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~Free Energy~

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posted on Oct, 6 2004 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by Aether
haha found it. Check these two videos out. ... []

lol! That was guy funny, especially the part where he explains binary and ascii. I would have taken his word for it that the message was in ascii characters, but no, he had to explain the whole thing. He also figured out somehow that the last part of the crabwood message; "Conduit closing," means that the evil aliens were trapped on this planet, when all it really means is; end of message by which the conduit is the crop circle. He tries to say there's a conspiracy because the first translation of the message didn't mention the "Conduit closing,". I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, the free energy system that he claims are in the messages are based on magnetrons. He says injecting ~27Ghz into water molecules will cause the bonds to split and then rejoin, releasing electrons (?). Then further crop circles are meant to show ways to amplify this effect.

I don't have much faith in this guy. He seems to be one of those pattern finding people who find information where there is none. Anyone can say two circles is a diagram of a magnetron.

posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 06:39 PM
If 2 huge Tesla towers were build. One on each pole on the earth, then lay a wire from each tower to the equator of the earth, and harness free energy from solarwind. Can anyone calculate how much energy this would give in kw/h, if at all possible? Maybe there is a better way of harnessing the energy?

I wonder, here in Europe, we have 220volts and 380 volts appliances. Some work from 10-1000Watts. The minimum you get is 220v 50w. A ton of my appliances, TV, Video, Computer, etc etc has a transformer which will lower the volts and watts by magnetism, since these work at 9v and 12v, 50w. Is it really neccessary to have this transformer at all? How about storing that energy instead of just throwing it away?

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere

posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 07:28 PM
Apparently you need three towers for it to work and wire connecting them is not necessary to harness energy, just you and a rod that you stick in the ground. The output I believe is more than what we'd ever need, if not infinite than a lot.

posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by hablivilah
TESLA was an engineer. He knew damn well that you can't get something from nothing.

Based on our limited knowledge that would be correct. Now don't you see a problem with subscribing to that idea and subscribing to the big bang theory? The stuff came from somewhere? Right? What blew up? Or is it possible that you can create something from nothing and we just haven't figured it out yet?

Do not take Tesla's name in vain, and Do not assign every hair brain dufus
idea to him. All you do is sound stupid.

Don't you think that is a bit rude?

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 03:58 PM

That's the point I was trying to make earlier (though I appear to have been ignored) - I remember my physics teacher, in the 80's, telling the class, in no uncertain terms, that you cannot create energy and you cannot destroy it, only convert it from one form to another. Yet, the same teacher wanted us to accept that the entire universe arrived from nowhere in 'the big bang'!!

Orwell was right - I truly believe some people, especially in the scientific community, have truly mastered the art of double-think!

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 04:48 PM
Just tell me what the Radio Shack or Edmund's Scientific part numbers are, and I will go to it. Nobody, I mean nobody has done that on the internet, and no one even gives you a clue about machining the parts yourself. If I am wrong, give the links and I am ready to build that free energy doo dad.

posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 08:24 AM

Just tell me what the Radio Shack or Edmund's Scientific part numbers are, and I will go to it. Nobody, I mean nobody has done that on the internet, and no one even gives you a clue about machining the parts yourself. If I am wrong, give the links and I am ready to build that free energy doo dad.

That won't happen - the patent office won't grant patents to the inventors because the inventors can't provide a satisfactory explanation of how the machines are able to provide energy from nowhere. Apparently you can't patent an invention unless you can explain how it works!

No-one is going to put their unpatented schematics into the public domain - potentially they could be throwing away billions of dollars in lost sales.

Also, there's a suspicion that the patent office is unfluenced by the biggest corporations who can steal someone's idea and get it patented before they do!

History has shown that a lot of inventors are credited with inventing stuff that was originally someone elses idea! For example, who invented the telephone?

It wasn't Alexander Graham Bell!

