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NASA Discovers Life's Building Blocks Are Common In Space

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by meshuggah1324

"The argument I always use is that, given the vastness of the universe,
and the number of stars within that vastness, however long the odds of
intelligent life developing, that there must be uncounted numbers of
other civilization out there."

I've been in a religeous hole you might say for years now, lets not make this discovery a religeous debate. We have plenty of science vs religeon problems already. As the quote above from Meshuggah's pal, isnt' the probability great!? There is so much room out there... enough for us and thousands more like us, not to mention unintelligent life that may have formed. There is just too much space. Flip over a rock in Antartica life is there, which they even revived!
It's amazing. There is absolutley no reason to shoot this discovery down. In my opinion we already know that there is life not of this world...

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 07:04 PM
ions -- You say let's not make this a religious debate. Well, excuse me -- but it already IS. The ONLY way there can be life on other planets is if God put life there. That's the only way. It doesn't matter what NASA says the planets are made of or how much free chlorine is floating around in space, or whatever other nonsense NASA is promoting as evidence for their belief in aliens.

Dead matter does not arrange itself into cells and microbes, plants, animals and humans. Dead matter must be arranged by a Creator. And even then, there is still one more step. Life must be breathed into this creation.

So the question is, did the Creator put life on other planets? I say no, based on my reading of scripture. If God did put life on any other planet, it would be for his own pleasure and from my reading of Scripture it would be like a Garden of Eden without humans. Why no humans? Because he's got enough problem with the ones here on Earth, and having atoned once for man, I think that's enough. We are blessed beyond understanding that God was willing to atone ONCE. To expect God to repeat that again, I don't think so.

Scripture makes it plain that the Earth was the first thing created. The sun, moon and stars were not created until the fourth day. Scripture describes the creation of the stars as no big deal -- "and God made the stars also." Scripture also tells us WHY God made the stars. He made the stars FOR THE PEOPLE ON EARTH. That is their reason, to declare the glory of God, for times and seasons, and for light. Those are the only reasons Scripture gives for why God made the stars.

The planets? No mention is made of the planets, but anyone who studies them would gain a greater appreciation for the Creator as a result. Why? Because the planets are formidible, hostile places that demonstrate the care God took in creating the earth. God made it the perfect size, and placed it next to a perfect sized sun and just the right distance away. If any of the dimensions were changed -- i.e. size of the sun, earth or distances from each other -- the earth would not support life.

Furthermore, a study of the planets shows their orbits are erratic, they have moons in retrograde, and the orbits of the planets and their moons do not comport with any theory of a big explosion of some superstar that formed the planets and moons. Rather, it shows that a Creator placed these bodies in their paths the way He wanted them to be, and there is no rhyme or reason that can be deduced from any of the paths that would point to an explosion or a formation from the dust, etcetera, all the nonsense we read from the atheists looking for any kind of lame excuse they can dream up to try to explain God away. Scientists are clueless as to the orbits of the planets and moons, why they are the way they are. Absolutely and totally clueless.

So if you are an atheist and believes matter is self-existant and capable of forming itself into stars and planets and then spontaneously creating life upon the planets it forms itself into -- well, our experience on Earth here, what we see with our eyes, the laws of nature that we have observed -- all these things say NO WAY.

So anyone who wants to keep religion out of this discussion should stop trying to argue evolution because that is the biggest religious belief I have ever heard, and makes about as much sense as the Indians believing the earth was formed on the back of a turtle.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:16 PM

Originally posted by resistance

ions -- You say let's not make this a religious debate. Well, excuse me -- but it already IS. The ONLY way there can be life on other planets is if God put life there. That's the only way. It doesn't matter what NASA says the planets are made of or how much free chlorine is floating around in space, or whatever other nonsense NASA is promoting as evidence for their belief in aliens.

Actually its about Science and Exobiology. That's why I posted this on the Aliens and UFOs and Science and Technology Forums.

You are only forcing us to have a religious debate because of your personal interpretation of the Bible.

I can read the Bible and get a completely different interpretation than you or anyone else.

I'm also part Native American and I take offense to the way you put down Native American beliefs. I personally think that most Native Americans have a much more mature Spirituality than most people who claim to be Christians.

The thing is that there are many religious beliefs and no one group of people not even Christians are better than the others. If we could all agree on religion we wouldn't have the Wars and Terrorism we have today.

We can all agree on Science , because most of the time and in this case, the results can be verified and repeated.

This discovery is a big deal for Exobiology.

