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Stephan A Schwartz's 2050 project

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 01:51 AM
Futurist and removing viewing guru Stephan A Schwartz apparently conducted an interesting remote viewing experiment in the late 1970s, using over 4000 subjects to produce a picture of the world in the year 2050.

Some of the results of the project are included in the second half of this interview.

They strike me as worth mentioning not because I'm sold on the validity of remote viewing but because a number of them really ring true.

The highlights:

- No overpopulation. The problem is underpopulation is a number of places (possibly because of low birth rates, and multiple pandemics including AIDS).

- No nuclear war, but the ongoing threat of terrorism and non-state organizations. Small conflicts "tear the world apart."

- The elimination of most chronic genetic diseases.

- Some kind of energy revolution that decentralizes power production. Energy no longer an issue.

- Increasing use of genetic engineering and enhancement in affluent countries.

- Virtual reality conferencing mostly replaces business travel.

- The reversion of the United States to a kind of loose federation, and the localization of power. An exodus from the cities and the creation of communities organized around cultural affiliation, interests, and tastes. "...they say that in 2050 the United States does not exist in the sense that it does today. That people have moved out into small communities that are spread out all over the country, because energy and information transmission are no longer restrictive influences. Some of these are like hippie communes and some are militaristic. It’s a kind of re-tribalization process. People like to hang out with people that agree with their point of view and don’t like to hang out with people who don’t agree with their point of view. I think we see that happening."

- Climate change has rendered some parts of the country uninhabitable, and some of these new communities are domed.

If anyone is more familiar with this project or read about it elsewhere and would like to share more of the predictions please feel free.

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 02:19 AM
It sounds like the end times predictions without the happy ending (messiah). Kind of like if God or Jesus didn't save the world, but the same global catestrophes and wars happened and the end result was a world that eliminated many of its problems at the cost of many of its people. How interesting...

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:01 PM
wow has anyone kept up with this? Hi Alex and Skepiko peoples!

Darryl Forests

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