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The Counterfeit Kingdom

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posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 02:02 PM
Before I present the article I refer too, please know that I am aware of it's religious implications and considered whether this might be better placed in the religious forum, however...I feel that the references to the NWO outweigh its relevance to that forum but be warned there are elements of religion throughout. That being said, umm typed lets have a look.

This is a pretty concise article which asserts a very popular (though not to some) theory of the rise of the NWO and its catylists.

The New World Order is a World Government system which replaces national governments. This One World Government is controlled globally through the U.N. and on a European level through the E.C. On the European level, power is increasingly being centralised in Brussels, its member nations or "states" having to comply with its directives.

On the global level, power is increasingly being devolved upwards to the U.N. As this power shift continues, national governments progressively take on the function of local administrations of the One World Government, and cease to be the independent sovereign powers that they once were.

Those nations which will not comply with the will of this developing World Government or "international community" as it is called, have economic sanctions imposed upon them and, if necessary, military action taken against them. This is all done in the name of defending democracy and world peace.

The West is a deception. While the politicians argue about sovereignty and monetary union, the One World Government is being established according to plan.

But it is obvious that for a system of One World Government to work, the control has to come from a single ruling power. Such a power need not be seen to be controlling. Indeed it is both necessary and desirable for such a power to remain incognito lest the nations rebel against such blatant dictatorship. Better that they should believe that they are being ruled by their own government in co-operation with other governments throughout the world. Such is the deception of the One World Government currently being established through the U.N. and the E.C.

..and now the theory behind this that many may not like but I will present it nonetheless.

While the majority of people go about their daily business completely ignorant, not only of what is going on now, but of what is to come upon the world shortly, preparations are being made for the greatest social and political changes that the world has seen in centuries.

As the New World Order is being established, a trap is being set for the true Church by the agents of Rome. The majority of Christians do not know, or it would seem do not want to know, preferring to trust in the soothing words of preachers who speak of revival, when there is no revival.

This web site has been published to warn people of what is about to happen. I wish to make it clear that I am not against Roman Catholic people in any way. I am only against the religious-political system of Roman Catholicism and the evil which it perpetrates.

The vast majority of Roman Catholics are unaware of the true nature of the Roman Catholic organisation, or the religion which it promotes, and I am sure they would be horrified to discover what that nature is.

So there we have yet another opinion on the coming NWO "occupation"


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