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My Novel

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posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 03:39 PM
Here is my Novel

It is Titled: "Clueless man and St. Ann."

Chapter 1.

There once was a good Samaratin who didn't have the opportunity to share it with

them. So he hid himself away, for that one very day, when God could use him.
A long time later. God called upon his good Samaratin and sent him to earth to work

for him. There was another Samaritan there too. He was a false prophet. Like a

puppet, his strings were pulled from elsewhere. You can hear me. He lived in a palace

of gold and gave to the people to hold all the mold that they could gather.
One fien day, the good Samaratin was moving along the pathways and leaving

behind no one to hurt. Always fulfilling Gods' Law. The other good Samaritan saw

him, and oh my was he perplexed. He thought to himself to help the Samaratin with

his duty. And he had nothing left to give. He was deceived, where he thought he had

an endless supply of he had not a thing!

Wherefore the Samaritan got down on his knees and prayed to Saint Ann to help

him in need. He prayed so hard tears came out of his eyes. Not from shame. It was

due to the fact that now he saw, the same. And there on his knees he repented of all

his falsehoods only to be shown there was, just a little more left in the coifuhrre, and

now he had something to give. This, being directly from Saint Ann, had therefore,

magicall abilities attached with it. And the more he gave to this good Samaratin, to

assist him with his duties... the more he had to give.

And off they went together, leaving no one to hurt. They had now more than they

ever had before, fulfilled. Gods' Law was being done.

Know then that those whom the previously false Samaritan had given, were

clueless about what was happening with their treasure. It was not sound, like they

thought it ought to be. It was vanishing before their eyes. And they didn't think to

pray to Saint Ann. Instead they went looking for the Samaritan. Nope. He was

nowhere to be found. Neither him nor the other were anywhere around. And now

clueless man began to drop like flies for want of goods that they themselves could not

supply. Clueless man and Saint Ann were never to meet. As their strengths drained

they just disappeared as well, themselves. A terrible picture.

Those who were receiving from the two Sam's were feeling very happy. For, they

were being supplied a thing that can not ever them be denied. They cried and then

their cries were never to be heard again! Therefore, we should always help one

another out.

--No more chapters.

The End.

see 'Sage I did it again!

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