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Interesting time line info on the development of the NWO, Masons, Illuminati

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posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 11:55 AM

1606 London Company chartered to establish the Virgina Plantation on
a communistic basis, and the Plymouth Company, whose descendants
would control the New England business world.

1627 Francis Bacon writes The New Atlantis , which espouses the
paradigm of a world university that scans the world for talented
children in order to enrich the power of the state, because the state
will know everything and be invincible. The book is widely read by
Germans mystics.

1650 Extermination of North American Indian people begins.

1664 Descartes advances the concept that activities of organisms
(including man) are because of a reaction to external stimuli. One of
the initial premises of future mind control paradigms.

1668 Merck begins an apothecary shop in Darmstadt Germany.

1683 First German emigrants to America land.

1690 John Locke writes "Concerning Human Understanding". One of the
crucial elements of the essay is the belief and concept that children
are tabula erasa ie., totally programmable. The idea was immediately
taken up by the upper class in Europe and the United States, and it
would become a cognitive foundation for the idea of "the emergence of
a strong state", in terms of "programming an analytical systems
substructure" - the substructure being the children who , under this
paradigm, are entities to be possessed and controlled - paradigm that
would persist for 400 years.

1692 Salem witch trial executions in New England.

1723 Johann Peter Rockefeller arrives in the US colonies from Germany

1728 Madrid Lodge of Freemasons founded.

1734 Masonry introduced to the Netherlands.
1735 Masonry introduced to Portugal, Italy and Russia.
1737 Masonry introduced to Germany.

1753 Vienna Stock Exchange founded.

1763 The first recorded episode of biological warfare in the United
States occurs when white colonial settlers give smallpox-infected
blankets to Native Americans who sought friendly relations. Also a
significant case of genocide.

1776 Adam Weishaupt infiltrates the Bavarian Masonic Lodges. The
doctrine of the Illuminati encompasses: abolition of ordered
government, private property, inheritance, nationalism, family,
religion, marriage, morality and communal education of children.

1777 Nathan Rothschild born. Weishaupt joins the Munich Masonic
Lodge, and within two years would be in control of the lodge of
Theodore of Good Counsel.

1780 Eclectic Alliance used until 1784 to covert masonic lodges to

1780 Adam Weishaupts Order of the Illuminati at the University of
Ingolstadt has 60 members in five German cities by 1780, but the
impact of his ideas extends much farther in society. Weishaupt and
others desired to attach themselves to Masonic lodges in Europe and
America. In 1780, Weishaupt recruits Adolf Franscis (Baron Knigge),
which allowed the hierarchical structure of the Order to expand to
completion. Weishaupt sought absolute obedience to him and other
influential members of the order, and worked for the overthrow of
church and state authorities who were seen as blocks to Illuminati
progress. Knigge completes the system of initiation, and membership
swells to 300. Competation arises between Weishaupt and Knigge.

1782 Masonic Congress at Wilhelmsbad. Knigge enrolls virtually all of
the members attending over to Weishaupt's Order, which depleated
potential members for the rival Order of Strict Obervance.

1783 Because of Weishaupts power and arrogance, complaints begin to
surface that the Order was subversive of political and religious
authority, the schools and the press. In October of 1783, a
disgruntled member of the order, Joseph Utzschneider, denounces
Wesihaupt to the dutchess Maria Anna of Bavaria, who in turn speaks
to Carl Theodore, the Bavarian king.

1784 Bavarian Illuminati (Wesihaupt) membership is 3000, which
effectively knocks out competition from the Strict Observance and
Rosicrucian orders. Knigge withdraws from Wesihaupts Order of the

1784 In Bavaria, king Carl Theodore outlaws secret societies (June

1785 Carl Theodore issues another edict specifically outlawing
Wesihaupt's Order of Immunati, as well as providing rewards for
information on them. Weishaupt flees to a neighboring province, as
does Count Massenhausen.

1785 Columbus Lodge of Order of Illuminati established in New York
City. Press gives criticism to US President John Hanson.

