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New Orleans Cops Beat up 64 year old man

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:28 AM

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A retired elementary teacher who was repeatedly punched in the head by police in an incident caught on videotape said Monday he was not drunk, put up no resistance and was baffled by what happened.

Robert Davis said he had returned to New Orleans to check on property his family owns in the storm-ravaged city, and was out looking to buy cigarettes when he was beaten and arrested Saturday night in the French Quarter.

Police have alleged that the 64-year-old Davis was publicly intoxicated, a charge he strongly denied as he stood on the street corner where the incident played out Saturday.

``I haven't had a drink in 25 years,'' Davis said. He had stitches beneath his left eye, a bandage on his left hand and complained of soreness in his back and aches in his left shoulder.

A federal civil rights investigation was begun in the case. Davis is black; the three city police officers seen on the tape are white.

But Davis, his attorney and police spokesman Marlon Defillo all said they do not believe race was an issue.

"He does not see it as a racial thing,'' said Davis' lawyer, Joseph Bruno.

Two city officers accused in the beating, and a third officer accused of grabbing and shoving an Associated Press Television News producer who helped document the confrontation, pleaded not guilty Monday to battery charges.

Trial was set at a hearing Monday for Jan. 11. Afterward, officers Lance Schilling, Robert Evangelist and S.M. Smith were released on bond. They left without commenting.

Now, I'm sure some will claim that this incident isn't racial motivated but I beg to differ. I heard on the news that some City Official (I forget who) claims that this happened because of the 7 weeks of hell that the New Orleans Police have had to endure. Pathetic excuse for beating up a black male SENIOR CITIZEN who CLEARLY was no threat to anyone, then shoving a Television news producer who was documenting the incident?? Tell you what- I've never seen any TV News footage of a white man being beaten up by a couple of black cops. Know why? There'd be public outrage over that. Yes, it was racially motivated. Why shove the TV News Producer? We don't want a beating like this on the TV news do we? Surely not. Before any of you come to the defense of the New Orleans Police officers who committed this crime against a senior citizen, look at this:

The videotape shows Davis' face and shirt soaked with blood after he was pummeled by police. Take a close look at this:

This isn't just a clear case of excessive force, this is a violation of civil rights. There are three cops in this and two other guys who haven't been identified. That's FIVE GUYS BRUTALIZING A BLACK MALE SENIOR CITIZEN!!!!! How many men does it take to arrest a SENIOR CITIZEN?? It was absolutely unnecessary to beat up an old man before cuffing him. Police are supposed to be trained in self defense techniques designed to subdue an assailant, not beat the crap out of them. It doesn't matter how much stress the New Orleans cops are under, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BEATING UP AN OLD MAN TO THE POINT WHERE HE IS LAYING ON THE GROUND IN A POOL OF HIS OWN BLOOD. THE ONLY reason they'd shove a TV News producer who caught this on film is because they know when it gets out (and it did) that their asses will be in some serious legal trouble. Anyone who supports or condones this kind of behavior needs to get a grip because there is no excuse for it. Look at the photos again and TRY to come up with ANY excuse for it. THERE IS NONE. It's Unacceptable.

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:30 AM

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:38 AM
Oh darn.

And I searched diligently for any thread on this before posting. OOOPS!!!


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