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My random thoughts on UFOs/ETs

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posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 05:46 PM
*I wrote all of this in just 3 hours one night a while back, and I thought I'd share it*

An unidentified flying object (UFO) is an unusual airborne object that cannot be easily identified even after expert analysis of the available data in the report of the object is conducted. Approximately 90% of UFO reports are interpreted as misperceptions of conventional objects or hoaxes. The remaining 10% constitute the UFO enigma. But with the many thousands of UFO reports filed around the world each year, even 10% is nothing to snuff at. Those 10% of unknown flying objects need to be investigated and studied with the up most integrity. UFOs are witnessed all over the globe, by all types of people. This is not just a phenomena which occurs in the United States. People simply see more video tape footage of UFOs coming out of the United States because more U.S. citizens own video cameras than do people in more underdeveloped countries. The theory that the United States is the focal point for UFO sightings is a huge misconception. Although I will mostly talk about the U.S. government’s involvement with UFOs because I can’t speak for other countries.

The exact date of the earliest UFO sighting is unknown of course, but some UFO researchers believe that there were UFO sighting in ancient times. Cave paintings including what look to be depictions of UFOs and humanoid beings with large heads wearing what look like helmets are more evidence that the UFO phenomena is something that goes back a long time to our early history. Most people don’t know about this because they don’t take the time to research the UFO subject. The UFO subject is broad and takes many years of dedicated study to even begin to fully understand it. I will do my best to explain events, explain my theories and opinions, as well as present facts and evidence that earth has been visited by Extraterrestrial intelligence for much longer that you think. I will also discuss the broad and almost impenetrable U.S. Government UFO cover up.

When studying the UFO subject, you must be very careful not to believe everything you see on video footage or read about in books and magazines. There are many UFO hoaxers out there that thrive on making people believe they’re watching real UFO footage or reading about real factual UFO information. A similar tactic is used by the U.S. Government in order to confuse the general public about UFOs and Extraterrestrials, although their motives aren’t to make money off of doing it or having a good laugh about fooling people. It’s called disinformation. False information with a small amount of true information mixed in is given out in order to muddy the waters, start arguments among ufologists, cause confusion, and prevent scientists from taking the UFO subject seriously. I will talk about how the U.S. Government has kept this information locked up for many decades as well as why the last thing they want to do is come out and admit to having recovered UFOs and their ET occupants later on.


Now for some reasons why all of humanity does not know the full truth about UFOs and Ets. Religion has been part of the human way of being since the beginning of time. Things which alter ones perception of religion or change it in any way are rejected. It could be that the government doesn’t want to take the chance of disrupting religion which doesn’t really mention Extraterrestrial beings in their scriptures, although mentions of UFOs are.

The government secrecy and denial policy has been in effect for so long that they figure if they did come clean and told us the full truth it would cause us to distrust them even more on other issues and policies. It’s like a Catch 22. But I feel like the government has much more to lose by telling us the truth. But if the truth does come out, it might come back to haunt them in an even worse way.

Our military has recovered some very advanced technology from recovered ET UFOs over the decades. This technology is so far advanced that to this day we can’t apply it to our own technology. We still don’t know how to control and operate it good enough. So in order for them to continue studying it they put the up most classification on keeping these technologies secret. They are part of what are called SAPs or Special Access Programs. Everything is compartmentalized which means at certain highly secure locations such as Area 51, White Sands, Sandia Labs, and Los Alamos National Laboratory these technologies are studied by people with the up most security clearances. There are many groups with only a few people in each group. Each group is specialized in on area of knowledge and only works on that aspect for their tasks. They know nothing about what is going on in the room next to them or at the facility hundreds of miles away. And they swear to secrecy, basically signing their life away if they speak out. And they are not allowed to talk with other members of other groups or facilities about these technologies. So basically even though they’re working on ET technology, they know very little about how it works or what it would be used for. They simply study one aspect of it and aren’t allowed to talk about it. Then all of those separate studies are put together to form one piece of information by the most elite members of government. They do this so that information about this technology will not leak out to other countries or even worse some terrorist who might use this technology to harm us. So they think if they simply tell us that Ets are real and have visited earth, the public might then know that they have in fact recovered ET space craft and snoop around to find information about it. So they figure if they never officially disclose anything, they will keep this technology secret and laugh at those who say it exists.

They don’t want certain advanced forms of energy to leak out which are “free-energy” such as zero-point energy and others which use forms of magnetics and the vacuum of space. Another reason they don’t want these energies released is how can they tax “free-energy”? They can’t. But this energy is free so it would help reduce poverty levels, and it is also pollution free! I know this might sound crazy but as of today we could stop using fossil fuels all together if the government would release these energies and make them the standard by which we live and use energy. Of course this isn’t easy because oil is a big part of the world economy. It runs the world economy. So making a change such as this would have to take place over many years. We’re running out of time and our natural resources are depleting fast, so I hope we make the change soon.

The government doesn’t want us to know that other more advanced intelligent beings have been visiting Earth at will, and that we have no means to stop them from invading our air space! This would make our military seem defenseless and that’s the last thing our military and government wants. They would rather things stay status quo. This mean keeping their policy of secrecy, denial, and disinformation when it comes to UFOs and Ets in full force without letting up.

The government knows that as long as they never officially come out and state “Yes, Ets exist and have been visiting earth for a long time” then the general public will never fully believe in the phenomena 100%. All the government and military insiders who have first hand knowledge could come forward and testify about what they have been a part of or witnessed, but it doesn’t matter as long as the official government keeps hush hush about it and doesn’t admit to anything. They seem to have an answer for every UFO sighting (weather balloon, swamp gas, lightning, stars, ect). Some of these things do account for most UFO sightings, but some UFO sightings defy explanation and are extraordinary.

Ever notice how the government always comes up with an explanation for every UFO sighting like “Oh that was just a star, or swamp gas, or a balloon” and the media accepts that as reality? They have control over the media when it comes to UFOs and Ets. Complete control. They have turned the subject into a laughable joke on purpose.

I think it’s our right as humans to know about the existence of other intelligent life in the universe. But because of fear, the government with holds this information and it remains exempt from disclosure. NASA has edited photos and video footage which has a UFO in them. They have lied about the face on Mars. The face is truly an artificial feature as well as the pyramid. NASA astronauts have seen UFOs in space, but reporting them or going public telling what they saw would almost be suicide for their career so many didn’t. Gordon Cooper and Neil Armstrong reported seeing UFOs in space.

The National Security Agency, or NSA, communications with Ets. The CIA has the power to eliminate people who leak information.


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