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The scariest article I have read so far

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 10:50 PM

Originally posted by inspiringyouth
From what I got on the news tyou had to come into direct contact with a bird who has the disease. Ive never touched a bird in my life besides a parrot that was a pet.

Never had chicken for dinner, or lunch?

There's really not much of a problem with avian flu, so long as it stays in birds. The problem is, what happens if/when it develops sustained human to human transmission. Its already shown the ability to mutate do a human to human transmision, but those few cases have, hopefully, been found out early and stopped.

Besides that even if it did mutate im sure they would quaintine it or attempt to anyways.

There's no reason to think that this will work to prevent it from spreading. Think about how difficult it would be to stop the spread of the regular flu this way.

We have an anti-viral and I heard Thera-Flu will work well against it.

No, not theraflu, which is available over the counter, Tamiflu, which does not cure it, but merely ameliorates the symptoms, and which is only made in, what, two, three factories, across the world, with only one in the US? And the strains that've gone humna-human have been pretty resistant to tamiflu. Theraflu is of no use, adn there are no anti-viral drugs for this. The best that can be offered is a vaccine to prevent new infections, but that won't be available until months or more after the disease has a big break out. IOW, the epidemic will have to be raging for a while before there is a vaccine, which, again, wouldn't help people with it anyway.

So not to much to worry abuout in the U.S. anyways.

Its not in the US yet, but it doesn't matter where it starts, once if goes global, thats it, it will kill millions.

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