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Howard Dean Supports Assisted Suicide

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posted on Sep, 16 2003 @ 12:01 AM
The one point about this is that assisted suicide is just one step to non-voluntary suicide, which was pioneered in the 1940s by the Nazi party in a phenomenon known as GENOCIDE.

[Howard Dean]: I think states have to make up their own mind. It's a very difficult moral problem,. I as a physician would not be comfortable administering lethal drugs, but I think this a very private, personal decision and I think individual physicians and patients have the right to make that private decision. I am very amused by the Right Wing--including the president and administration--who talk about liberty but then decide they're going to scrutinize everyone's behavior and tell them what they can and cannot do. There can't be a much more personal decision an individual makes than how to die and I think that is a personal decision left to individuals, their physicians and families.

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