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Society based on Science, Engineering, and Technology

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posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 09:28 AM
Are there any Societies based on the advancement of Science, Engineering, and Technology for the advancement, protection, and expansion of humanity?

posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 10:00 AM
I've not heard of one, but I suppose such a group would be established under the assumption that humanity is worth saving...

posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 11:12 AM

Originally posted by adcadcadc

Are there any Societies based on the advancement of Science, Engineering, and Technology for the advancement, protection, and expansion of humanity?


I would suggest the Neo-Darwinism model

found in all western--democracies / capitalistic societies

the USA being the 'top dog' of the lot

advancement~ examples abound! where does the world go for advanced education, MIT/CalPoly/etc etc

protection~ the USA formed NATO, CENTO, SEATO etc etc
and instrumental in U.N.etc etc

expansion~NAFTA & etc./ World Health Org./ Peace Corps/ Doctors w/o borders...and to other aspects like the nike's productions in SE Asia & other 'impoverished' lands---bringing goods & services to ever expanding markets...etc etc

whoops---did i just get pied?!


posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 11:20 AM
Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but sounds like it might be...

The American Society of Mechanical Enginners (ASME)

Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, today ASME International is a nonprofit educational and technical organization serving a worldwide membership of 125,000.

To be the premier organization for promoting the art, science and practice of mechanical engineering throughout the world.

To promote and enhance the technical competency and professional well-being of our members, and through quality programs and activities in mechanical engineering, better enable its practitioners to contribute to the well-being of humankind.

posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 11:32 AM
There's also the Planetary Society.

"The Planetary Society was founded in 1980 by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman to encourage the exploration of our solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life.

The Society is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, funded by dues and donations from individuals around the world. With more than 100,000 members from over 140 countries, we are the largest space interest group on Earth. Membership is open to all people interested in our mission."

posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 05:37 PM
Both good organizations, in fact I'm a member of both. (lucky coincidence)

I'm thinking about an organization with more influence to accomplish their goals. Both ASME, The Planetary Society, and a number of other Engineering and Science Societies (IEE, ASHRAE) have large memberships and accomplish good research but are not real good at completing large “projects”.

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