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Things Jesus Hates and You Should Too (Current Boycotts)

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 09:22 AM
Hellooo! If I may say.....

I believe RANT's original post was sarcasm! ( correct me if I'm wrong here, R).......for those of ya'll that are unfamiliar with his brand of humor. ( You might read some of his other posts )

He isn't the one crying out for ole Robby's was those HTT folks at the American Family Association. They are the ones who said:

NASCAR believes that exposing tens of thousands of children to Gordon's profane language is worth a paultry $10,000 fine and 25 race points. Gordon has already earned $1.8 million this year.

If you would like to contact NASCAR and share your disappointment in their lack of concern for our children, we encourage you to call them today at 386-253-0611. Please be polite, but firm in your phone conversation with NASCAR.

Please email NASCAR and ask them to take the following actions to protect our children and homes from profane language in the future:

1. Penalize Robby Gordon through heavy fines and suspension from future races (NASCAR has the authority to do this)

IMHO, if Rant's picking on anyone, it's much more likely to be the goodie-two-shoes guys rather than the naughty guys....I could be wrong, but that's how I read it!

One other question........Has Robby Gordon actually made that much dough, or have the AFA people gotten him confused with Jeff Gordon??

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 10:17 AM
Rant's not exactly a communist (except in the eyes of some), but anyone who reads his stuff realizes he's definately to the left of center.

Plus, Rant has an excellent writing style, a good sense of reality (even though, when he disagrees with me, he's wrong), and an excellent sense of humor -- something that seems to be in short supply on this particular thread.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by Off_The_Street
Rant's not exactly a communist (except in the eyes of some), but anyone who reads his stuff realizes he's definately to the left of center.

Plus, Rant has an excellent writing style, a good sense of reality (even though, when he disagrees with me, he's wrong), and an excellent sense of humor -- something that seems to be in short supply on this particular thread.

Only left of center???????

Heck sometimes (read most times) he is not even on the same field !

He does have a unique sense of humor though that is sometimes.. err.... ummm... difficult to persceive.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by gimmefootball400
RANT, what makes you think that Jesus hates NASCAR? First off, I do not believe that God or Jesus hates any sport. You might want to boycott NASCAR RANT and you can do so. As for me, I'm going to hold my ground being a life-long fan of the sport of automobile racing that I am. On a given fall Sunday, NASCAR hauls in more viewers than what the NFL does for their games. As for Robby Gordon, when he dropped the S Bomb on tv, he was just explaining how he doesn't like one particular driver in a short and somewhat sweet way. I do commen NASCAR on the penalty leveled against Mr. Gordon, because they realized that if they didn't curtail this, they were going to loose alot of their fanbase. Not only is the majority of the fanbase adults, but there are a lot of kids that either watch the race on tv or go to the race with their parents. Does that mean Jesus hates those kids and their parents for watching or going to a race RANT? I think NOT! Yes, NASCAR is a sport that is ACTUALLY based on family values. So what if half of the field is sponsored by an alcohol, tobacco or drug company? There are plenty of other cars out there that are sponsored by either phone comapnies, ALLTEL Wireless, companies such as Georgia Pacific, and Dewalt Tools. I will say this, the reason that an advertisement for The Passoin Of The Christ appeared on a few cars is because this is a sport based on family values. If you don't like the sport, then SWITCH SPORTS!

Uh huh.

I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

Jesus loves the evil genius of this thread on so many levels.

So what have we learned today about the role of activists lobbying in God's name?

Does God like it? Does He want the earnings of prostitutes in His house paying vows to Him? Even a little bit? Maybe sometimes? Does Jesus want to rule by the laws of man? Run for office? Make you follow Him by decree? Kinda sorta? No?

And do these misguided activists ever stop? What does "family values" even mean? Did these 2.2 million Christians break the nod and wink contract to stick to persecuting homosexuals when they came after NASCAR? Didn't like that did ya? Did ya? Huh? Did ya? No?

Why not? It was fine when they went after little Janet from Good Times at the Superbowl?

Do you realize how many LOBBYISTS Jesus supposedly has operating in DC using code words like Family and Values and Defense of Abstract Idea XYZ?

A very humble partial list of some WHORES in His name:

Accuracy in Academia
Alliance Defense Fund
American Center for Law and Justice
American Conservative Union
American Enterprise Institute
American Family Association
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Life League
Americans for Tax Reform
Bradley Foundation, Lynde and Harry
Campaign for Working Families PAC
Cato Institute
Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Christian Coalition of America
Club for Growth
Collegiate Network
Concerned Women for America
Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum Collegians
Family Research Council
Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies
Focus on the Family
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace
Independent Women's Forum
Institute for Justice
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Leadership Institute
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Madison Project
National Association of Scholars
National Center for Policy Analysis
National Right to Life Committee
National Taxpayers Union
State Policy Network
Students for Academic Freedom
Traditional Values Coalition
Young America's Foundation

I don't speak for Him, but those that claim to make ME want to vomit.