[edit on 14/10/2004 by Deckard_BR26354]

posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 08:40 AM
Silent Frog: The laws of thermodynamics are self-defeating. I have a dim view of Universalism; there are NO fixed rules. Except that no white after labor day...

posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 07:15 AM
I was searching for info on making solar cell and found this list. I was a bit surprised to read some of the comments regarding free energy. I don't believe anyone could assume free to be taken as "no cost" in any situation.

The word is used as a marketing ploy with abuse beyond imagination. Seriously! How many years did you get free presents from Santa? Has the bank or credit card company given you "interest free" terms? It goes without saying that the word free with the implication of "no charge" is an injustice, abuse or corruption of the English language.

When used with the word energy it seems the oil interests jump out to mock the association of the two words used in the same paragraph. Do the oil companies give free calendars, pens, other advertising gimmicks that they right-off for free?

I believe anyone that thinks about it would realize that free energy first of all means a better return on your investment than gas at the pump... Seriously though! A real return greater that the input is about as close to free anything as you will ever see.

As far as Nikola Tesla's radiant energy, I believe he touched on something quite different from conventional eletricity as we know it. He has been maligned far too long and science needs to catch up to where he was.

Larry Friend (Black Buffalo)

posted on Jun, 3 2005 @ 03:45 AM
I know we should be evaluating what we mean by free energy. It should be obvious that were not talking about the creation of energy but rather the conversion of energy from sources yet to be properly tapped. Another problem that I have not heard mention of is what type of energy were looking for. This may sound funny at first but consider for a moment some of the problems mankind has made for himself through the lack of responsible energy use. Free 'conventional' energy would surely cost us dearly, given our track record for irresponsible use and the temptation to simply leave the air conditioner on while the windows are open - why not?

Let’s try to examine 'real' free energy by first accepting that the fact that our current idea of energy use is wrong. Solar panels, wind generators even the Niagara falls generating station that our friend Tesla (Bow) helped design are unfortunately costing us more then we realize. We come back to our beloved topic of T.D. and the fact that no real 'closed system' exists except for in simplified models such as the purpose it was originally postulated for - Steam engines. True, some of the conventional energy sources and better then others but if we dissect them for a moment well see a better picture. For us its the sun that gives us most of our energy. Millions of years ago the sun was busy storing energy in plant life which we are now pumping from the ground.

Through photosynthesis our planet cooled but it was only borrowed time because we are now returning the suns energy to our atmosphere. The system is far more complicated then we could ever understand or predict therefore the idea that we could stop few billions of years old dynamic system from changing now that we have arrived on the scene is truly absurd. Therein lies the crutch of the matter, constant change is the only real constant in this universe and trying to stop a system, our world from its natural course is probably not a very wise idea. The good observations behind T.D. present a double edged sword. One that is easy to see is solar power. Put up a panel or a few hundred in a field and instead of letting the grass grow we store it in a battery for a short period of time before exploiting the energy to.... heat the atmosphere. Because at the end of the day, planet earth is insulated by a vacuum, therefore only were only letting out a bit infrared light. It’s not entirely a huge problem since nature regulates itself, the worst that could happen is we are gotten rid of.

The battery is the key though; it 'stores' energy like all of our 'conventional' energy systems in a unbalanced system. This is our problem. When you take systems that are in dynamic equilibrium and you start blocking the natural flow, you get an imbalance. We realized some time ago that this type of system can be tapped to allow us to become more lazier. I don't really care about laziness, but we should stop unbalancing everything to create energy. Never will energy be free if we tap some other source and just let it flow into the space we presently require to keep living.

