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POLITICS: Justice Thomas Blocks Inmate's Abortion Request

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posted on Oct, 16 2005 @ 10:09 PM

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne
Let's get something straight; an activist court shoved that abomination down our throats, just like they do with every social reengineering piece of crap idea they know they can't past congress or the American populace.

No. Clarence Thomas is the activist here. He didn't even make a ruling. He can't. He has no grounds and he knows it. This is a partisan stay for tactical reasons. In 5 more weeks her abortion becomes illegal under Missouri state law anyway. This is activism from an activist court seeking to limit your rights in favor of the government's right to restrict them. Plain and simple.

She had an abortion scheduled already while being held in California (which would have been done) but good ol' Missouri came and got her first. Activism. That's called government activism to force her to have the child.

And that "abomination" as you call it is also known as the right to privacy. The only thing 'shoved down people's throats' was was exactly what they wanted. The Supreme Court to restrict government from making unconstitutional laws. Do you think people in Connecticut want contraceptives illegal again? Same "abomination." Based on the same right to privacy and restriction of government to impose on those rights.

You may claim any twisted piece of logic you like regarding "activism" or what is or isn't "Constitutional" of course, but as for the "American populace" they are not on your side. You're pretty much the anti-them frankly. Read a poll sometime.

posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 05:17 PM

The US Supreme Court allowed a prisoner, 17 weeks pregnant, to have an abortion, despite opposition from the state of Missouri where the woman is incarcerated.

Without comment, the highest US court lifted a temporary injunction against the abortion, which was set last week by one of the court's most conservative judges, Clarence Thomas.

Missouri had appealed to the court to block the abortion after a lower court ordered local officials to transport the woman to a clinic for the operation. The high court let stand the order.

Priso ner may have abortion: US high court

Frankly I am surprised at this and had thought it was going to go the other way, but at least her right of choice was upheld.

I do not agree with abortions, but I do agree with the courts ruling.

posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 06:31 PM
That's the best part. There's was no reason for Clarence Thomas' activism in the first place. Nothing to justify, review or say.

Nice lip service though Clarence. Got to keep those hot button conservative voter's hopes up somehow.

posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 06:37 PM
I agree that the decision of this woman to terminate a pregnancy that was already schedule before her arrest should be her decision and not the court.

If she decided that she wanted to keep her child that should have been her choice even if the child would have been taken away from her.

It's all about choices.

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