1786 In Bavaria, the home of Xavier Zwack, one of Weishaupts members
of the Order, is raided by the government. Many books and papers of
the Illuminati are found. The home of Zwacks' friend, Baron Bassus,
is also raided and other papers are seized.

1787 The duke of Bavaria issues a final edict against the Order of
the Illuminati.

1789 George Washington, a mason, becomes President of the United
States, following the terms of Presidents Hanson, Boudinot, Mifflin,
Lee, Gorham, Griffin and St. Clair.

1798 John Robison publishes Proofs of a Conspiracy in which he
describes 84 German masonic lodges and says that the Illuminati still
work covertly behind the scenes. Copy is received by George

1798 Publication of Augustin Barruels "Memoirs of Jacobianism".
Barruel comes to similar conclusions as Robison, that when the
Illuminati was outlawed it went underground and resurfaced as an
organization called the German Union, which played a role in creating
the French Revolution in 1789. This thesis is later discussed in 1918
with Stauffer's New England and the Bavarian Illuminati. Knigge was
allegedly involved with both the German Union and the Eclectic
Alliance, which was used as a cover for converting Masonic lodges to
Illuminism between 1780 and 1784.

1799 George Washington dies. With his death Masons were again
trusted, and the controversity about the Illuminati faded.

1806 Napoleon defeats Prussia (Germany) at the battle at Jena,
causing Prussia to realize that their defeat, they believed, was due
to soldiers thinking only about themselves during time of stress in
battle. Prussia then took the principles set forth by Rosseau and
Locke and created a new three-tier educational system. The Prussian
philosopher Fichte, in his Address to the German People, states that
the children will be taken over and told what to think and how to
think it.

1814 American Edward Everett goes to Prussia (Germany) to get his
doctorate degree, returns to the United States and evntually becomes
governor of Massachusetts.

1819 Prussian (German) law makes education compulsory. The Humboldt
brothers, Stein and others divide German society into three distinct
groups: (1) those who will be policy makers who are taught to think (
.5 %), (2) those who will be engineers, lawyers ,doctors who are
taught to partially think (5.5%) and (3) the children of the masses
(94%), who were to learn obedience and how to follow orders. The
school of the masses (volkschulen) divided whole ideas into subjects
which did not exist previously . The result was that people would (1)
think what someone else told them to think about,(2) when to think it
,(3) how long to think about it ,(4) when to stop thinking about it,
and (5) when to think of something else. This way, no one in the
masses would k now anything that's really going on. (Although
brilliant, the system is inherently negative in nature - it would
lead eventually to German mind control paradigms in the late 19th and
20th century. The system also weakens or breaks the link between the
child and the capacity to read (cross-assimilation creating whole
ideas) by replacing the alphabet system of teaching reading with a
system of teaching sounds, (breaking into smaller units). The same
paradigm relative to reading is currently injected into US Society by
the Peabody Foundation, who imposed a northern system of schooling on
the US South between 1865 and 1918. The system in the northern US is
the Prussian system. Over 48% of the soldiers in the American
revolution against the British, on both the American and British
sides, were Prussian (German) mercenaries.

1822 From about 1822, for the next 30 years, a stream of Americans go
to Prussia (Germany) and bring the educational system back to the
United States.

1831 Georg Hegel dies. German philiosopher who gave rise to the
Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis (create the crisis) Anti-thesis (Offer the
Solution) which is the basis of globalist elite manipulation
paradigms. The synthesis achieved becomes a symptomatic reponse
instead of addressing the real cause (Gov't). The World Order
organizes and finances Jewish groups, anti-Jewish groups, Communist
groups, anti-Communist groups, and other "opposing" social forces to
create predetermined outcomes ensuring power maintenance

1832 The Skull&Bones is launched under the Russell pirate flag.

1834 Giuseppe Mazzini appointed as Illuminati director worldwide.
Thomas Malthus dies.

1834 Mazzini appoints Albert Pike to head Illuminati operations in
the US.

1837 J.P. Morgan born.
1839 John D. Rockefeller born.

1840 Albert Pike builds a mansion in Arkansas where he designs plans
for three world wars and three revolutions. Pike becomes Mazzini's

1841 Clinton Roosevelt writes "The Science of Government Founded on
Natural Law", outlining the Illuminati plans for the regimentation of
mankind under the control of the "enlightened ones" and the
destruction of the Constitution.

