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The Greatest Cover-Up Of All: Vote Fraud In America

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posted on Sep, 16 2003 @ 04:28 AM
I guess u all heard all the BS about the elections, the system to count the votes, and how they are going to rig it.
Well it is happening from the time the term Democracy was used for the first time, they already lied to all the population all over countries, even in the spanish history that you get tought in the school, you have a chapter where the democraZy is implanted for the first time thanks to the "pucherazo" which was basicly, change the boxes full votes of the population at the end of the day and just swap them for another box with the winner already there, do that in most of the locations and change the results as much as they need to.
Remember what stalin said once?

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin "

You're running in your first election for City Council in a crowded field of 26 candidates. Nine will be elected. The No. 1 local anchorman comes on TV at about 9:15 PM and announces that you're going to do very well for a first time candidate, then flashes on the screen that you're running 12th; only three places from victory. Such a finish would give hope to all who were daring to "fight city hall."

Earlier in the evening, a liberal-leftist home-town university professor who was analyzing early returns for another local TV station had projected that your arch-rival, and his ally the sweetheart of the anti-God portion of the establishment was headed towards defeat.


At approximately 9:45 PM, the same anchorman announces that there has been a computer breakdown. 45 minutes later when the computers come back up, a massive switch has occurred. You and 7 other feisty challengers have fallen to the very bottom of the heap. The establishment sweetheart has jumped into a winning position against all odds. Despite unprecedented public dissatisfaction, the same old faces are elected once again. Many conclude that "you just can't fight city hall." Things have worked out just great for all those entrenched politicians who seemed to be the object of such public dissatisfaction right up to election day. The next morning, you scan the papers in vain for any mention of the computer breakdown: no record for posterity.

The above scenario is my story, but it was happening in dozens of places all across the nation. It was 1979 and a new day had quietly dawned in America - UNVERIFIABLE, RIGGABLE computerized vote tabulation.

Rest :

and if u want to know more about fraud with the votes:

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