Glad so many of us could agree on this.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:08 AM
Rant when you are going to learn that God is the President and Jesus its his vice president.

We all know how much they are in politics after all the are the ones wagging wars in their name and in their cause.

Occurs they have the right to control humanity through their vision and with the use of their apostles I mean agencies.

That is why the armies of the righteous are moving next door to you, they will be in your bedroom, in your living room and occurs in your TVs and stereos.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:20 AM
Picture this RANT, you are standing in front of those pearly white gates, and you hear a voice. That is
saying, " Ya'll get in the
, we goin' to the BIG

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:33 AM
RANT, you're nothing but a gun-banning commie pinko pro fluoridation anti-NASCAR draft-dodging anti-Jesus hippy who probably uses the American Flag upside down for a windowshade and likely don't even HAVE a pickup, but I gotta do this anyway.

Wait a minute! I can't give you a WATS because you're management! Well, that sucks.

Well if I could, I would. You make an old man laugh. It's good to see that some people still have a sense of humor.

Now go get a haircut.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 02:25 PM
Now that wasn't a very nice thing to say. You better hope that you don't get that dreaded "B" word!

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 10:26 PM
I think somewhere in the bible Jesus said "It's all good" hahahahaha to funny....

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 11:45 PM
Im out of way aboves but here one of these
first time Iv'e ever used one cause I hate em.

RANT si! Constipators NO!

[edit on 14-12-2005 by whaaa]

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by RANT
If you're a busy family values activist like me you've been too caught up watching the season finales of all the shows on the FOX NETWORKS to keep up with the anti-family things Jesus currently hates.

Can you believe the threesome is now a foursome? And that transgendered mouth pissing beat down? That was some must see TV right there!

Well here's the quarterly wrap up of things to be concerned about for those that that missed it. Let's mold this country to our authoritarian view by voting with our coin purses and annoying the heck out of people now that granny's got e-mail.

Mattel -10/11/05
I personally can't follow the logic as to why I'm supposed to hate these satanist son's of bitches, but I do. E-mail links inside. Get 'em Christian soldiers.

NASCAR - 9/19/2005
Lawls yes. It's about time those NASCAR jokers showed some RESPECT for family values. Feedback link inside. That Robby Gordon thinks he's so smug. His blatant use of the "S" word on national television is gonna cost him. Jesus thinks a $10,000 fine and 25 race points will press the point of eternal damnation nicely. Gordon has already earned $1.8 million this year.

XXX Domain - 8/16/2005
Vin Diesel doesn't need his own domain. We do.

CNN - 8/15/2005
I HATE those guys.

AllState Insurance - 8/9/2005
Diversity Inc., a company which rates homosexual friendly corporations, recently rated Allstate as the ninth most homosexual friendly corporation in America, well ahead of hundreds of other corporations. 'Nuff said. Let's open the ninth gate of hell of these Jesus haters. E-mail link inside.

Carls Jr and Hardees - 7/28/2005
Naked midriff's in ads. This is important. Forget e-mail, phone numbers inside. Take a stand against belly buttonists.

Kraft Foods - 6/8/2005
It's the cheesiest. Get a load of their diversity statement.

"Diversity is more than a word many people like to say. At Kraft we truly respect all kinds of differences. And diversity is not a selective concept. By definition, it’s nothing if not inclusive. We respect diversity of ethnicity, gender, experience, background, personal style and yes, sexual orientation and gender identity. Recognizing, respecting and valuing these differences helps us be a more successful business and a workplace where all employees can realize their full potential."

Jesus wants them dead. He wants their families dead! He want their houses burned to the ground! But most of all, He wants to go there in the middle of the night and piss on their ashes! E-mail links inside.

As most of you know, the 2.2 million member American Family Association was founded by United Methodist Minister Donald E. Wildmon after a particularly grueling night of watching television.

"One evening in 1977 I sat down with my family to watch TV. On one channel was adultery, on another cursing, on another a man beating another over the head with a hammer. I asked the children to turn off the TV. I sat there, got angry, and said, 'They're going to bring this into my home, and I'm going to do all I can to change it."

And as evident by our success, we're making a HUUUGE difference. Why just last year we got Disney to do absolutely nothing. Now, if you'll excuse me I've got to run. Fox 'n Friends is coming on and that Mancow segment is HI-LAR-I-OUS!

See you on the Internets!

[edit on 13-10-2005 by RANT]

Everyone who read this IQ dropped 10 points.

