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Punching bag, NOPD style

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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 04:57 PM
I have seen more video coverage of the incident and it seems that after the man was bloody and hand cuffed in the floor one of the police man was still kicking him with his foot.

It also seems that the police were also screaming obscenities to the media people as to make them stop filming.

The whole incident is turning very ugly and its making the NOPD look very bad.

Also some people are coming forward to complain of other incidents with the police in NO

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by marg6043The whole incident is turning very ugly and its making the NOPD look very bad.

Like the NOPD could actually look any worse than they already do.

This is business as usual in NOLA.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 05:28 PM
This really is just disgusting. I am appalled at this behaviour of "law enforcers" and people like these "officers" need to be locked up or given the same treatment.

Anybody else notice the news has stopped showing the full video now ?
I saw the entire video yesterday morning, when I looked at the news last night, all channels I viewed only showed the initial punches delivered before the inbred on the horse tried to cover em... or is it just here ?

And people wonder/ask why it's so hard to trust cops these days ? I have minimal respect for police officers today. Seen more bad than good in my day sad to say and it seems to just get worse.

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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 06:39 PM

A cop should NEVER punch anyone in the face. That is WRONG

Now to say never is just ridicules, there are circumstances which could warrant such action.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 07:14 PM
His lawyer says he was NOT drunk

A 64-year-old man who was repeatedly punched in the head by police in an incident caught on videotape was not drunk, as police have alleged, and put up no resistance as he was being pummeled, his lawyer said Monday.
He added that his client was a recovering narcotics abuser who hadn't had a drink or taken drugs in "years and years. He was not taking anything."

He just went out to get a pack of cigarettes...

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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 07:19 PM
anibody have the video of it cause i cant access the one on Drudge. i want to see the video before i make ani comments on it. thank you.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 07:22 PM
It's in the link in TC's original post.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 08:19 PM
LINK page 2-bottom

The head of the New Orleans police union said the officers told him they had acted appropriately.

"They feel they were justified in their actions and they were using the amount of force necessary to overcome the situation," Lt. David Benelli told WDSU in New Orleans.

From the video I saw an elderly man NOT resisting arrest but moreso acting in a What-The?-type manner.

Now, after having been booked on several [dubious] charges, we come to find the man is 64 yr. old retired school teacher, Robert Davis.

According to his lawyer, Davis was in N.O. to survey the condition of several properties that he and his wife own. The incident occurred while Davis was puportedly out looking for a pack of smokes. NOT drunk, NOT under the influence!

From the video we see an elderly man offering no visual resistance or fight. On the other hand we also see 4 members of law enforcement physically assaulting Davis and using [IMO] excessive force and tactics while taking him into custody [if that's what you want to call it].

The explicit dialogue, by the officer who accosted the reporter, addressing the stressful times since Katrina and Rita are understandable. The guy has probably been thru hell over the past 6 weeks yet, on a professional level, his actions are completely unacceptable and deserving of criminal charges.

On a side note:

I see 1 elderly individual who poses no true threat to the 4 members of law enforcement who IMO are seen using extreme force and tactics to "contain" the situation.

? The arrest and detention of ONE old man [no disrespect Mr. Davis] requires the abilities of FOUR highly-trained young buck law enforcement officials! ?

Hats off to you Robert Davis!

Whew!? . . . guess we have nothing to worry about after all.
The numbers speak for themselves . . . 4:1 = citizens win by default!

Sadly, during his "detainment" Mr. Davis suffered fractures to his cheek and eye socket, and scrapes and bruises, but is expected to recover.

To Clarify:

Unfortunately, not being "privy" to what took place prior to the video crew arrival we don't have an actual start-to-finish view of the entire situation. Now we have to rely on the testimony of 4:1?!

Hopefully justice will prevail!!


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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 08:40 PM
Did you see the other officer manhandle the producer of the news crew that taped the event? Grobed himand shoved him against a car and screamed at him in a threatening manner. This was not one or two bad cops it was a whole group :shk:

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 09:59 PM
I do have to realize the stressful situation being endured by law enforcement in NOLA. Hell after Katrina they had many who dissented and simply didn't show up for duty.

