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Majic: Amon's Planar Model Of Spiritual Reality Vol 1

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by TrueLies
Paul Richard,

Where do you get this stuff from? What's your major study when it comes to the spirit world/planes?

This is very fascinating and makes alot of sense, i'm just curious how you came up with these perspectives on consciousness after death.

Hi TrueLies,

Back after a long hiatus from ATS...

Glad to be of help.

There is a saying I like to espouse in regard to talent and/or insight that doesn't seem to have an apparent source:

Genius is simply experience.

Whenever you find someone that has an uncanny ability and/or understanding in any given area of life, like music composition for example, it stems from prior experience in the Spirit -- called the Interlife -- and/or from experience from one or more previous physical incarnations.

I did extensive research when discarnate after I was executed for being an early Christian missionary in the First Century; whereby I then faced great humiliation from learning in the Spirit that Jesus/Issa was not "God" but only an angel prophet in a large Group Entity.

This spiritual quest continued on in a subsequent incarnation as a female in Italy, when I migrated to Languedoc while still a teenager and became a Cathar Parfait. Certain facets of the Cathar religion were appealing to me, like their focus toward service to others, their emphasis on cultivating spiritual purity, and their belief in reincarnation, which also was a widespread belief among many early Christians.

Years later I became a casualty of the Albigensian Crusade of the Roman Catholic Church to destroy the Cathar church and died as the result of the siege of Montségur in Languedoc in the Thirteenth Century.

Both of these lives of service to others (i.e., to The Light) prepared me to embrace and espouse what has come to be called Solist Mysticism.

Every spiritual experience is a stepping stone.

It then took me many years in this life, with the help of Spirit Guides, contemplation, and analysis, amidst great discarnate opposition from Group Entities, to relearn what I forgot and to develop the paradigm of discarnate sociology that I espouse today -- and evolving relatively rapidly in the process, however arduously.

The individualistic organization that I channel is called The Society Of Light. It consists of discarnate Saints who seek to become a Light unto oneself. Last year they provided Solists with a rare reference about my past. Decades before my birth in this body, I was the main Spirit Guide in Arthur Yensen's near death experience in 1932.

My spiritual and metaphysical understanding has improved since those days, but one can easily see the Greek cultural connection in that overview as well as some of the basic ideas which are currently furthered in Solist Mysticism.

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