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'Arms smugglers' seized in Kabul

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posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 07:24 PM
Today in Kabul, security forces have arrested a gang of suspected Arms smugglers, which included at least 2 UK citizens, and Indian, some US citizens an Afghan's. During the raid, a cache of weapons including 5 AK-47's and 2 pistols were found. Also, security forces are searching for an additional Indian National believed to be carrying more than 100 pistols.
British and US citizens are among eight people arrested on suspicion of arms smuggling in the Afghan capital, Kabul, Afghan police have said.

Two senior police sources told the BBC they were detained in a raid on a guest house earlier this week.

Those arrested had forged documents saying they were personnel of the International Security Assistance Force of peacekeepers, the sources said.

They said Isaf had confirmed those arrested were not part of the force.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This kind of reminds me of the new film out, Lord of War, featuring Nicholas Cage.

This story, to be honest, is not that surprising, as in any region of the world were there is conflict you will find unscrupulous types willing to make some money out of the situation. I am glad, however, that they have been caught, as anything like this would only serve to prolong the unstable situation.

Security forces are said to be still looking for others involved in the weapon smuggling, including one Indian national. It does seem however, that the weapons involved are only light arms, at best and if the Afghans or the Coalition want to stabalize the region, they will need to focus there attention on those supplying far more dangerous weapons than a few AK's and pistols.

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