I think we should be able to talk about Exobiology on the Aliens and UFO Forum without being beaten on the head with a Bible. Not everyone on ATS is a Christian there are others here who don't share the same religion. If you turn every thread and every Forum into a Christian religious debate you are alienating lots of ATS'ers.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 02:40 AM
Lost Shaman -- I take your last post as a less-than-polite invitation to leave the forum.

Since it's your forum and you started it I guess you have the right to have the people on it you want on it.

And congratulations on the wonderful discoveries that have been made that supposedly increase the possibility of aliens existing. I certainly do not want to intrude upon these ideas you find so comforting, and I will leave you to share your delight with others likeminded to yourself, and to those holding of the same worldview as yourself.

P.S: I hate politically correct forums anyway.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 04:14 AM
I'm not being politically correct , but what's the point of talking about anything if its only going to be my religion or yours ?

Unless one of us chooses to change our religious views in the near future , we are not going to agree.

Your are absolutely right in that PANHs don't exactly equal life, and I don't think anyone is saying that they do, but the discovery of PANHs is an incredible discovery.

I am sorry you feel threatened by that.

I simply have a different view of God than you do, and my understanding of God is not threatened by Science.

To me understanding the universe and how it works gives me a better understanding of God. I don't assume to fully understand God. A large portion of the teachings in the Bible allude to Nature and Mans poor understanding of Gods work.

The works of God are called wonders, precisely because Man is not able to comprehend them. That includes the Universe. Isn't it always said God works in Mysterious ways?

If you look at things this way ,as I do , it seems foolish to turn your back on Nature and give up trying to better understand the Natural and Physical world.

From my point of view there is much more reason to look to Nature to understand God, your pint of view is simply that God doesn't mention life beyond the Earth in the Bible so therefore it can not be.

I reason that God uses parables from Nature so often in the Bible that the God I know would have spread life throughout the entire Universe.

You have to give God some credit if you think there is a God then a Dead inorganic Universe is much less of a wondrous work than a Living organic Universe, that truly would be a wondrous work!

The only point I'm making is the Aliens and UFOs Forum is not the place that I wanted to share, debate , or defend my religious beliefs.

We should all respect each other by knowing that we can not all agree on religion and as an International Community any discussion of religion between us is going lead to hate and aggravation.

Feel free to take the Press Release and start a thread in the Conspiracies in Religions Forum , and press your views home.

I would just personally like to explore the Exobiological implications of this discovery as opposed to the Religious implications.

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posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 08:33 PM
October 11, 2005-NASA has announced a new change to the way we look at our universe. The discovery of intersteller organic compounds is not new, but the latest discovery of large quantities of organic compounds critical to the formation of life, is important news. The key factor, is the discovery of nitrogen in the depths of intersteller space. It can be found in a organic form similar to chlorophyll, ejected into space around dying stars. Another of the complex organic molecules discovered, is a main ingredient in chocolate. These organic molecules belong to a group called polycyclic aromatic nitrogen heterocycles, or PANHs. New analysis of infra-red observations of deep space, revel that these important building blocks of life are in abundance everywhere in the universe. It is believed that this might be an important factor in the creation of life, wherever it might be found.

A "Green Universe", or a "Chocolate Universe", either way, the polycyclic aromatic nitrogen heterocycles, or PANHs, are everywhere in intersteller space, around suns, and scattered throughout the planets, asteroids, and comets. Organic life is everywhere, and it might be the source of life throughout the universe.

It's a sobering thought, to think that life throughout the universe, might come from the universe itself. But the thought isn't anything new either. The idea goes back 2,500 years, to the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras. Only recently, has any proof of an abundance of organic molecules in space been detected.

The various news groups, picked up on the fact that these molecules are similar to chocolate, and ran with that as their major headlines. But whether it's green or chocolate, these are the organic building blocks of life. It's the "primordial soup", that scientists have long conjectured would be required for life to evolve on Earth. Always trying to find out how these molecules could have been created spontaneously, it now appears that they have been around for a long time, they are an important part of the universe itself.

Comet Tempel 1, that was hit by The Deep Impact probe, also produced evidence of organic molecules packed away inside the comet. The belief that organic life in space, creates life on planets, is coming back into popularity.

Related News Links:

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 01:49 AM
Well folks here you have it. Everything you need for abundant life in the Universe , is well abundant.

NASA's Deep Impact Mission Finds First Evidence of Ice on Comet

Also , see the above post by ZPE StarPilot.

ZPE StarPilot

Comet Tempel 1, that was hit by The Deep Impact probe, also produced evidence of organic molecules packed away inside the comet. The belief that organic life in space, creates life on planets, is coming back into popularity.

Planet Hunters find Earth size Planet , predict Alien Life discovered by 2020!

Suddenly the idea of Panspermia doesn't sound so strange anymore.

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