David Hamel has been shown something I think we should all take a look at. David wouldn't bother with defending his reputation or validating the time he has spent over the past 30 years building his energy device. Why? Cause he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. People have pursued him, and he will happily stop working on his project for a couple hours to explain what he is doing. I can't imagine how much patience he must have because people always seem to be dropping by. I was in high school when I first met David. I 411 him and his number was listed. I simply called him up and explained I was interested. "You got to come up and check this stuff out" he told me. That weekend I made the 4 hour drive to seem him I northern Ontario. I'll admit after about 15 Min of talking to him I was thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?". I felt uncomfortable simply because I couldn't really understand the underlying principles. He is French-Canadian and he can't properly express anything scientific in English. I stuck in there and after a few hours I was starting to realize which words he was using out of context and what he was really implying. He showed me everything - plans, parts, pieces under construction, his book 'The granite man and the butterfly'(which he said he was selling for $20), he even had photocopies of some of the main principles/prototypes which I guess he gives anyone who comes to check it out. When I was l leaving I asked him if there was a bank machine nearby cause I wished to purchase a book. He directed me to the gas station which is the only store within 100Km. I returned to David's and told him that they didn't even have interac there. He just gave me the book and said I could give him the money next time I came by. Right there I was sold, find anybody else, anywhere talking about "free energy" that will give and never ask for anything.

Over six years later I know so much more about the technological 'gift' that was shown to David. The engine runs on a energy source we have not yet been responsible enough or privileged to use. It straddles this energy source but doesn't unbalance it. In fact it doesn't even release energy outside of itself. What good is it for then? Well, I guess a truer way of living. If you ask David he'll tell you that our technology and the power source he is working on cannot co-exist.

I read in an earlier post about UFO's sucking power from power lines and cars. Seemingly maybe but its actually a little backwards. The vibratory magnetic field overloads electrical systems with essentially EMF white-noise. I think it locks the current flow which appears to the electrical company as a short on the power lines. David has blown the pole fuses out in his neighborhood a few times. While he was still living in BC he had a spectacle where he announced that he was going to fire up one of his prototypes. Fortunately, that engine didn't last because for the couple of hours that it ran every car that tried to pass his house stalled (there is a picture in his book). I think it is our time to embrace this technology (David will tell you 'again'). With a little investigation you might see merit in the technology like I have, I mean if you've read this far and your still awake then either your intrigued or stocking ammunition to berate me. I have nothing to lose, we have everything to gain. Question me and I'll try my best to explain it as properly as I can, its not to difficult to see if your technically minded. I've started building prototypes in the past so I know a lot about how it goes together. I use my mind too much, David goes by his heart. It took me a little while to realize why it was him who started this. He doesn't concern himself with to many details. But then, he knew it would work from the start, we didn't, so it’s natural to question. Even if you think I've wasted the past couple hours typing this as some kind of joke or worse, that I'm out of my tree, you can humor me with questions about how it works, just to find a whole logic. I'm presently back at school as an adult student to learn the math that I need to be able to model this engine. I am an Electrical Engineering student at the highest regarded engineering school in Canada. I've recently learned the integral calculus and electrical and magnetic field theory I needed to start properly modeling the basic design of Hamel's essentially 'magnetic, simple harmonic oscillator'. Without using computers I pretty sure the math could not have even been attempted. I'm planning to model Hamel's first oscillator which he called 'The Tree of Life' because its the most basic design. I will be posting our progress on a website so that anybody interested may have the ability to investigate what makes David’s clock tick without having to spend six years like I did.

When Tesla first proposed to his college prof. that he was going to design an electric motor without brushes for better efficiency his prof. told him that it would be impossible to do because then it would be perpetual motion. It must have not fazed him a bit. Later Tesla was publicly defamed when someone insisted that he couldn't possibly generate electric power without paying for coal, which would be something for nothing - perpetual motion. He and Westinghouse started generating electricity from water flow. Many times society has stubbornly opposed that which it could not understand. Our level of understanding of the physical world has been categorized by lose fitting theories which most of the time predicts what we experience in specially designed experiments. But slowly even the most intelligent among us, have stated that we are trying to explain the unexplainable. David would tell you that the reason the true source of the energy is a mystery is because even the people who divulged the technology to him didn't know 'the meaning of all things'. In fact they told him they knew how to live in harmony with it, to ride its wave when they wanted to, but to know all things is not the importance of life.

