morning at 9AM (east coast)

i just have a feeling that their messages are important
and not given 'traction' for whatever reason...
(probably because of dis-information & suppression!)

inside info::: i believe that the pandemic of 'GOUT' is not being reported....the FDA & Corp. Agri-Business & 'processors'....have hog-tied the medical community
(?revoking of licenses?) to keep the 'GOUT' out of the headlines.
There is TOO much money riding on the packaging of
meat 'products', which contain un-edible & un-digestable animal parts & organs (from steroid fattened meat sources)
Then, to protect the 'economies' of corps. & the taxes they generate...the program of deception unfolds!!!

the logic...'well, they're only riff-raff'....

quietly, the elite & upper strata, corner the 'holostic'
& 'organic' food-stuffs...enjoying a selected menu of
properly prepared - free range - nonGM grain fed beef-

while youse beer swilling, riff-raff, get the 'banquet' portion of beef/beer (banquet is a flowery term for...
bottom of the barrel!)

enjoy your journey.........or otherwise, make-do !

(GATTACA---> the next frontier ???)

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