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Our plans to take back reality...

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posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 03:49 PM
After I confirm personality and standards by the poll I will follow up with an brief outline as to who we are. We are all equal. There can be no fear if you walk along the path aware. The golden
Rule id preeminent. Our circle just takes cigarettes as an example from eachother rather than ask stupid questions.

How many of you ask a close friend if you can use their phone or get a drink?
I would be more offended by a friend who asked me (this means they don't know me) such silly waste of time questions than just opened my fridge. This is where self-mastery begins. Take small steps and be honest with yourself as to your TRUE motivations in every action you take.

No one is waiting to hurt you or judge you.
My affiliates and I are a NOT a testament to human evolution. We do not solicit nor look to make money, or spew garbage propaganda, we are philanthropists of the human nature kind. We want to offer help or love to those who are in need or suffering. ALL individuals owe it to themselves to be what they know they can! God made us to be friends not slaves! Live dammit! You deserve your life it is yours! But respect the many who share this world and disregard all differences.

To achieve this...we only try! For God in all his glory is the only true and perfect being. We are just here to try and help, not enforce. The world of peace can be realized!

[Edited on 24-9-2003 by Lucifer]


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