So then are we ready? If you went to David’s house and marveled at the 4 stacked 8 foot stainless steel rings, covered with rows upon rows of custom made, strategically placed ceramic magnets, that virtually float the rings above one another using the force of magnetic repulsion. Investigating the rings you'd see the only thing keeping the rings from sliding away from each other are three 'pinions'(two blocks with perfectly spherical bowls ground into them, one on top, one on bottom, in which a perfectly machined ball sits ) between each ring evenly spaced, which David insists has to be machined out of solid granite rock at great expense since its the only material strong enough. Further up you'd see a complimentary set of cones, exactly the same type of construction - one for each ring. The vary top is covered with and extremely large granite disk with a smooth pivot in the middle on top of which sits what David calls 'The Butterfly' almost floating on the disks pivot by a flat array of magnets. The whole thing with large stainless steel domes gleam in the sunlight, the majesty of it, all that weight meticulously balanced over the course of more then 6 years, working every day, and the sheer weight of the butterfly supported by thousands and thousands of magnets. Oh, it’s balanced, it has to be, but you can tell its, not stable. The cover of the engine is now being made out of a huge granite dome over 1 foot thick that stretches out over all the 8 foot rings. Granite? Really? David insists it has to be, for it is meant to last for a long time.

Check the web, see the pictures for yourself. If you look carefully you can see both parts of the butterfly on the table but in the picture you can’t tell that they are two feet in diameter. If you’re really interested, you could go visit him, he’ll be glad to show it to you. He’ll tell you study everything so you can build your own. Then at some point you’ll ask your self, what was it that affected him so dearly that he’d dedicate the last thirty years of his life, spend his life savings on this. He never asked any thing of anyone except for us to open our eyes to what was happening around us. We should not simply discount the Pyramids or Stonehenge or all the other clues that have been left for us. I don’t pretend to know what David knows but he is confident. Many times I wasn’t. But you come right back to why? Why is he doing it all? The integrity of this man is awe inspiring, an inner strength that I surely could never match. At the end of the day there is a good chance you still might not believe, but you don’t doubt that he believes.

The butterfly however will be the last thing to go on. It destabilizes all of the lower segments. It almost seems to me, that because the balanced system is unbalanced by the butterfly. The rings shift out to the sides under the weight but the momentum does not let them stop, and in the system you can see gravity pulling on it like a satellite orbiting the earth, but instead it wobbles, which is one of the keys, it doesn’t rotate. Engineers who have looked at his project have a big difficulty with the wobble, “wobbles lose energy” they say. The magnetic rings start inducing a current flow in their adjacent rings which flows around in the center of each ring, according to David. Slowly, the frequency of the wobble increases. Within a little while the motor which is shaking something awful, starts to smooth out. Something, I didn’t realize for a couple years was that frequency and amplitude are indirectly proportional. Spin a quarter on the table and your see infinite amplitude (modeled of course), turn in to seemingly, infinite frequency. It is almost impossible reason that when the amplitude is gone (laying flat) that the frequency is not infinite (our laws of physics say it is – nothing stands still). I feel that these devices are trying to reestablish their balance, like everything in nature, through a dynamic equilibrium. I don’t believe that this system is already increasing in energy but just changing the energy stored in its inertia into a high frequency, which David says appears almost to be standing still, evenly distributed, balanced. Although I’ve only known David while he was building this engine, he will tell you that his previous which was smaller accidentally got away. Simply putting the top on it started the engine which can never be stopped without destroying it. While he was on the tower he built for the engine, he through himself on top of it - he didn’t want to loose it. Once the vibrations smoothed out he said bright flashes of different colours were zipping around the aluminum top, fearing he might get electrocuted he jumped of the tower. The power went out in the neighborhood. He explains that the aluminum of the engine got white hot with extreme brilliance, (I’m not convinced that the aluminum could get that hot but maybe its something lost in the translation) before somehow leaving. He also said that chucks of granite which he had on his lawn, somehow started slipping past him across the grass and into the ditch as if they somehow lost weight shortly before the engine escaped. David says this is the final design and that this one has to be built this size for its intended application. This seems to be the point where we can only speculate about what is happening. David says large currents flow through the rings or ‘wings’ as he calls the which engulfs the engine and its surroundings in a strong magnetic field. Even though he says the wings go white hot, he says that it is a cold technology. One day, David says, he’ll start it up and those who are clear of mind will believe. In the mean time, if nobody believes him, he says he doesn’t care – he’ll build it himself.

