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Catherine Fitts - black budget money & aliens.

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posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 12:28 AM
Donald Rumsfeld timidly admitted on 09/10/01 (strange day to admit it looking back, huh?) the defense department had 2.3 trillion dollars of taxpayers dollars unaccounted for. More likely the real amount was upwards of three times that amount.

A year later, Catherine Austin Fitts, Assistant Housing Secretary for George Bush Sr's term in office came out with an interesting article that you may or may not have read regarding black budgets and aliens.

She summarizes her thoughts as thus:

To cut a series of additional long stories short, when I talk with my few sources from the military and intelligence community, I hear the same themes:

1. Aliens exist and live among us;

2. In part for this reason as well the accumulated investment over the last 50 years, the technology we have access to through the black budget is far more advanced than is commonly understood;

3. The black budget/slush fund construct was created to deal with this issue, which is why reasonable people thought selling drugs to the children who were US citizens was the better of several options --- including the option of telling the American public the truth and funding the expenses on budget.

Your opinion? She just another UFO nut, disinformation agent, or somebody who knows something we don't?

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posted on Sep, 13 2003 @ 01:29 AM
Yeah this sounds credible to me.

But consider this scenario,

elites make deal with aliens who are not only smarter than they are but slimier too (if you can believe that),

soon they realize they made bad deal and that they have to have a way to cover their butts (because they only care about themselves after all),

so they decide to get as much tech as possible from the aliens hoping to eventually catch up, and they hide the truth from the people because they are more afraid of being found out and what we would do to them.

this buys them time to find a way to fight back or win while all they have to do is keep us in the dark,

but as the clock ticks they find that the aliens real plan is to take over,

obviously human elites have decided to side with the aliens to save their own asses,

but some of them realize that they can never trust them and anyways they smell bad,

so there is a covert movement to find a way to stab them in the back.


what is OWO vs NWO about?

is it not some part of this?

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