To a great extent I applaud those that remained true to their oath, however actions such as these CANNOT be justified, nor dismissed, due to stressful times, etc.

As I stated . . . if it comes down to 4:1 the populace will win by default! ;O)


4 young bucks : 1 old man

4 using excessive force : 1 who is non threatening

If it takes 4 highly trained members of law enforcement to forcibly arrest or detain 1 elderly man?! . . . :huh:

All-in-All it looked like a scene from C.O.P.S. that was scooped up from the floor of the editing room.

As in . . . "Hey, we can't show this!?"

Shame! Shame!

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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by WestPoint23

Now to say never is just ridicules, there are circumstances which could warrant such action.

No, to say never is REASONABLE. Even some of the private security teams in the casinos here Vegas go through a week long academy to learn how to properly apply force. Punching is not in the use of force level of projection at all. If you cannot take someone down do to the mechanics involved because of size, you progress to pepper spray, then to an impact weapon on a meaty portion of the body, then on a joint, then and only then are you to strike the head, heart, neck or back.

Granted, if the person poses deadly threat, you just shoot them to stop the threat (kill them.)

Repeated punches to the head with multiple officers on scene are ALWAYS, 100% of the time, excessive use of force.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 10:56 PM
I think you understated it Cavscout,

Thos guys made repeated full force blows into the back of his skull

Thee is no resonable explanation for thier use of force. At all.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 11:36 PM
Talk about problems....

The NOPD is in such a mess that a couple thousand National Guard troops are having to stay to help secure New Orleans. The timeframe is for the stay is till next March!

No wonder that NOPD Police Superintendent Eddie Compass resigned, huh?

Anyone also heard that NOPD police officers stole Cadillacs before Katrina hit?

Louisiana officials are looking into allegations that New Orleans police officers stole Cadillacs from a dealer as Hurricane Katrina closed in.

At first, the city's police chief said officers were using the cars for patrols. He said that was not looting. Now the department will only say it is cooperating with the state investigation.

The Cadillac dealer president says more than 150 cars were taken, including 88 new Cadillacs and Chevys, used cars and customers' cars and two restored classic cars. Doug Stead says that amounts to more than four (m) million dollars in losses.

Authorities look into claims New Orleans cops cleaned out Cadillac dealer

Even more ludicrous is that an NOPD spokesman decried the "looting" charges as the appropriation of non-essential items during the height of Katrina, from businesses.
Amazing and dumbfoundly, when city officials or police officers do such things as stealing and theft, it is called "appropriation of non-essential items". Huh?!

Definate major issues within the NOPD.


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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:40 AM
A picture is worth a thousand words:

Anyone know who the two guys in the light colored vests are? If they're cops, that means five cops beat this guy up. If they're not, what the hell are they doing??

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 10:26 AM
Robert Davis Talks

"I haven't had a drink in 25 years," Davis said Monday. He had stitches beneath his left eye, a bandage on his left hand and complained of soreness in his back and aches in his left shoulder.

There's a good video on this site, too. And a picture of him after the ordeal.

This is unacceptable!

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 10:39 AM
stress and working long hours dont make a good excuse to take it on an innocent man even if drunk or not. they have issues to deal with on these guys.

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 11:26 AM
They are gonna need that Nat. Guard if this turns into another LA. Given what NO residents have been through, I don't think it is beyond them.

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by WestPoint23

A cop should NEVER punch anyone in the face. That is WRONG

Now to say never is just ridicules, there are circumstances which could warrant such action.

Really? Tell me when? I was never given the "When the drunk doesn't comply fast enough, punch him repeatedly in the back of the head. When you have him on the ground and cuffed, punch him in the head a few more times" class.

Maybe if one finds himself in a really dire situation, but when the unarmed old man is outnumbered by the "good guys" four to There is no time when that should happen.

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by WestPoint23

A cop should NEVER punch anyone in the face. That is WRONG

Now to say never is just ridicules,

there are circumstances which could warrant such action.

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 01:09 PM

And who are the two guys in the light vests who are helping to hold him down while the cops beat him?? 5 to one on a Senior Citizen??

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