I am rather ashamed, that at times in the past; I questioned the validity of his quest. Over time, a seed grew inside me, I can’t even remember how I first heard about him, but I remember placing the phone call. Who am I to judge another man’s beliefs in the first place? Judge not least ye be judged. I realized that he is so intent and confident that it shapes the world around him. If you want to reason with yourself about what is really happening in this system because you’re curious like I was. Check out Hamel’s ‘The Tree of Life’ experiment and realize that the ‘isotope line’ as he calls it, (think he means anisotropic) which is fundamental to every one of the active systems, which, is depicted in side views as a three segment line (the three cones) is not only contorted on the page to the left and to the right, but is also in and out as well. I did not realize until I built a small model (desk top size) of my own, that from the top view the ‘isotope line’ would look like a triangle. This is the result of the magnet on the screw on top, being wound down to apply pressure to the top cone which destabilizes the system. Since the cones are enclosed in the magnetic rings the smallest space they can occupy is basically a spiral up and down. Once you realize that, you notice that the top cone is leaning over nothing, in fact if it wasn’t for the original balance, as the top cone appears to fall constantly into but around the center, the other cones constantly and gracefully fall directly positioned beneath it. If you build one, although it takes a while to balance and align the outer rings, you’re in for one of the most beautiful sights in the world when those cones dance in perfect rhythm. However the cones were stacked and it takes along time for the wobbles to stop. My model never had the bottom plate which can oscillate because it was too small and the granite for that model is about $3000 For the system to work you must achieve oscillations which are free at both the top and the bottom of the system (you can actually see movement reflect up and down the system), the ‘isotope’ line and magnetic compression from the top to destabilize the system. David built his in an oil drum, after he started it he watched them roll for awhile before deciding to go to bed. He awoke frantically a couple hours later to the sound of an explosion. The drum had imploded, which scattered debris, while blowing a whole through the roof of his garage. He warned me that if you build one, do go near it while it’s running because electrical discharges from ionized air start jump around. I hope I didn’t break any MSB rules by rambling on like this. It’ll never happen again. If you want to see free energy, keep an eye on David!

posted on Jun, 3 2005 @ 06:57 AM

Originally posted by Constitution

This is taken from an old elementary school book from the early 19th century(forgotten or suppressed knowledge?), it clearly show how mass is lost. The proton and the neutron are the colors in the trinity. The scalar is weight if there is more than 2 molecules. You must activate the negative and the positive.

This is called the nuclear binding energy. It has always intrigued me how similar to this looks to gravity.

Nuclear Binding Energy

What I'm not quite sure about is where the mass disappearing to? Is it being transferred to a 'dimension' that we can not see, maybe the 4th?

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by electric

Electric, has anyone built a tesla radiant energy receiver? I'd like to build one to put in my backyard and power something. I believe there is a way to modify the design to make it work even better. Everyone knows that the earth has a magnetic resonance, what they don't know is what that means; free leptons will move many yards in and out of the earth. This changes for certain times of the day, and around grid (lay) lines. The word "free", nobody knows what it means exactly; I can pinpoint this; each galaxy contains in it's core a supermassive dual funnel black hole which consumes bosons for the most part (which format infinite space) and break these into every other particle known, but mostly neutrinos. This means they oppose eachother's flow!! This is what makes time happen, what fuels atomic mechanics, what gives everything a similar ionic charge... well I have much more info on this projectively geometrical method for unifying field theory, and more if you're interested. mrmrmikee at

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 08:19 PM
Nikola Tesla in a March 5, 1904 article states:
"The best design of which I knew has been adopted, and the
transmitter will emit a wave complex of a total maximum activity of
ten million horse-power, one per cent of which
is amply sufficient to "girdle the globe." This enormous rate
of energy delivery, approximately twice that of the combined
falls of Niagara, is obtainable only by use of certain artifices,
which I shall make known in due course."