1842 Salt wells in Pennsylvania found to have oil. William
Rockefeller exploits and begins buying up land in Pennsylvania.

1848 Rockefeller interests establish prime goal of control of US
medical system.

1849 William A Rockefeller indicted for raping a hired girl. William
also bills himself as a "cancer specialist" and sells petroleum based
products as elixir.

1850 Two states in the United States, Massachusetts and New York,
create an active paradigm that says "the state is the father of
children" and create laws to cause a social phasing out of "blood
family" loyalty and a phasing in of "loyalty to state". The two
states create adoption law.

1859 The period from 1859 to 1931 is defined by historian Carroll
Quigley as the historical stage of Financial Capitalism, where a
system of worldwide financial control would be set up in private
hands to dominate the political system of each country and the
economy of the planet as a whole.

1850 Germany experiences a new scientific paradigm, psychophysics,
which maintains that people are similar to complex machines. The
paradigm further leads to that of experimental psychology in order to
discover the nature of humans and how to program them. In Germany,
Wundt is the primary proponent of these ideas. American elite begin
to come to Germany to study the paradigm.

1856 Daniel Coit Gilman, Andrew White and Timothy Dwight set up the
Yale Trust to finance the Skull & Bones organization at Yale
University. White would become first president of Cornell University
and US ambassador to Russia (1892) and US Ambassador to Germany
(1897-1902). White advised Herbert Hoover to set up the Hoover
Institution. Gilman trained John Dewey, who would help him dominate
American education in the 20th century. Gilman also trained Richard
Ely, who in turn trained Woodrow Wilson (who gave the Federal Reserve
System to the United States, the income tax and WWI.) All three of
the men who set up the Yale Trust were educated at the University of
Berlin, where they were indoctrinated with Hegelian Deteriminism,
which states that everyone must be controlled to achieve
predetermined goals.

1859 Stampede into the oil fields of Pennsylvania. Property prices
skyrocket and the Rockefellers begin to make their fortune in oil.

1860 United States Government begins a 30 year period of genocide
against native American Indians in order to acquire land. Hundreds of
thousands of people are rounded up, killed, or relocated to outdoor
concentration camps (reservations).

1861 US Civil War begins. Morgans, Armours and Vanderbilts make a
fortune from the conflict.

1862 Act of 1862 authorizes the issuance of 150 million in legal
tender US notes, later known as "Lincoln Greenbacks". Other issuances
in 1862 and 1863 amount to a total of 450 million. Bankers receive no
interest from this and plot revenge. An article in the London Times
advises that the US government most be destroyed lest it become
prosperous beyond precedent.

1871 Albert Pike writes "Morals and Dogma". Pike also writes a letter
on Aug 15, 1871 (until recently on display in the British museum) to
Mazzini detailing the Luciferian plan for world conquest, outlining
plans for three world wars, and detailing the destruction of both
Christianity and athiesm.

1871 Bulwer-Lytton writes Vril: The Power of the Coming Race,
containing racial theory that would later figure in Nazi Germany.
Protege of Lytton was Aleister Crowley, of Englands equivalent to the
"Thule Group", tutor to Aldous Huxley, future prophet of mind
control, who would later introduce hallucinogens into American

1880 Beginning of a 20 year period where elite American students of
Wundt in Germany return and become heads of psychology departments at
Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and all major
universities and colleges. Wundt trains James Cattell, who returns to
the US and trains over 300 in the Wundtian system which, with help
from the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations, eventually assume
control of psychological testing in the United States for all the
soldiers of the First World War.

1883 Galton introduces the term "eugenics" to describe his ideas and
proposes practices of racial superiority and sterilization.

1883 Czar in Russia invites Nobel brothers and Rothschilds to help
develop oil riches in Baku area in Russia.

1885 Rothschild monetary power reaches point of world control.
Amschel Rothschild dies.

1885 German eugenicist Dr. Alfred Ploetz publishes "The Excellence of
Our Race and the Protection of the Weak" in which he states that
humanitarianism which fosters the protection of weaker members
threatens the quality of the race.

