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Situational evaluation of soldiers dressed as terrorists.

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 08:11 AM
Lets present this as an open and non restricted hypothesis. Just for one moment, instead of being Brits or Yanks that were dressed up to look like terrorists. It was Mossad, perhaps GRU or even a new unknown group, disguised as an American or British subversives.

Where are the motives, who benefits, what are the facts and basis for the event?

Such means of deception are not unknown to have been utilized. Perhaps it was a test of security, checking weak points of the forces. This is how ever the possable (in my opinion), and likely explanation of such simular and oddly related events.

It just stands out in my mind, because it could very well be. If it has happened before, it just may again. What phase of guerrilia war would such be most beneficial?

Most of all though, who gains and where does it all originate? Together, I am very sure some thing can be resolved.

Real world examples.

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