There is a chance that the Earth to ionosphere path would be self
powering and world wide.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 08:35 PM

Originally posted by electric

Free energy is a total myth, when it's not a blatant hoax.

A windmill is a free energy device, a solar cell is a free energy device, a fusion reactor is a free energy device, a hydroelectric is a free energy device. Even a non-rechargable battery is a free energy device.

It's free because the input energy is less than the amount of energy than you get out of it.

[edit on 27-9-2004 by electric]

Am I in Bizarro world? Those are not free energy devices. A solar cell just converts light energy into electrical energy, and there's a net loss. A fusion reactor converts the energy from the fusion process into electricity, there is a net loss. A dam converts gravity movement using water into electricity, there is a net loss. A windmill converts air movement into electricity, there is a net loss. A non-rechargable battery has to be charged up before use, and there is a net loss.

Hell, they aren't even 'free as in beer' because you must purchase the equipment to convert those energy sources into electricity.

My god people, it's elementary physics.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by ledbedder20

That is not always the case. Municipalities that used the Plasco recycling method stand to earn $15/ton of garbage compared to spending $90/ton for standard incineration.

Governments stand to make more and save more with the "free" energy, I am tending to coin it "wild" energy, they merely have to look more closely at the possibilities.

Looks as you chaps have Tesla down to a "T". So far most of what I have read here is pretty right on. There are tradeoffs for the tech, such as X-ray pollution. Also standard EM pollution is an ongoing problem with the present setup.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by IndyDon't you think that is a bit rude?

I don't think it is, if I may interject. He was labeled as a mad scientist by popular culture, misrepresented by yellow journalism, and claimed by crackpots as a demigod of Nature's secrets. A hundred years of lies, preposterous claims, and maligning info has robbed us of the future we could have had.

No, the OP is throughly in the right to demand basic respect for his memory and our dignity.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 01:47 AM
despite people thinks Free Energy device is pseudoscience they has used extensively by NASA for decades althrough this is never reported by mainstream media

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 12:02 PM
Consider what Tesla has accomplished and continually
misrepresented by the illuminati since 1943 and perhaps
from before 1900.

There is no store house of energy but a store house of momentum.
Tesla said his wireless power was loss less.
So Tesla is not using energy or very little to capture the momentum
for his 300 mile per second air craft.

Free energy was never touted by Tesla so why should we.
Over unity but not perpetual motion as only atoms are
the only perpetually recovered system we know.

ED: Tesla claimed direct to electricity generation.
Was it accomplished by radioactivity using the positive and
negative ion emissions?
He said he could make Radium.
The Radiate Energy patent misses the entire Tesla theory
of ether sound waves. A ether sound wavy focus is shown
pointing to the capacitor collecting plate.
There might be other generators but think momentum.

ED: Tesla did say all appliances would work as normal with
very little adaptive modification. Tesla laid out the entire
AC system as one patent. He was told to break it up into
parts. An Illuminati trick from the start. And we don't
think his work meant anything because of the mind control
of the Illuminati. The difficulty is not only keeping the work
away from us but educating us in the wrong direction.

[edit on 8/28/2010 by TeslaandLyne]

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 11:48 AM


Just mine the moon.
It also bodes ill for the prospect of fusion using helium-3, a rare helium isotope that is missing a neutron. Physicists have yet to achieve pure helium-3 fusion, but if they did, we'd have a clean, virtually infinite power source.


posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 11:49 AM

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