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A finding, a visitor, and a gift...

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posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 02:26 AM
I have had a very bad year... and alot of crap has basically rained on me, it's almost like the world of Karma keeps throwing poo at me. I have always had a gift of talking to loved ones when they pass.

I found a really cool scroll, which I had heard knocks every night, at 2:30 AM, at the door that I found it, then the next night, my father in law had a massive heart attack, and my mother in law found him on the bathroom floor. Since I found that scroll, I haven't heard a single knock. I do believe it was a higher spiritual power leading me.

The night of my Father in laws service, he came to me, just as my mom did a couple weeks ago, told me to take care of his "Barbie"(My mother in laws Nickname)And to tell her he is at peace, and loves her very much. I adore messages like this, and if anyone knows how to sharpen these skills, any advice would be appreciated. When I started telling him, that he wasn't supposed to go yet, that we had unfinished business, I think I insultd him, because with that, he was gone. We now keep catching glimpses of things(dark blurs-moving very fast from the corner of your eye, and such) in the basement, which was his favorite hangout.

Heck, right before I was leaving to go there, I was doing a final check of things I needed to take with me while I drove. For months my license was missing, and even after I dropped my friend off at work, I couldnt find it, I stripped my car, everything. Right before I left there it was sitting on my floor on my passengers side.

My hubby, has had numerous conversations with him while sitting down there, but now, I am afraid that it may be something else praying upon grieving people, I want to have the house blessed, and cleansed, but neither one of them will let me do it.once again, advice would be cool, the only cleansings I know how to do leave obvious signs, IE rocksalt at the north end of every room, and sage above every window, as well as a cross above every door.

And now for the past life junkies out there, my gift. Joe sr. died Sept. 30th, and apparently, I am pregnant, with his grandchild. Talk about cool. Considering, I am about as far along, as he is passed.

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