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Is America in a no win situation in the world?

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posted on Sep, 21 2003 @ 03:23 AM

Originally posted by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf

The US isnt Korea.

No one is gonna invade. Why? Not feasable. For one, the US is just too damn big a country for anyone to even attempt to occupy. Hitler tried occupying the Juggernaut Russia, and look where it got him. Japan was only capable of occupying a small portion of China.

You also forget that the US has an armed population. Armed populations are alot harder to subdue than unarmed ones. You have some 300 million people and guns everywhere. Anyone who tried to occupy would probably end up with a never ending guerilla war over vast terrain of extremes. they would have to occupy deserts, mountains, wide open plains with the never ending threat of tornadoes, blizzards, ect. Violent extremes. The US simply would not be feasable to invade.

Thus, an even better reason for isolationism: were happier and healthier on our own soil.

ummmmm.... 1 thing... German couldn't defeat russia bcuz of the blizzard and freezing death there plus Russia is to big and surrounded by other powerful nations to even have a succesful Blitzkrieg tactic... If u look at U.S. tanks can roll up through mexico and air, sea, landing on the west and east... Im not saying America CANT handle this but im just correcting u

posted on Sep, 21 2003 @ 04:31 PM

Tsk tsk and shame on you, you obviously have no understanding or real knowldge of the country you hate so passionatly! Americans loyal only to the dollar? You have ALOT to learn, son.

By your logic, Finland is just a place as well, not a nation. Finns are a mix of Urgics, Swedes, Russians, ect. For that matter, so is much of Europe. Look at the Spaniards, they are Moor, Celt, Teuton, Roman, what have you.

A Nation is a group of people who speak a common language, follow a common cultural constrct, and share a common history.

Americans have all three. Our ancestors fled from thier native lands because they sucked, or were forced to come here as slaves. Thus, we share a common backgrounbd: we all came here under less than pleasant cicumstances, whether refugee or slave.

We speak a common language, English, tho this is eroding as our nation eordes, we soon will not be able to understand each other. But for now, our offical language is English.

We have a common culture. The majority of Americans follow some sect of Christianity. Our family units are similar. Values tend to be similar.

Thus, we are a nation, by every definition.

And you really dont know anything about America, Fulcrum. You should stop being a slave to media portrayal. Total belief in any media source is the path to dogmatic ignorance.

Solomon, the US must change if we are to embrace isolationism. Yes, we export less than we import. These things must be changed.

Isolation itself requires massive change. People, i cant figure out why, keep bringing up the points of dependancy on foreign resources.

This is the point of isolationism. To stop the depednance. Most of our imports are manufactured products. TVs dont grow in china. They can be manufactured here. Anything that can be manufactured can be made here.

But it requires a MASSIVE change in oiur society and or economy. MASSIVE change and some sacrifice.

Nothing great is achieved without either.

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