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 01:09 PM
By God your'e right snowman!! Ive read it a couple of times now and I'm having trouble tying my shoes.

posted on May, 5 2007 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Snowman9
Everyone who read this IQ dropped 10 points.

Damn skippy. And Don "Wild Man" Wildmon is baaaack biotches!

Of course, since the original post, AFA has stopped publicly posting things to boycott. You have to be an approved minister running a tax free church and getting tax payer money via Bush's FBCI Dept of Metaphysics to get the super secret updates via e-mail now. But here's what we accomplished so far!!!!

Has AFA Made an Impact?

You're damn right we have!

The impact of AFA is recognized nationwide. Don Wildmon and other AFA personnel have appeared on programs such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, MacNeill Lehrer Report, Nightline, The 700 Club, Meet the Press, Crossfire, and Focus on the Family. AFA is a long-time member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Disney/ABC cancels the pro-homosexual show Ellen, for "lack of ratings." AFA led the campaign to encourage responsible advertisers to drop from the show.

AFA and other pro-family groups sponsored a rally in support of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama who refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom.

AFA leads the effort to clean up Howard Stern Radio Show. To date, over 2/3rds off all advertisers dropped from the show in monitored areas.

AFA promotes Pornography Awareness Week

AFA distributes 400,000 copies of the the "Fight Back Book," a comprehensive resource guide of TV advertisers, products and addresses.

AFA supports and promotes Shatter the Silence, a national observance to bring attention to religious persecution throughout the world.

AFA leads efforts to expose abuses of tax dollars by National Endowment for the Arts.

The 43 Federal Prisons removed porn magazines from their commissaries after efforts by AFA supporters.

The Southland Corporation, owners and franchisers of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain, along with 30,000 other convenience stores pulled porn magazines from shelves after intensive boycotting and picketing by AFA.

In 1994, AFA launched a "war on divorce," by helping develop and distribute the Marriage Savers video series.

AFA has promoted successful boycotts of several national advertisers because they were leading sponsors of TV sex, violence and profanity. Because of the boycotts, some companies - including Burger King, Clorox and S. C. Johnson - have changed their advertising policies.

To summarize: We won! No boobs or violence on TV (FOX's 24 is a family values cautionary tale), the earth is 6,000 years old and Mark Foley was straight all along.

Any questions?

[edit on 5-5-2007 by RANT]

posted on May, 5 2007 @ 03:03 PM
I can only hope the intent of this thread is sarcastic.

If I recall my Bible correctly Jesus railed against the hypocrites and those who made a big showing of their faith. He railed against the self-righteous and the sanctimonious and he roundly condemned the wealthy their greed.

In other words the type of people who make up a large part of the funnymentalist movement in Christianity today.

Indeed he preferred to sit down with the sinners, the outcast, the prostitutes, tax collectors and the poor.

Who would Jesus hate? Most likely the very ones who claim to speak for him today.

posted on May, 14 2007 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by RANT
If you're a busy family values activist like me you've been too caught up watching the season finales of all the shows on the FOX NETWORKS to keep up with the anti-family things Jesus currently hates.


Now lookie here Rantster,

I don't believe I have ever heard such evil being spewed, since Paul told you to honor your leaders, and that women were basically second class citizens.

You are in error, my friend. I know Jesus better than you. And here's what Jesus wants more than anything.

He wants you to love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and he wants you to show your love for God, and Him, by following his lead, and loving your neighbors, but only, with your mouth shut.

Now, I knows that I'm supposed to be the evil one, and a liar, but you've got me beat in the lying department, when you deem to be so perfect in your ways, that you are even slightly capable of putting words into the mouth of the Christ Jesus. And we know that you are not perfect.

Yeah, I was a butthead, and treated Jesus with mad disrepect, but I'm the devil, that's what I do. You on the other hand, are playing the devil with your lies attributed to Jesus. That's what demons do in this world, subvert the name, and reputation of the Christ for their own agenda.

Not to worry, because I can promise you this, you will see this thread again, when the time comes to judge you my friend. And I, your accuser will be there. You can count on it.

You shouldn't be watching TV in the first place. It's down right un-christian. It's like watching porn, ahem, just to see how degrading it is.

Now, I want you to open up that Bilble of yours, and point to a single place where Jesus used the word hate and homosexual in the same sentence.

As an expert on evil, I have found it interesting that those who worry about the sexual practices of others, are basically hiding behind their own freeky agendas.

[edit on 14-5-2007 by SatansQue]

posted on May, 14 2007 @ 03:08 PM
It is profoundly arrogant of you to even presume to speak for Christ and mandate what he likes and dislikes... I have a feeling that when your time comes that you are going to in for a serious shock.

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