1890 Cecil Rhodes becomes Prime Minister of Cape Colony in Africa,
exploiting the diamond and gold fields of Africa, and took control of
Parliamentary seats and England and Africa. With financial support
from Lord Rothschild, he was able to monopolize De Beers Consolidated
Mines. Founded Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford.

1890 Andrew Carnegie writes a series of eleven essays called "The
Gospel of Wealth", a treatise which essentially stated that free
enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the United States,
because he and Rockefeller owned everything, including the
government, and that competition was impossible unless they allowed
it. Eventually, says Carnegie, the young children will become aware
of this and form clandestine organizations to fight against it.
Carnegie proposes that men of wealth form a synthetic free enterprise
system based on cradle-to-grave schooling. The people who advanced
through schooling would be given licenses to lead profitable lives.
All licenses are tied to forms of schooling. This way, the entire
economy can be controlled and people have a motivation for them to
learn what you want them to learn. It also places the minds of all
children in the hands of a few social engineers. (German System).

1891 Cecil Rhodes group joins with Cambridge group led by William
Stead to form a secret society round table group. Rhodes gains
control of 90% of the world diamond supply. The Round Table group is

1894 Bataille writes that Gallatin Mackey, a top Illuminist, showed
him what amounts to wireless telegraphy, decades before Marconi,
stating that units also existed in Charleston, Rome, Berlin,
Washington and Naples. It was discovery of this secret that enabled
understanding of how seemingly unrelated "incidents" took place
simultanously around the world which aggravated "situations" that
developed into wars or revolutions.

1895 Rothschilds control 95% of United States military railways.

1895 Whos Who mentions J.P. Morgan as owning 50,000 miles of US

1898 Rockefeller interests prime goal of control of medical education
in USA.

1899 Meeting in London where the Warburgs, Morgans and Rothschilds
become affiliated.

1890 Plans to destroy the one room school and its capacity to produce
thinkers and independent people begins in the US.

found at:

Someone did a lot of research. This is a quite intresting look at how secret societies, Masons, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, their start! Germany seems to be the place where a lot of it started and continued to come from. Interesting how Nixon as President surrounded himself with Germans on his staff which a lot of people always found curious...i.e. Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller (Gerald Ford's VP...bizarre choice at best), others.....

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posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 04:48 PM
yeah, but you know who CONTROLS- AND I DO MEAN CONTROLS the illuminati today? I'm sure you don't. One man does. I know his name.

One man CONTROLS-AND I DO MEAN CONTROLS the world today.
How? I know!

You need to worry about one man more than you need to worry about a secret society.

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 07:21 PM
Shot Messanger, one MAN, as one MAN, can not control the world. Even The Beast of end time prophecy has the false prophet to help him along. That false prophet helps by gaining the support of those deceived into believing the lie, which are the majority of the worlds population. The deception is ancient and vast and grown and supported by the VERY MANY associated 'movements', 'think tanks' and ' accepted social structures' etc. mentioned in the original post, NOT just A secret society.

We do need to concider (worry helps no one) more than this "one man" you claim to know the name of, as his power to deceive the majority would be slashed if more folk understood the methods and effectivness of the systems used to deceive and manipulate those who aren't privey to all you 'know'.

Please share this name with us as I'm sure "they" would find it more of a benifit to write you off as a fruit loop than give your claim any credibility by coming after you.

posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 11:49 PM
Thanks for the link Xanax - it's nice to actually find some positive leads every once in a while.

The timeline starts a little earlier than I would have expected, but then again its also looking at prior influences as well.

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 03:35 PM
It seems Masons, Illuminati and Naziism go hand in hand. Too much coming from Germany to come to any other conclusion....

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 05:58 PM
Exitable_boy, read "Europe and America in Prophecy", by Garner Ted Armstrong ( I think it's still available on line if you 'google' him and should still be FREE, as all his material was when he was alive) to find an explaination that supports what you've noticed.

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